shraddha mishra

Drama Fantasy Thriller


shraddha mishra

Drama Fantasy Thriller



8 mins


"Break-ups have always been hard on me" said Sia while searching her cupboard impatiently. 

 "Especially when it is your third break-up with the same guy in a month !" chuckled Mishti from the other side of the call. 

 "Why don't you come over? We will have some fun." said Sia. 

"Not possible, I have planned to stay indoors this weekend" said Mishti apologetically. 

"Don't make excuses, I have a surprise for you, and u must cheer me up, it's my break-up after all " said Sia persuading Mishti. 

"Okay, Miss drama, 6pm your place??" asked Mishti 

"No, we're going out. I'll pick you up at 9 pm sharp. Be ready for some fun-filled evening" said Sia admiring herself in the mirror. 

"As you say mam," chuckled Mishti and hung up the call. 

Lying on the bed covered in a warm blanket, all Mishti could did was admire the crispy cold, mist- ridden foggy morning. She rolled over to reach for her phone, which was partially covered by the pillows. The notification read- one unread text from Sia, It said - wear something black :). 

"Anything else madam!," reverted Mishti. 

It was 10:30 am yet the skies were gravel-grey. The rustling of the leaves against the cold wind and the melodious whistling of the winter birds from the distant garden continuously broke the silence of the sky. "Who would want to step out of the house when one can enjoy the nature's play from indoors!" She wondered covered in her blanket, walking towards the kitchen.                

In the meanwhile, Sia was busy searching her room. A huge heap of clothes, files and books lay on her bed. She frantically walked towards the kitchen and began her search in the kitchen. Her phone chimed- the notification read- one unread text from Mishti 

It read - Anything else mam :( Seeing the text, Sia grinned. 

It was 6 pm. Sia took the entire afternoon to finalize her outfit. Finally, she chose a black georgette dress in contrast to her skin .The colour of her dress blended exactly with her smooth curls running on her shoulders. Her almond shaped dark eyes and bushy lashes had a spark to warm entire Delhi that night. And her plump lips, blended in colour of virgin sangria depicted the boldness that every lady possesses post breakup.She dropped a text to Mishti - I've left. Be ready. See you soon.

Now, came the crucial part of a lady’s dressing –to find the perfect shoes to match the outfit. After spending a brief 15 minutes, she chose to match her outfit with her black velvety ankle boots. She admired herself frequently in front of the mirror. There was something different about Sia that night. Her postures were nervous but her eyes were desperately in search of something. As, she stood in kitchen drinking something from the bottle, she gazed at her reflection on the kitchen door. Her boots caught her attention. Those boots reminded her of a night when Sameer wore them mimicking her walk. "Nostalgia isn't healthy" she said to herself and started searching for her jacket. In the biting weather of Delhi no one must dare to step outside without a jacket. Amongst the heap of clothes that lay on her bed, she found a jacket which wasn't hers. Yet, she didn't bother. She grabbed her clutch and keys. Locking the door behind she unlocked her phone to book a cab. As she waited for the lift, her phone chimed and the notification read - one unread text from an unknown number .She clicked on the number to open the text. 

It read - I know what you need. Meet me at 12 am near Mishti's apartment. 

Sia froze. She took a moment to process what just happened and then calmed herself and said -"It must be a prank." In the meantime, the lift arrived. But, she chose to take the stairs instead. 

The cab arrived. She got into the cab and sighed. In no time Sia reached at the gates of Mishti's building where to her surprise stood Mishti dolled-up in a bottle green coloured knee length dress and a black leather jacket to protect herself from the crispy cold weather . Sia couldn't take her eyes off Mishti. 

Mishti was an intern and a Ph.D. student at St. Mary hospital. Her entire sense of grooming revolved around scrubs and lab-coats and microscopes. She found herself lucky for she was gifted with a bestfriend like Sia who was the best in any sense of grooming and designing. 

Mishti saw Sia and quickly settled into the cab."Where are we going?" She eagerly questioned rubbing her hands to keep herself warm. Sia, who was still locked in the charms of her best-friend, didn't answer. She closely gazed at Mishti's silky hair falling upto her bosom, the front strands of which she continuously tucked behind her ears. The chattering of her teeth made her soft mocha painted lips shiver. Never has she felt an attraction towards Mishti as today. Mishti pinched Sia and the charm was broken. 

"What? Are you even listening to me ?" said Mishti. 

"Yes, yes. I was wondering whether you would like the place that we're going to!" exclaimed Sia yet again caught in the furrows between Mishti's eyebrows admiring her honey filled eyes shining between her dense eye-lashes. 

"Why won't I! I trust your choice dear, except in boys!" said Mishti laughing out loud. 

