Dezal Hadiya

Abstract Romance


Dezal Hadiya

Abstract Romance

That Rain

That Rain

3 mins

It was a usual day and as usual I was late for my college. There was no time to set up my messy hairs, I put a clip and tied it anyhow. Choosing clothes is always a tideous and time consuming for me and today I'm not having a second of spare time to select my clothes. I took my regular comfortable black jeans and my favorite black T-shirt. Anyhow I managed to get ready but the time was not co-operating with me.

It was a quiet sunny day so I didn't pick my umbrella and went to stand to catch my bus. After reaching there I realized that today nature has definitely decided not to co-operate with me. The energetic, delightful sky had turned cloudy and it was teasing me with his thunders.I exhaled of disconsolation while staring at the clouds. And they were not ready to stop, I guess my my depressed feeling was encouraging them more. I was seething and I engaged myself in random stuff.

After a while I smelt petrichor which had calmed me. I just waved my head up to see the next plans of clouds. I felt a droplet of water on my cheek which travelled till my lips and gifted me a smile. That pure and cool droplet made me placate. It started raining.

I managed to find a place to stay safe from rain. I was getting accompanied by 2- leg mammals and 4-leg mammals. But I was enjoying the atmosphere.

The rain was different than day. It was beautiful than before. The aparted cloud and Earth were meeting each other with shower of love. I was mismarised by that rain and the petrichor was adding more beauty to it.

Suddenly my restless eyes shared an eyegaze with alluring eyes. The eyes which had calmed my soul. The eyes which had given me a sigh of love. The eyes which had made my cheeks red. That magnificent eyes hadn't permitted me to look at his face. That dark eyes, having a lot of enthusiasm. They were having a different shine, shine of freedom, shine of love, they were ravishing. After noticing every bit of that shapely eyes I hurried to see him. He was having a well built body and drop dead face. He was just perfect to be called as Dream Prince. He had added his dazzling touch to that amouring atmosphere.

I was wishing that time stops here. I wanted to enjoy that rain more. I wanted to enjoy and feel that admirable soul more. I want to enjoy that overfond movement more. I want it to last forever but time has his own plans. A crowd of people appear between my sight to him. I tried to get it back but I failed. And rain has also stopped.

I smiled at nature. My usual day was not usual anymore. My day was filled with ecstatic experience.

I don't know will I meet him again?

I don't know will I experience and feel that rain again?

The only thing I was knowing that I had been a part of a contentment movement which I'll never forget. The moment which will always ask my cheeks to blush and my lips to smile.

I never waited for him or else I never tried to find him. I never experienced that rain again.

That rain had given me a moment of love for my restless soul.  

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