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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Kashyap Ghosh

Drama Inspirational


Kashyap Ghosh

Drama Inspirational

The Day Of Reckoning

The Day Of Reckoning

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Terrorism is experienced by thousands of people around the world. Especially the countries in which the economy is strained and the local government destroyed due to wars. The different terrorist organizations plant their webs in these countries, by taking over its control indirectly and brainwashing the population of the most affected area to take up arms against their pale face enemies in the name of god. The leaders of these groups have a skill of making people believe in everything and that whatever hardships they are facing is due to the will of God and that the will of God is also to finish every race that is daring to challenge them. These ruthless people target the young population the most and sow the seeds of a terrorist in making and there is no count of how many people have been made its slave or blind follower. They all are ready to sacrifice their lives just to see millions of people perish giving mercy to no one. Over the years many organizations have been formed to spread terror across the globe to always keep a fear among all the people in every corner of the world. AL-QAEDA, HARKAT-UL-MUJAHIDEEN, LASHKAR E TAIBA, and JAISH-E-MOHAMMED are some of the biggest organizations to take up this evil cause, wreaking havoc in all parts of the world. These organizations compete amongst themselves to achieve a certain number planned in meetings. Just like any sales company they have a target to achieve an annual expenditure fixed and just like any company wants maximum market share, they want maximum terror share across the world. The one which causes maximum casualties with similar resources and more difficult circumstances becomes the king of terror.

In 2020 one of the most underrated, underdog organization AL- BADR (KASHMIR), wanted to come out of the shadows and plant such an attack over India that had never been done before, and which would establish them as a global threat and would take them on par with the other powerhouses. Moreover, they were filled with the seek for revenge against the Indian government for scrapping article 370 and 35A from the valley and also for dividing it. Due to which they wanted this attack to be done on August 5, 2020, as this was the date on which in their opinion, Kashmir was stranded and divided. They formed a simple but very efficient and unpredictable plan. After the attacks in URI and then in Pulwama, the Research and analytical wing (R.A.W) started concentrating more on Kashmir, Pakistan, and Jaish, and never expected something from AL BADR. They wanted to use this opportunity and go forth with this attack under the nose of RAW, and they assigned one of their trusted recruit Abidoor Rehman to implement the plan. He was a student sleeper cell studying in a university in Mumbai, and he was the one who came up with the plan. His plan was to plant bombs across bus stands along the Mumbai coastline wherein the majority would be affected and also where he would not be slowed down or stopped by security. He chose to start with Colaba, then Worli, Bandra, Santacruz, Juhu, and Malad thus covering the entire coastal line of Mumbai and planting the vastest and deadly chain bomb blasts ever experienced in India which would kill thousands of innocent people. They named this mission MUAWZA-E-HINDUSTAN which meant revenge over India.

Unknown about anything of what was going to happen in Mumbai Vayu Menon a bright student of Harvard was planning on coming to Mumbai before Independence day. His father Vikram Menon was a police officer who became a martyr while protecting people during the 26/11 attacks and was a true patriot of his country by heart who used to hoist and salute the Tricolor flag of India during every Independence Day. After he passed by Vayu took it upon him to do this practice every year and make him feel proud. Like every year this time he took a holiday of twenty days and booked his flight on the 4th of August so that he could spend a considerable amount of time with his mother and family. He wanted to become a scientist in DRDO and work for his country. He had a habit of keeping himself up to date on terror news around the world for which he was criticized a lot by his friends and family. He knew a lot about terrorist organizations, their agendas and mottos their most active frontiers, and also their symbols. Interestingly he also knew about AL-BADR and how they cause distress in the Kashmir valley by funding attacks usually small scale and when in good condition pretty hard. But even he never thought that they would try to go so far, so big as to destroy Mumbai.

15:30 PM (LONDON); 20:00 PM (MUMBAI) : 4th August 2020

Vayu boarded his flight to Mumbai, which would land close to 8am. Abidoor prepared all the bombs and put each one of them into six bags.

03:00 AM (MUMBAI) : 5th August 2020

Abidoor got a video call from AL-BADR and its leader was speaking to him wearing a black cloth all over his face such that only his green eyes could be seen and his voice filtered due to which he could hear only a low pitched computer generated voice, so that he couldn’t be identified . He motivated him by saying that he is going to do an extremely noble cause, which would be beneficial for the world, which will set new heights for them and which will complete their revenge for Kashmir . In the end he cut the phone encouraging Abidoor by reciting a chant or a slogan, “HUSOOL-E-MAQSAD HO MUAWZA-E-HINDUSTAN”, which meant may god bring success to their mission. Abidoor kept the phone down by reciting the chant once again. He took a deep breath closed his eyes and visualized the plan once again , he would first park his car near Colaba bus depot then he would take a bag and would set the bombs timer inside it and would falsely wait for a bus in the depot after a few minutes he would get up, behaving as if he had missed his bus and would eventually go by leaving the bag there itself . Then back to his car , travel to Worli repeat the same, then set for Bandra, then Santacruz , Juhu and Malad . Once all the bombs are in position he would go directly to the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj terminal 2 airport and then flee to Ireland. When he would be on the way the bombs will eventually blast and do the job. On the other hand Vayu was watching Netflix aboard his flight and waiting for his arrival in Mumbai which was going to begin with a bang.

