Poonam Vaze

Drama Tragedy Thriller


Poonam Vaze

Drama Tragedy Thriller



6 mins

As quick as a flash, the bullet whizzed off from his sniper rifle. He was on a high towered building in a very concealed place. The target was shot down.

'Work done.' He said to himself as he finished his winding up. His fellow soldiers called him 'The Murderous Sniper '. Without a tinge of mercy on his face he coldly left the place.

Very indifferent of the day's activity he was sipping chilled beer to overcome his fatigue. His body was sore and tired. He settled on his bed to doze off. As his eyes closed he saw visuals of a woman wearing a black gown. She was mourning over her husband's death. Her howling cries near her husband's coffin were dreadful. He immediately got up completely perspiring and paranoid by what he saw.

'That was St. Cathedral Church where I saw the lady in the black gown. It was someone's funeral. ' He whispered licking his lips rapidly. The horrifying dream kept him awake till dawn. The dream was a mighty blow to his powerful aura. He dressed and hurried towards St Cathedral Church. He saw that people had gathered to attend a funeral.

Amid the crowd he saw the woman in black gown crying over the coffin. The coffin was of the man he killed yesterday. After sometime the relatives buried his coffin and the cries of the woman became inconsolable.

"His death was so sudden and shocking. Poor man. He didn't get time to speak with his wife." One man said.

" I overheard that he was a spy ." The other said.

"Poor wife . Her cries were horrifying. It's unbelievable that he was a spy. They appeared a happy family.'"One woman said.

'"They were so happy. A perfect couple. Why God is so ruthless? '"The other woman said.

His eyes were completely glued at her. She was crying near the burial. She got up and started walking towards him. She caught his hand and dragged him to a secluded place.

"You are the one who killed my husband yesterday." She asked calmly.

His flabbergasted brain didn't react. They were trained to handle all kinds of tricky situation. It was his vague assumption that she was a spy .

"Lady I don't know you."

"But I know you. You are a murderer."

"Listen...." He looked around if the crowd was noticing them.

"Its not safe here. People are looking at us." She said blankly.

"Let's meet in my car after ten minutes. Its parked in the adjoining lane. Blue color Mercedes."

"Ok ." She said and mingled in the crowd gathered.

He hurried towards his car palpitating tremendously. After ten minutes she came and sat in his car.

"You hunted him and attacked from the back. You are a coward. Brave people don't hide." She said coldly.

"How do you know I am a sniper?" He asked spontaneously. He was coached to handle adverse situation but this question was impromptu.

"That means you killed him. You accept it." She asked firmly.

" I did my duty . Its loyalty towards my organization."

"Can you define loyalty ? My husband was also loyal to his organization." She interrogated him.

"Loyalty is not good or bad. Its the work towards which you show your loyalty. There is a big difference. " He answered strongly.

" Does loyalty give you right to kill?"

"I don't know that. Duty is duty. I receive command from my higher authorities and I just act on the command." He said emphatically.

"Universe is not governed by commands. Its governed by laws. The law of universe is above everything. It's the Supreme power and crux of our existence."

"Life is puzzling." He said.

" No. It's very much defined. We define our life. My husband got paid for his sins. Now its your turn. Every action will have a reaction."

" How dare you lady? My purpose of killing is righteous." He said in an annoying tone.

"No killing is legal in the law of universe. In the law of universe taking life is a crime even if done for a good purpose . You and my husband are same in the eyes of universe. No one can escape the justice of universe."

"Are you justifying your husband's treacherous deeds?"

"No I am explaining you the Law of Karma. Law of Karma doesn't differentiate killing. Murder is a murder in the eyes of universe. Now your action of murder will get a reaction. Your life's balance sheet has to tally."

The evening twilight radiated sparkles on his car. He realized that entanglement with her could be dangerous.

"Will you meet me tomorrow morning same place? " He asked as a mode of escape.

"Yes sure." She immediately got out of his car and headed towards the main road ahead.

That night his mind was occupied with her thoughts.

'How did she come to know that I killed her husband.? The question has to be pondered upon.' His brooding eyes roved rapidly looking for an answer.

'Is she a spy? I have to figure this out.'

He reached his command headquarters the next morning.

"Each and every information of the target is stored in this folder." His work mate said to him.

"Thanks comrade. It will not take much time.'" He said as he curiously started surfing information of the target on the laptop.

He scrolled down reading the entire information minutely. The document contained every single movement of the target . Everything was noted. The last note of the day when the target got killed read as :

* The target's wife committed suicide soon after his death.

He looked all around the room as his breath exploded in and out. It was hard for him to believe that he met a paranormal phenomena. His muscles tightened as if his body was ready to face the danger ahead.

'I am explaining you Law of Karma ' Her words pounded on his ears and he felt sick and giddy.

It was time to meet her. He rushed towards his car and drove to the place they had decided to meet. He waited for her to come and subconsciously felt asleep.

'How can I come? I am dead, dear Sniper.' Her words disturbed his sleep. He closed his eyes to visualize her. But he couldn't see her. Her words started hitting his ears again. Without thinking he started driving his car recklessly.

'No one can escape the justice of universe. Neither you nor my husband .' Her phrases echoed in his ears.

He knew it was going to happen. The last thing he heard was a big bang as his car turned upside down. Then there was silence. Deep silence. Surrounded by the bright light he saw himself rising high in the sky. A light which was giving him warmth and affection. He felt peaceful and caressed in that light.

Soon in that mystic light all the helpless faces he had killed zoomed in front of him. The pain when the bullet pierced their heart was terrifying.

'No No. I don't want to see sorrow. It hurts me. I want to get wrapped in this divine light of love. ' His soul said. In the gleam of that light he saw her standing besides him. She was wearing the same black gown. He went to meet her.

'The balance sheet of my life is not yet tallied.' He said to her. She smiled and waved him an emotional goodbye.

His soul experienced a wave of emotions and he felt enveloped in serenity.

From his divine soul a small cell of energy got released and raced down towards the mother earth.

Down on the earth , in a beautiful dwelling, a couple were in the bliss of lovemaking. The cell full of energy got absorbed in their process of lovemaking.


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