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Anuradha Sharma

Drama Horror


Anuradha Sharma

Drama Horror

Spooky Dream

Spooky Dream

3 mins 191 3 mins 191

"Suman, you told me that our neighbouring house is empty from long time but I can see a kid there," I said while watching closely our neighbour from the balcony.

"Someone might have just gone inside. No one lives there," she replied without paying much attention to my words.

"But the kid is inside the house. It is completely dark inside the room and I can see him from outside shade," I continued.

"Did someone came in our neighbour?" she quickly rushed towards me from inside.

"See there," I pointed finger.

"Where?" She asked.

"C'mon, you can't see that kid? You need an eye checkup now," I raised my voice.

"Look Maya, there is no one there and you should stop making fun now. I know you were famous to be a prankster in your college but your final exams are done now and you need to be serious in life," She felt irritated.

"I am not joking Suman. You are my childhood friend and you can easily recognize my pranks," I tried to explain.

"Look that kid is looking at us only now. He is smiling," I said with a grin.

Suman just went inside and called the security guard to know if anyone has arrived in the neighbour in their absence.

It was strange to know that the house was still empty. The evening passed but my mind constantly thought about that incident. I clearly remember the whereabouts of the that kid. It cannot be any hallucinations.

Even after a day passed, same story continued. I was able to see the kid but Suman cannot.

One day, while I was standing in the balcony, I saw that kid calling me from inside. I knew Suman won't believe, so I decided to go on my own. I opened the iron gate of that house which was full of dust and walked inside near to that window as main door was locked from outside.

"Hello. What are you doing alone there?" I asked that kid from the verandah.

"I am trapped inside. Please open the door," 5 years old pleaded.

I called the security guard to take his help. He got curious after I told him about kid. We opened the door but no one was present inside. I got scared like hell after knowing that the kid is not visible to anyone except me. 

I came back home with all the fears in my mind. As I entered in my room, I saw that kid standing in the balcony looking at me. I shouted with my whole strength and gathered everyone at home. I was sweating profusely and my friend Suman came running from the other room. Her friends also came from adjacent room and clapped loudly.

"How was my prank?" She was laughing uncontrollably.

I remained puzzled untill she explained the whole thing.

"You remember you challenged me once that no one can play prank on you. I was waiting for this day to prove that anyone can get trapped," She replied.

I calmed down a bit and felt embarassed as I had made many people feel the same way I was feeling. I looked at the kid and still felt some fear. Suman sensed it.

"Don't worry, he is my nephew," she laughed again.

As I was about to curse my friend back, I got a tap on my shoulder. I opened my eyes and looked around in confusion. My mother was standing near me and was shoutting to wake up. I could not believe that this entire prank incident was a just a dream which I felt like a reality. I immediately called my friend Suman and like in the dream, she kept laughing on the incident.

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