8:00 AM (MUMBAI) : 5TH August 2020

Vayu comes out of the airport and looks for a rent car counter. He rented a HYUNDAI i10 , and then set for his house in Colaba. Talking with his mother on his mobile on the way. Abidoor was getting ready, went through a last check on his bags ,his fake passport and ID’s, his tickets, necessary equipments and belongings he would require and checked the phone numbers of personels he would need for assistance or help.

10:00 AM (MUMBAI) : 5TH August 2020

Vayu closes in towards his house but gets stuck in a traffic near the Colaba bus depot . He their saw a person sitting on the bench of the stop, wearing an attractive suit whereas other commuters were wearing simple cloths due to which he caught the eye of Vayu. After some time the person got up and started going away but Vayu saw him forgetting his bag there.

He got out of the car and took the bag from there and started going behind him , he saw that person sitting on a car and start driving . He then rushed towards his own car and started going behind him to return him the bag. He kept going behind him and when he got closer he started blowing his horn but that person didn’t stop or slow down and he didn’t even let him overtake him. After some time he had to  halt due to a signal near Worli with Vayu just behind him, he kept blowing his horn but he didn’t turn back and kept talking to someone on his mobile . He then thought to turn back and hand over the bag to a nearby police station, but then he had a thought which stopped him. He thought what if it contained something really important in it which might contain important documents, after looking at him he even thought he might be working on a high post in a company and that it is his responsibility as a honourable citizen of India to return that bag to him. While he was thinking about all this suddenly two bikes came in and crashed on to his car and he saw that person drive away. He got out of his car and without wasting much time put their bikes away, and without saying anything to them got back into his car and started chasing that person’s car as fast as he could. Luckily for him that person had not gone far and soon he was behind him again he kept following him for an hour blowing his horns but that person kept showing the red light from behind as if telling him to stop following him. After some time they had reached Juhu and still the person was not stopping his car and nor was Vayu, suddenly he saw the car get into the premises of a building under construction and watched the person get out of his car in a hurry and move inside the building. Vayu got down of his car and started looking for the person, he saw that there was no worker there and it was completely empty. He thought he might be a builder and that this building was under his banner. Suddenly while he was looking for him ahead, someone attacked him from behind on his head . Vayu fell down on the floor and then that person started kicking him on his stomach and back . He then picked Vayu up and pushed him towards a pillar Vayu saw the same person with the same suit he had seen in the depot and before he could say something that person punched him on his face and started saying, “I know you are a RAW agent and somehow you have come to know about my plan and now you are following me to kill me.” He then punched him again on his face and threw him to the ground. A bloody faced Vayu tried to speak but before he could that person hit him on the head with a brick lying down. Vayu tried but couldn’t get up, he saw that person making a call in which he told the person on the other side that he was Abidoor Rehman speaking and that the mission had been compromised. He started crying on the phone and told in disappointment what happened , Vayu heard about the bomb in the bag and their plan. He tried to fake that he was unconscious, he heard the person on the phone telling Abidoor to detonate atleast the Colaba bomb and run away in Vayu’s car, and most importantly finish Vayu up. Abidoor closed in towards Vayu with his gun to shoot him and then suddenly Vayu got up and punched him on his face, and ran away to hide behind a pillar, he picked up a rod and waited for him to come his way. Abidoor started shooting wildly to tense Vayu but he held his nerve, soon he came near the pillar and Vayu launched an attack on him, he fell down hard and tried to skip a few attacks. Then he got over with it and kicked him on his leg due to which he fell down and then kicked him in his chest. Vayu let the rod slip from his hand and as he got up to attack again , Abidoor struck the rod on his head and he fell down without any senses. He thought he was dead and went away, he removed his suit and changed to fresh clothes kept in his car. He took the remote detonator and his travel bag to flee to Ireland, he sat in Vayu’s car and said amongst himself that what if the mission is not accomplished I still have the chance of doing atleast some damage and some harm to India. He recited the words of his leader “HUSOOL-E-MAQSAD HO MUAWZA-E-HINDUSTAN”, and then started the car to go to the airport and pressed the detonator button with a sense of some relief. But heard a beep in the car just like the bomb and then he looked behind in the seat and saw the bag he had kept at Colaba bus depot kept there, and then the car got blown up.

After many minutes Vayu woke up with a lot of pain in his head, he had got up in an ambulance. He stood and went out ,he saw many police officers standing there and near them were kept bombs with the symbol of AL-BADR marked on them. He recognized it as he had seen it before in articles and videos, and saw his rented car being extinguished by fire personals. While he was observing everything a police man came in front of him and asked him to go inside the ambulance and answer to his questions. Before the police personal could ask anything, he told whatever happened with him since the time he got out of the airport, till the time he fell unconscious. The police personal later came closer to him, gave a sympathetic look and gave a pat on his back saying, “proud of you my boy, you just saved the city. Now I realize that your generation is not only the selfie generation but also the most responsible generation of this country.

AL-BADR’s plans were destroyed after this and they could never bring light upon themselves. Vayu Menon was honored with the highest civilian award in India, Bharat Ratna for his heroics. He made his father and country proud, and also learnt that when there is god’s will no one can harm his country and no terrorist can get success.

If war could be started by lies, they can be stopped by the truth. A true soldier fights not because he hates the enemy in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him. Everyone is a soldier from inside and together if we stand no one can harm us.

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