And Sia who suddenly felt the urge to move closer to Mishti, acted to laugh and moved an inch closer and the scent of Mishti was no less than euphoria in the air for Sia. As Sia tried to move a bit closer the driver interrupted "Mam, we've arrived." Sia annoyingly stared at the driver and got down from the cab. Mishti was surprised to see what Sia had planned. 

"Wow, Sia and club ?Since when has this begun? " exclaimed Mishti. 

"Post break-up trauma dear !" exclaimed Sia faintly smiling. Sia's mind yet occupied with thoughts of Mishti. They went in together. The lights were brink. Turn down by Dj snake and Lil Jon was being played. And in no time the girls were on the dance floor. They danced as if there is no tomorrow. It has been a tiring week for Mishti due to the exams and her recent research exhausted her completely. After an hour into dancing, 

Mishti said, "Let's order the drinks, I'm thirsty." 

"Yes, sure" said Sia avoiding the eye-contact with Mishti. 

The girls went to the bar. Ordered their drinks. With trembling hands Sia picked her drink. 

"Are you okay? Why are you shaking?" questioned Mishti curiously, holding Sia's cold trembling hand. 

"Can we go out ? I feel difficult to breathe-in here." responded Sia covering her eyes. 

"Yes, let's go out in the garden." Affirmed Mishti. 

They reached the garden area. After finding a decent seat away from the crowd, Mishti hugged Sia and comforted her saying - 

"Don't worry, it's Sameer, he'll come around !" 

Sia sobbed and hugged Mishti as tightly as she could in that moment. 

"I'm an addict Mishti, I don't know how but I lost control over myself and now something is wrong with me. I couldn't remember things. Nothing seems happy anymore. I'm haunted by myself. I fear I might hurt people around me." Mumbled Sia. 

Thinking it's her friend's heart-break talk Mishti kept quiet. 

Covered in Mishti's arms, Sia again felt an urge to smell Mishti's loosely flowing hairs. Mishti's soft warm fingers wiping tears from Sia's cheeks gave chills to Sia. She slowly moved her face on Mishti's shoulders. Her breathes became deeper and louder.She slowly moved her face towards Mishti's soft full lips. Mishti was confused what's happening around her yet she leaned in and their lips pressed against each other. A deep passionate kiss under the dark foggy sky made them warm. Sia, who seemed under a spell, Slowly, planting kisses on Mishti's cheeks and ears moved to Mishti's neck. Staring at Mishti's continuously throbbing veins she gently kissed it. The throbbing of her veins made 

Sia uncontrollable, from her left hand she tightened her grip over Mishti's neck and within a fraction of second she gave into her weakness. Sia pierced her teeth into Mishti's soft melon-like skin. Her mouth was filled with warm and thick delicious blood of her friend. She sucked her blood until her blood-lust was satisfied, her grip loosened, her face relaxed and so did Mishti's body which lay unconscious amidst the velvety green grass. 

Sia grabbed her clutch and wiping her face from her handkerchief she ran towards the exit. She took a cab to Mishti's apartment. It was almost forty-five minutes past 11 pm. She continuously urged the driver to speed-up. 

It was almost 12 am when she reached the gates of Mishti's building. She hurriedly paid the driver and got out of the cab. She kept walking around and around, nervously biting her nails but couldn't see anyone around. As soon as she turned to dial the unknown number which asked to meet her there, she faintly saw a man in blue and white striped T-shirt walking towards her. Her vision was blurred. She rubbed her eyes to see clearly and she saw a dark, tall, curly haired man walking briskly towards her. 

"Sameer, what are you doing here ?" she questioned wiping sweats from her forehead. 

"Just helping you with your drugs !" grinned Sameer showing her the packets filled with pills. 

"No, I don't need pills. They've converted me into an animal, I can't control myself anymore. I have blood-lust every minute of the day " wailed Sia collapsing on the ground. 

"I had warned you earlier, these drugs aren't for fun, they will change you into something that you might not recognise." said Sameer throwing the pills towards Sia. 

"You need help or else your blood lust will ruin yours and someone else’s life," said Sameer giving her a pamphlet of rehab. 

"It already did !" moaned Sia. 

"I harmed my best-friend," 

"Haven't you said Mishti about the drugs and its effects on you? I told you to tell her, she will understand that you stole them for fun" shockingly said Sameer. 

"Renfeild's syndrome is rare Sia, and Mishti is your only help. Why didn't you tell her? You know she's supportive of you. And she will always stay by your side no matter how ugly situations are !" screamed Sameer. 

"I couldn't bear pity and distrust for me in her eyes. She will leave her research for me and I didn't want to pull her down" mumbled Sia. 

"Sameer, please help me! Take to me to someplace else I can't live here anymore, not until I'm cured" she said pleading Sameer, who stood there speechless, wiping tears off his cheeks. 

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