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Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

Tell Me, How Was It?

Tell Me, How Was It?

3 mins

Farah got a job in another city after completing her studies. She was to join her new job in about ten days time. While packing she was clearing some unwanted items like old books, clothes etc from her room. Suddenly her eyes fell on an old purse kept hidden under some old books by opening which she could get a folded paper.It reminded of her school days.

Farah, Tabassum and Rabia were good friends and lived in the same neighborhood and were also studying in the same school. All of them were almost of the same age with a difference of a few months.The structure of their body, build and height were also identical. They played and shopped together and also went to school together. Their features were slightly different but none could have identified them by seeing from their back. All the three had one bad quality ,while living with good unity between them, as they quarrelled regularly with other children in the school.

One day while they were eating their food in school, sitting in a circle, suddenly a wrinkled piece of paper came from somewhere and fell exactly at the centre. All three of them could not make out as to who had thrown that piece of paper. Probably, by the , the person had gone.All of them were in dilemma as for whom the message was meant. So they decided that it was better to open it and read in a secret place.

Rabia had her mother and brother, Rahim,in their house who kept vigil on her every move. Tabassum’s father was a short tempered person and so it was not possible for them to meet at her house. But Farah’s house was big and she had a separate room for her. So they felt it proper to leave the piece of paper with Farah.

All three of them met at Farah’s place in the evening. They closed the door of the room and started reading the content of the paper.It was written:-“ You look beautiful. But when you get angry you do not look so good. So you keep smiling always.” Your truly,

Even after reading the piece of paper three or four times they could not make out as to who had scribed it. Rabia felt that her classmate, Salim,might have written as he had been looking at her strangely, of late.

Tabassum felt that a student of Std. XII, Mohsin, might have written as he was found staring at her, of and on, while passing through her class.

Farah felt that probably it was written by Shadab who was a good friend of Rabia’s brother, Rahim. Twice or thrice he had been found looking at Farah strangely while distributing copies in their class.

All the three friends read the message three or four times but none could make out anything. They felt it proper to keep the piece of paper secretly with Farah. They went to the school next day happily and greeted everyone smilingly. All of them forgot to quarrel and became friends with other children. In a matter of a few days a lot of change had come in them.

After a few days Rabia’s brother, Rahim, took a dig at them ” What is the matter? All three of you smile a lot these days.?”

“ Why do you bother?” asked all three of them simultaneously.

The days passed like this. After some time they totally forgot about the message written in a piece of paper.The Nikah of Rabia and Tabassum were to take place.

On the day of Rabia’s Nikah, Farha and Tabassum hugged her and cried . Just them somebody commented :-“ You look beautiful. But when you get angry you do not look so good. So you keep smiling always.”

All three of them looked back and saw Rabia's brother, Rahim smiling , standing on the threshold. He asked,” Tell me, how was it?

Original Story:- https://storymirror.com/read/story/hindi/ubikf6jr/kho-kaisii-rhii by Madhu Arora

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