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Tears are the Words that need to be Shed

Tears are the Words that need to be Shed

7 mins

Dii!!!!! Here is something for you. Avi receives an envelope from a strange child, which is sanded by a stranger. She awakes and receives the envelope.

Avi is setting on a wooden bench in a park that is far from the city. The bench is far from the central area of the park so there is no rush of people. The environment is calm, the atmosphere is cool. A cool breeze is touching her face. She is wearing an office dress with open hair, her hair flow with air, some strains of hair are covering her face. She is not objecting. A deem shade of park light is not sufficient to visualize loneliness of Avi's face. It seems like she wants to grab the peace of the environment and charge her battery with peace for the next day. 

After a long busy day in an office, seating in the park on the same bench is the most awaiting and most relaxing moment for her. Perhaps, she only lives for that moment. Daily after completing office hours, she rushes to grab that peace, she was following the routine from the last eight months without a single break. Same way, another routine which is not broken from the last five months is a strange envelope from a stranger girl. 

Avi receives the envelope and thanks girl, with a bar of chocolate, put envelop in her wallet, and Again lost in a deep sea of thoughts. At starting she ask for the sender but that girl only nodded her head and point towards the place, when Avi looks there, she doesn’t find anyone. After multiples of abortive attempts, she finds it better to let the things as usual. 

After a while, she stood up look around for mystery men, didn’t find anyone, and move towards her residence. 

She reached home, opens the door, has some fruits for dinner, and then seat again at the balcony with headphones plugged in.

She didn’t get why she is falling for that envelope or for the person behind the mystery envelope. She was tackled in a storm of thought. She didn’t get what is happening with her. Why she behaves like that, why she becomes so desperate for an envelope. Literally, she waits for the envelope. Whenever the girl late to deliver an envelope , she feels ruthless, she has many questions in her mind. She doesn’t have an answer rather than an envelope. Or maybe she is getting her answer in the form of an envelope. 

She opens the envelope, reads the note, finds a bracelet in it. She wears it with blushing. That envelope fills the empty void of Avi's life.

18th March, again the day is knocking, which Avi wants to delete from her life. She wants to lock up herself, doesn’t want to go anywhere. Anyways that was the day that comes with an unknown storm in her life. 

Marriage is the turning point for every person. If you get a good, understanding, perfect, lovable match then it will be the greatest milestone, but if not then you have to travel miles with carrying a big stone, a stone of disappointment, a stone of responsibility, a stone of guilt, stone of misunderstanding, a stone of disrespect.

Avi is very happy to tie a note with Rahul. She has many planes to explore. First, two months were spent well. She thinks that she was lucky enough to have a soulmate like Rahul. They both have a good bond with each other. Everything is going smoothly. But suddenly something wrong happened with them. Misunderstanding, anger, fights, shouting takes the place of love in between them. One day misunderstanding Crosse the pick of tolerance, Rahul beats Avi without any reason, he is drunken is the only reason behind the misbehave. 

Avi is an educated, self potent, and independent girl. She is matured enough to differentiate the slight line difference between ego and self-respect. She didn’t say a single word and move to her father’s house. There she got an unexpected welcome. Her family advised her to forget everything and start new journey with that same person. 

Ultimately her family advised her to tolerate misbehave, that unexpectable acts. According to her family women are the statue of tolerance, she can tolerate everything. She should forgive every misbehave, she can't object any misacts. 

Avi decides to choose self-respect. Over, all that situation and advice. She left her father's home too, travel to Bangalore and settle down there. 

We all are stuck in a loop of disappointment and joy and that’s all life about. 

Overnight, her happiness, her dreams are converted into nightmares. A happy charming face is converted into sad, dull and calm. It takes to long to get everything normal. She was living alone, because she doesn’t want to be more socialized. She restricts herself. 

Time heals everything. The deep wound on Avi's heart is healed too. But then after something is leftover which is the reason for her guilt, her loneliness, her sorrow. 

Her desperation for envelop forced her to go outside. She gets ready for the office. She can't concentrate on her work. She was thinking about the envelop and her reaction. Is she is doing right or not? Finally, at the evening she reached a park and receive an envelope as usual. She cant wait more. She opens the envelope. 

“Your life is a scared journey. And it is about change, growth, discovery, moment, transformation, continuously expanding your vision of what is possible. Stretching your soul, learning to your intuition taking courageous challenges at every step along the way. You are on the path …. Exactly where you are meant to be right now.., And from here, you can only go forward shaping your life story into a magnificent tale of triumph, of healing, of courage, of beauty, of wisdom, of power, of dignity and of love.”

That words are written in an envelope with a red rose.

Those words directly touch her heart. She didn’t take a fraction of minute and give a note to the girl to handover to that mystery men.

She was desperately waiting for the answer. Maybe she was never before. She received a not with time and place to meet on following day. She was quite excited.

Next day, she reached 10 minutes earlier, because she wants to solve that mystery. A man with a black blazer is seated on the bench with a bouquet of her favorite white orchids and diary on right side. That diary is the answer to all the questions of Avi which not let her sleep last night. That was, how that mystery man knows what Avi is thinking? What is her next move? She was excited, but she was nervous too.., she reached near to the wooden bench in the park. 

The smell of her breath makes men turn around. Avi's heart skips a beat when she shows the first glimpse of that man. Unbelievable, he was Aarav. Aarav her first love. They both are madly in love with each other. The journey of that memorable year is passing from her mind as quick recaps. She cant believe in her eyes, she thought she was in a dream. She pinches herself. 

They separated mutually. They decided to sacrifice their dreams, their happiness for their parent’s happiness. They never think that destiny will bring them to the same place from where they started a precious journey.

Avi can’t control herself. She was controlling herself for the last eight months. She was restricting herself but now she doesn’t want to. She wants to burst out. She ran and hug her men tightly. She was crying loudly. She cries for the first time after settling down at Bangalore. She was crying and crying and crying.., She wants all her pain, all her loneliness.

After a continuous crying for thirty minutes, Avi is quite normal now. They were seated on the bench as they use to do when they were in a relationship. Wrapping their arms on another. Pointing towards the diary Aarav whispered in her ear, “Words are the tears that have been written. Avi replies, “Tears are words that need to be shed.” They hug tightly and disappeared in a deep sea of love.

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