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Secret 5 Force

Secret 5 Force

8 mins

It was the first day of Kash’s new school; he was now in eighth standard. He was surely eager to know about his new school and make up some new buddies. He was very intelligent and smart and was very attractive too which made him very famous in the school shortly. He was also praised a lot by the teachers, which made some other children feel jealous of him. As a matter of fact they started to disturb him, but he knew how to defend himself and gave some strong actions to manage them. He was not a boy to just sit and tolerate their nonsense, he would love to teach them some lesson.

But from all bad experiences, he made some excellent and close friends for him namely Jay, Marsh, Martin and Jack. They were also called the ‘Five Titans’ because of their close bonding and their performances in all academics and sports activities, it made their bonding better.

One day in the school during their P.T. period they were playing cricket and the five titans were in the same team and they were on the fielding side. One boy hit the ball outside the school in the forest. There was a bushy forest at the back of the school. Nobody stayed or went there as once many years ago during the British Rule, two woodcutters had gone in the forest to cut trees but they never came back. Some people even went in search for them but even they didn’t come back. Later, the police had gone to search them but they didn’t find anyone or their bodies. So the police alerted and warned the people residing in that area to stay away from that forest and made a barricade around it. Till now, it is just a tale for the people and some of them don’t even know about it.

However, as per their playing rule the people of the fielding side should go to get the ball. Unaware of the story about the forest Marsh, Martin and Jack went to the forest to find the ball. Kash and Jay waited in the school ground for about fifteen minutes but they found that their friends didn’t come back! After some time they went into the forest to find them and they went inside through one hole in the barricade. The forest was quiet dark, they found many owls and bats sleeping on the trees. When they moved forward, they discovered a bungalow which was situated in the middle of the forest so they went there and started looking for their friends. The forest was not so large it was quiet small, about the double of the size of their school playground. But as per them, the ball would be somewhere nearby the bungalow and after searching for it everywhere near the bungalow, Jay found it at the back.

But there was no sign of Marsh, Martin and Jack so they went inside the house. They were quite amazed to see the interior of the house. It was like a house of a royal family but it looked dirty with spider webs hanging around everywhere. When they went upstairs they started to hear noises of laughing and chatting, they got scared but being brave Kash went inside the room from where the noise was coming, he slowly opened the door and found Marsh, Martin and Jack shouting after seeing him which made even him to shout too. Jay rushed to the room after hearing the shouts and when he saw the scenario of the room, he burst out with laughter. They started asking Jay and Kash that how they came here. Kash replied that they came to find them. Jay then explained everything to them. Then Marsh said that we should now go back to our class as I think we have already missed one period. They all took a ring each for themselves which were kept in a chest, on the table of the room.

So they came out of the bungalow and started going back. As they walked some distance, it started raining with lightning thunder so they had to stop and hide themselves under trees. After sometime strong winds started blowing which disabled them to hold the trees and soon they were struck by thunder and thrown away with a flash. Luckily they were saved but they fell unconscious.

After some time, the teacher of their class realized that some children were missing in her class so she asked the other children about them and the boys who were playing with them said that they went in the forest to find the ball but didn’t come back. The teacher was shocked to hear what the boys said and rushed to the principal’s office and told everything to him. He quickly called their parents and the police and rushed to the forest with them. They searched for a long time and found all of them lying down under a huge tree. Surprisingly it was the only place where sunlight reached perfectly in the forest. Still unconscious, their parents took them to the hospital and after some hours Kash got up and asked to meet his friends. After sometime even the others came back to their senses and the police started interrogating them about what had happened.

They were asked that what had happened in the forest. They said that after taking the ball, when they were coming back it started raining heavily and they were struck by a lightning. The policeman was a bit confused as it didn’t rain at all that day in the city and even the forest was not looking wet. But the five titans didn’t believe it and stated that they are sure it rained and even their clothes were wet. So the police agreed to their words and warned them to never go to the forest again. They reconstructed the barricade again with cemented walls and made it more high making it almost impossible for climbing or to cross in future.

After resting for a week the ‘Five Titans’ started going to school once again but felt something different. First Kash realized that he could jump much higher than his other friends and when he gave some more force he would gradually fly and he also discovered that he could shoot lasers through his eyes when required. Jay started running faster than wind and could see everything clearly from far away, Marsh was blessed with a metal strong body and unpredictable endurance, Jack was easily able to pass through opaque objects such as walls, doors and ceilings and would become invisible whenever he wanted and the most interesting change was of Martin who would turn into fire when he was in anger or when it was desperately required for him and he was also able to fly high when he turned into fire.

They were quiet surprised to discover these secret powers and decided to have a meeting together in the bungalow, in the forest on Sunday. With the help of Jack’s powers they easily crossed the barricade wall and went to the bungalow. They made their seat in the hall and then Marsh started saying that we should have had our meeting somewhere else as we were warned by the police to not enter the forest. Everyone started laughing and Martin said that you are surely the strongest of us but the most scared too.

Then the conversation began and the flag was given to Jack first.

He said,"I think it is due to the rings which we got from here, because of which we have gained these powers."

Then Kash tried to remove the ring from his finger but it was so tight that his finger started paining. When the others tried to remove their respective rings they got no different result. Just then a hunchback man entered the room wearing a shawl which was bigger in size for him and said that his name was Corpus. They were astonished by that entry and before they could say something the hunchback started saying that the powers which you have gained are a gift to you from its makers and I have been sent here to guide you.

Jay asked to him, "Why did they give us these powers? We are not even fifteen still and there are millions of people in the word who are waiting to have super powers one day."

Corpus said,"You are the bravest of all people who have dared to enter this dark forest even after some people going missing here; it was due to this reason that they have chosen you all for this job."

Kash asked, "What should we do now with these powers?"

He didn’t reply anything and took out something wrapped on a red cloth. When he opened it, they saw that it contained five stones of different colors and it automatically rose up in the air and flew to the rings of the boys and got attached to it. They got a strong shock after that and after they settled Corpus said that it’s was their responsibility as to how to use these powers and these rings. Their team’s leader will be Kash and he will be always there to guide them. Whenever required, he asked them to just remember him and he will come to their service right then. After saying these words, he vanished in a second.

The boys remained quiet for some time and then Kash said, "I think we are no ordinary boys now and we should use our powers for the well-being and justice for the mankind on Earth."

Everyone agreed to his words and named their team as the 'Secret 5 Force' and took the oath to keep these powers as a secret from their parents and the other people.

This is how the 'Secret 5 Force' was formed and what happened after it is a long story which you will come to know in the next book.

The End

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