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The Pen Wielders

Romance Drama


The Pen Wielders

Romance Drama

Summer Love

Summer Love

7 mins 340 7 mins 340

The warm breeze tickled my tanned skin as I swept the brush along the callous surface of the canvas, the soft bristles imprinting the colors at the right places. My gaze wavered from the portrait on progress and the lady smiling at me from the behind the canvas. 

"David, how long do I have to pose?" she groused, her plum lips pouting at me.

Giving a few touches here and there, I cocked my head and observed the painting and laughed.

"What did you do with my face?" she asked accusingly and leaped towards me. She stood beside me and squeaked taking in the view of the picture.

"It's beautiful. Why did you laugh?" she asked while pressing her soft lips against mine mystifying me with the feathery touch of her affection.

"It's funny how I tried to capture your beauty and ended up coloring just the ephemeral portion while the actual thing resides here," I said resting my hand over the left side of her chest.

I could hear her heart palpitate against my skin, her shiny oceanic orbs gleaming with so much passion.

"You never fail to amaze me, David Theodore." She spoke softly resting her head against my chest as I wrapped my arms around her warm body.

We stayed like that for a time which seemly unearthly. This was the last time I was going to see her. My chest constricted as the realization of the bitter reality tucked the strings of my smitten heart. I gulped that feeling down and tightened my arms around her. I didn't love her like one admires the topaz or the salt-roses.

She was like the fall of drizzle in the dawn of mid-summer when the scalding sun tortures the soul; mere drops of water yet pacifying the parched heart alone.

I loved her not because of her ephemeral beauty but because for me, it was the only option.

The first time I saw her was when I walked into that departmental store where she worked. I was new in the neighborhood and a painter. I had purchased dabs of rainbow tints and several blank canvases.  I remember the surprised look on her young face maybe because no sane person purchases such a huge quantity of equipment at once-- I did.

I remember how breathtaking she looked, few lone strands of hair brushing against her cheeks, her cobalt blue orbs widening in surprise as she realized she was about to fall from the ladder she was footing on. 

I remember the way my fingers had wrapped around her tiny waist instinctively--protectively. The way her pale cheeks colored when I helped her get back on her feet. 

She had smelt of honey and mint. 

After that little incident, I was a troubled mess. I had tossed and turned in my bed but those blue orbs didn't let me rest in peace until I had captured them in my canvas. The next morning, she had come to my house, to return my extra money which I had forgotten at the store. 

"You can keep it as a tip." I had said.

"I am afraid, we don't accept such huge incentives." she had exactly replied.

The way she bit her lip as she peeped behind me at the various paintings put on display had driven me nuts, I swear.

"Wanna have a look?" I had asked.

She had nodded and tugged a loose strand behind her ear. My hands had itched to do that for her.

The emotions reflected on her face had persuaded me to ink her every inch as she went through my works. And then, when her gaze finally had settled on the piece I had created at night after our first meet-- her eyes. 

I remember how I anticipated her reaction. My heart had pumped blood ferociously as my eyes were focused on her face.

She had grazed her fingers through that painting and after moments of inspection, she had turned to look at me, her eyes brimming with wonder and gratitude.

"You drew my eyes," she had whispered as if still unsure if she saw right.

"Yes, I did. I hope that's okay. I hope you don't misinterpret my intentions. I am not a creep or something." I had blurted out everything at once.

She had laughed. Her eyes had twinkled with amusement, the soft sound sending chills down my spine. It was one melodious laugh. 

And that marked the start of our summer love.

I had moved in here just four months ago, to get away from my ordinary life and focus on painting more canvases. I did a lot of painting but most of hers.

But this was wrong at some many levels. For statures, I was married when I had first seen her. 

My life was dark, unlike the colors I used in decorating the canvases. Our love was an affair of secrecy and depth that went down the lane of complexity. She was so young and pristine. We had poles of difference and our bond would never be accepted by the outside world.

I was divorced now. My ex-wife and I were never in love, it was an arrangement from which we both weren't happy. She was the one who had asked to end it. I had asked for time, and then, I came here. After two months to be exact, I had signed the papers and mailed them.

But now, summer was going to end. My departure being nearer because my life is not here. 

"You're going to leave, aren't you?" she said, arching her head back to look at me.

"You know I don't want to." I murmured.

"Come with me, let's elope," I asked her suddenly after few moments of tormenting tranquility.

"I am just twenty-three. I have my college to finish, a family to take care of, how am I supposed to do that if I run away with you?" she asked.

I stared into her eyes. I had no answer.

She twirled around and was about to walk away when I pulled her by her elbow and mashed my lips against hers. She quickly responded by kissing me back passionately. Her hands rummaged through my hair as I trailed my hands down her back resting on her waist. 

My lips grazed her neck nibbling on it occasionally whereas my hands traveled down her body.

She unbuttoned my shirt and I unzipped her dress. Shedding our skins, we let our soul rekindle their flame. We made love may be the last time.

The yellow rays of the sun made me squirm my eyes and groan at its timing. Today, it seemed to wake a little too early. Kissing her forehead, I untangled her hands from my chest and got ready for my departure. The more I stay the more it'll hurt.

By 10:30 am, I had already packed my bag and I was dressed up as I waited for her to wake up. I was sitting on the couch, my elbows resting on my thighs with my chin pressed against my folded hands. She squirmed under the gaze of the sun. Giving in, she slowly opened her eyes to look at me. The glint of the sun made her look heavenly. 

I guess she deciphered what was going to happen next, which certainly wasn't a happy end.

I kissed her forehead, my lips lingering for awhile bidding my farewell. She smiled weakly. We didn't share a word as we both knew it would make this harder.

Hours later, I was at the airport waiting to board the plane. Maybe it was supposed to be like this, at least it happened.  Our love was without any time constraints. I didn't tell her when I'd come back neither did she ask. 

Before boarding the plane, I looked back hoping for our Hollywood moment, her to come back and say that she loves me and wants me to stay. But, guess the reality is always a bit different.

Sighing, I boarded the plane and the plane took off increasing the physical distance between us of miles.  Our love though had started in summer but we'd carry it forever in the deepest corner of our hearts.

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