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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

The Writer

Romance Tragedy


The Writer

Romance Tragedy

The heartbeat of love ❤️ !

The heartbeat of love ❤️ !

4 mins 330 4 mins 330

It has been a long time since Meera spoke with Kabir. She tried to contact him in all possible ways but couldn't reach him. One night Meera went in search of Kabir to his house.

That night.. 

  No power at Kabir's home. Meera, with a candle, was meandering with fear in search of Kabir. Even after passing through all tunnels of his home, he was undiscovered. From his wardrobe to the fridge, she opened every door and closed it with drops of tears. The flame of the candle still showed her many doors. But,Meera with a down heart, feared to explore it. It was raining heavily outside the house. The Thunder and lighting,more than light, added darkness to Meera's eyes. 

   Suddenly, "Hey Meera!", Kabir's voice echoed in the room. Meera turned suddenly but due to the jerk the flame was put off. Everywhere darkness filled and killed her heart. With one stick in the matchbox she managed to bring the flame again. But the light is still black, "where is Kabir?" She broke down. No more matchsticks in the box and no more hope in her heart too. With a pounding heart, and with little hope, she opened Kabir's store room. The heavy door opened with a creak. The door shut and she saved the flame with fear. Inside that dark den, the flame showed her only specks of every object.

By saving the flame from sweat and deep breath, she walked warily in barefoot. The windows were open allowing the chill air to get through carrying darkness along with it. She went near the wall. She saw the photo of Kabir smiling. Her heart broke into pieces. Collecting them she plodded towards a table. Having lost all hope for Kabir, she kept the candle carefully in the table and took a paper and pen. The chill air entered oscillating the hot flame.

The smoke it gave out, she breathed. She held the pen with helpless fingers and wrote " Dear Kabir … 

……. ….. …… …… Your Meera ".

She folded the paper and get it in between the pages of Kabir's favorite book. She cried and cried filling her eyes red. Suddenly a voice came saying "Meerraaa! " She turned towards it's direction with the flame. She shouted " Kabirrr!!... where are you? Kabir.. show me off I'm broken already dear... please come to me.." Suddenly she slipped and the candle went away from her hand. Then Darkness overloaded with fragrance of tears. After a minute, a matchstick stroke and flame showed her shadow on the wall. She was shocked on seeing it.

Turned Suddenly and she saw Kabir holding the cake with the same candle glowing up. Kabir said " Happy birthday Meera!" With tears and smile Meera got her fully into Kabir's arms. Kabir too welcomed his heaven's angel with love. Meera managed to say " I love you Kabir, I can't imagine a minute without u, you are my everything!". Kabir replied " love you too Meera, I am always for you dear!" The emotional proposal bloomed up love inside their heart.

On seeing the hearts melting, the candle too melted with the romance! Kabir greeted her to cut the cake to start her day. Without disturbing the candle, she cut a piece and gave him along with a kiss and got something for her too. With smiles allowing the cream inside, her pink cheeks made his night. But her face went down as the folded paper played with the chill air. Kabir asked what was that. Meera told him not to read. But Kabir unfolded it and started to read. After a min, merra said "I'm sorry Kabir. My love will make you live long. I'm not going too far away from you. I am in you in your heart as a beat. Goodbye!"  

"No...No...No.. Meera get up merra..please don't go away from me dear. My life is zero without you dear.come on get up meeraaaaa. " Kabir cried 

By holding Kabir's hand Meera said: " Hey don't cry, I'm taking you with me!" 

"What ?" he was shocked. 

Meera showed the poison coated knife with which she cut her back neck and the cake. 

Within seconds they became stars of that night. The candle and cake invited them to heaven. 


Some love stories end where they get started. Be it heaven or earth their love is still alive.   

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