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saravanan Periannan

Drama Classics Thriller


saravanan Periannan

Drama Classics Thriller

The Destiny of Nimal Chapter 1

The Destiny of Nimal Chapter 1

4 mins 157 4 mins 157

Sadha goes to a car showroom and he is welcomed by the showroom worker.

The worker explains Sadha all the new car models and Sadha enquires him "Thambi(meaning brother) what about ambassador."

Sir that cars are old fashion and not available in showrooms.

Sadha with a sad face walks out and the worker gives him a detail of old cars dealer babu.

Sadha meets babu and looks at the white ambassador.

Sadha enquires him the cost and felt happy for the low cost.

Sadha buys the car and drives towards his village.

All the villagers look astonished at the happy Sadha cheering like a small child.

Nimal walks into his office and gets the scolding of his team head for his mistakes in the project.

Nimal comes out and walks to the canteen and gets a coffee.

Nimal gets a call from his cousin kiran in village that Nimal's father Sadha have got a new ambassador.

Nimal says oh Sadha started enjoying his life and i am here already paying the loans of him.

Nimal drinks the coffee and head towards his cabin.

Nimal's lover Lavanya calls him in the evening.

Nimal, I told my father about our love and he asked you to meet him tomorrow.

Nimal sighs and goes to a nearby hotel to have his dinner.

Nimal meets his childhood friend Shyam and both starts talking about their life.

Shyam tells his future father in law's condition to have an own house before marriage.

Nimal too says he is going to meet his future father in law.

Nimal says bye and leaves the hotel.

Shyam gets a phone call that they have successfully transported the money of councillor to the car garage of babu.

next day Shyam goes to babu's garage and asks for the money.

babu goes near the ambassador car and opens its back.

babu sweats and looks at the number plate of that car and reads the number plate KL 40 999.

babu sees Shyam standing next to him and says thambi shyam one small misunderstanding took place.

say it da babu stares Shyam.

i kept the money of councillor in ambassador with car plate TN 40 099.

at the same time an ambassador from kerala with KL 40 099 came.

I thought i kept the money in KL 40 099 and sold the ambassador with number plate TN 40 099 for 2 lakhs.

hey you says Shyam and gets hold of babu's shirt and says is this a small mistake.

I need the detail of that car buyer or else i will destroy your old car garage.

Shyam's future father in law works in the treasury department of the party and instructs Shyam to transfer the money to a councellor who is going to contest elections.

Nimal meets Lavanya's father and Lavanya father gladly accepts for the marriage but puts one condition 

" The bridegroom and his family must be honest, truth speaking and must be full be good values."

Nimal smiles and looks at smiling lavanya.

Shyam gets the name of car buyer as Sadha and asks babu to accompany him in search of that Sadha.

Nimal's father full name is Sadhasivam and people fondly call him Sadha.

Sadha takes his new ambassador and goes to a shopping mall.

Sadha buys a set of coat suits and T-shirts,track pants, jogging shoes.

Sadha wears the T-shirt and jogging shoes and starts his walking.

many villagers smile at Sadha for his sudden strange behaviour.

Shyam sends the plate number of ambassador and the buyer name Sadha to party members all over tamilnadu to search and capture him.

modumutty,a young guy eyes on the village panchayat seat and he gets the details from Shyam to search the buyer named Sadha and his car plate number TN 40 099.

modumutty thinks of Sadhasivam aka Sadha,the father of Nimal might be the person.

modumutty secretly enters the home of Sadha and reaches his car.

He sees the car with keys inside it and doors of the car open.

modumutty checks the number plate and read the car plate's number TN 40 099.

modumutty confirms this is the car searched by shyam.

modumutty opens the back of car and sees Rs.76 lakhs in it.

modumutty takes 30 laks from the back closes it in the car and leaves Sadha's house and informs the party members in his village vazhainagaram about Sadha and his white ambassador.

Sadha comes home and sees some footprints in the moist soil around the car.

the previous night had a heavy downpour and made the soil in that place moist.

Sadha follows the footprint and sees some one's hand impression with sand on it.

Sadha opens the back of car and sees large amount of money.

innocent Sadha thinks that babu must have kept his money in the car's back and drives his car to babu's garage.

Shyam and babu reaching Sadha's home sees it locked.

they wait there to catch Sadha.

Sadha drives towards car garage and on his way vigilance department stops Sadha's car and checks the car and finds large amount of money.

they do not believe Sadha's story and asks for proper papers to prove that it is his money.

vigilance department arrest him for transporting money for a party.

Nimal,Lavanya and Lavanya's father travel to vazhainagaram for the engagement function.

villagers inform Nimal that his father is arrested for transporting money that is used to buy people's votes.

lavanya's father  gets shocked and uses bad words towards Nimal and leaves the village vazhainagaram.

Nimal sits on the ground and cries loudly.

To be continued as 

The destiny of Nimal chapter 2

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