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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Parul Verma



Parul Verma


The Black Princess

The Black Princess

4 mins 221 4 mins 221

Its almost 10 pm and Khushi hasn't slept yet. Her granny walks in and discovers her granddaughter hiding her face under the blanket.

"My darling is not asleep yet!"

There is no response from Khushi . Something is wrong.

"is everything OK?"

Granny discovers Khushi is crying.

"What happened? everything alright? somebody said you something?"

" Dadi..." Khushi continued with sobbing face" I Have a dark complexion, and everyone in school teases me."

Her tears grow to a river.

"Come here, today i'll tell you the story of a black princess".

"Black princess!", exclaimed Khushi.

The story began....

"Once there was a small village named Himatpur. It was the most happening and lively village of all the nearby provinces of state. The Maharaja of himatpur was very brave and very handsome. He was father to five girls and two boys. All the prince and princess were known for their beautiful looks, except one princess, because she had a dark complexion. Her name was kaali, ' symbolic to one of the forms of godess durga' . She was teased by everyone, even by her siblings. As a consequence, kaali used to cry day and night. But she had a heart of gold, she was very kind and generous. As the brothers and sisters grew up, the maharaj included them in the darbar discussions. It was always kaali who used to suggest the right decisions. The maharaja was impressed by her and soon started taking advice from kaali on every issue. As a result, she became the favorite princess of the state. But on the other side, her siblings were jealous, therefore they thought of a plan . They went to the maharaja and complained that kaali teased all her siblings for their low intelluct because she was always the part of every darbar discussion. The maharaja became furious and he believed them, and hence Kaali was banished out of the kingdom. Disheartened kaali went to jungle for shelter. Soon she became friends with all the animals. Sometimes she used to cry and sometimes feel angry because of what her siblings had done . Then a bad news came, the maharaja fell ill and the kingdom was attacked by a group of gangsters . The public was looted day and night and the helpless maharja could do nothing. Kaali heard this news and felt bad. She thought,something must be done, she must go and help her father as well as the people of her kingdom. But how will she? she was banished!. At this moment, her jungle friend Peacock approached her. He gave her the advice that she can go to the kingdom in disguise. And that's how the black princess was formed. Every night kaali would go to the village , her face covered with black cloth , her sword and her horse were her companion. When the goons looted , the black princess would appear from sky swooping dust over the thieves . With her sleek action of sword she would fight all the goons and restore all the stolen wealth. And this happened every night. The goons started to fear the balck princess and in the fury of scare they left stealing and voluntary apologized in front of the maharaja. And this way secretly, the black princess helped her people and her kingdom from the hands of the goons. But she continued coming every night. She would get wild berries for all the elderly people and she used to sit and chat with all the children. This news reached the ears of maharaja and he intended to find who was this brave girl. So one night he sent out his most trusted minister in disguise to find out about the balck princess. The minister did as directed. He dressed up like a normal villager and looked for black princess near the great banyan tree where she used to play with all the kids. When the moonlight shone bright, and it was time for sleep, the children ran back to their mommies and the black princess also left on her horse. The minister secretly followed her to the jungle. When the princess halted and removed her face cover, the minister who was hiding behind a tree was surprised. He immediately reported the entire incident to maharaja. The maharaja realized his mistake, he realized that he was fooled by his other children, he realized he had always underestimated kaali for her dark complexion but it was always her who was the most intelligent and most courageous of all the brothers and sisters. Mahraja quickly sent for kaali, and soon the black princess was back to her home. Her siblings felt sorry too and they apologized. our kind hearted princess forgived them at once. Impressed by her intellect, bravery and kindness maharaja found the right heir to his throne. And our black princess became the queen of the kingdom. And this way, the black princess set the example that the good qualities of a person is not defined by a person's skin color. Foolish people will tease you, make fun of you, but you must be determined and always be good by heart'.

" Wow dadi, that was a nice story, I too want to become like the black princess'

"For that you have to sleep now, quickly tuck yourself up '

"Goodnight dadi"

"Goodnight my dear".

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