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Ranjitha Agarwal.P

Tragedy Inspirational Others


Ranjitha Agarwal.P

Tragedy Inspirational Others

Shefali (Saviour Of Own Life)

Shefali (Saviour Of Own Life)

8 mins 167 8 mins 167

** A Father was sitting on a hospital chair in a numb state, his eyes were just stuck on a red light of operation theatre which was still in ON condition.

Few of nurses were roaming hurriedly here and there to bring few things, after a few moments later, those red light get OFF.

With this that father's eyes brighten with a small hope n his heart, by thinking that his Flower-like daughter will be fine now.**

"I am sorry.. we tried our level best from our side, but she went to coma State. ", the doctor said in a monotone.

After hearings this her father's body started shivering, he feel the ground slipping under his feet, he stood up by taking the support of the nearest wall.

"Your daughter's situation is very critical, that's why we're shifting her to ICU ward, you just have to pay bills as soon as possible.", the doctor informed.

[[ Her father didn't have any option except selling his own house, and he sold it and paid the hospital bill. After this, he started staring at his daughter, through the transparent glass of ICU

"Doctor, is she having any improvements? Can I meet her, please?", As soon as her father spotted the doctor he started taking queries from him.

"There's is no improvements in her, she is still in a coma only, and sure you can meet her but make sure you have far from her.", Doctor allowed him to meet her.

Her father grabbed the nearest stool and sat beside her. She was lying on a bed just like a lifeless body, so many of pipes, machines were connected to her!

She was the victim of 4cruel monsters who raped her badly.

it's not easy to digest this thing to a father

"Beta you know, why did we keep your name as Shefali?? Because you were like a Flower who always blossoms smile and were so soft and beautiful. Just like a flower can bloom and can spread it's an aroma everywhere, in the same way, we wanted you to succeed in your life and wanted Your name and you to get famous.

Just like when we see beautiful flowers we will feel better, we used to feel relaxed when we see your purest smile", her father expressed the reason behind her name with teary eyes.

[[ No doubt, she was can hear everything which her father just expressed and can feel his pain too. she was stopping herself to react on things, it just seems like she doesn't want to get over from that coma state."

You're not worthy to live in this world, you lost your rights to lead your life by those 4 bastards at that night. Now, what will you do after getting rid of this coma? 

Do you want to see your dad's name getting spoiled because of you? society will taunt your dad every day for giving birth to a daughter like you. 🙃 your mom who wasn't alive now, her dignity will also get the questioned by those dirty tongues of this so-called society.", her mind exclaimed, her mind was constantly stopping her self to become normal n her positive attitude was just lost somewhere.

"For God sake. Please come back beta, I still want you to become a doctor, just like your mom passed away because she didn't get treated by a doctor, I don't want anyone to lose his wife or mom or any family member because of not getting proper treatment at the right time .and I want you to save many lives.

And you still have to case against those 4 bastards who are the reason behind your critical condition. You only can make them avenged, by telling about their facial structure so that police can search them easily by reference sketch", her father flooded tears in front of her.

"Now you're like stale food, which is useless either none can fill their tummy or else can't keep you with them, just can throw you in the dustbin.🙂

You will roam shamelessly even after this hustle incident which took your existence? And can you make your dream come true after all this shit happened with you?", her mind raised chain of questions.

"Today you're the victim of their animalism, and may tomorrow someone else be in your place.

Tell me you want them to roam freely and spoil girl's life? you can't spare those bloody morons like this. I want you to fight back.

I never taught to accept defeat without fighting, isn't it? Then why do you become lifeless like this? come on getup, you have to wake up that's it. please getup "he started sobbing heavily and started jerking her shoulders.

.Nurse and doctors drive him away from her, drips and oxygen pipe and machinery connections may be disconnected because of his act.

"You can't stress her like this, and other patients will also get disturbed by you, control yourself, sir.", the doctor tried to convince them politely

"This is why we usually don't permit to meet patients in ICU, see her drips pipe got opened", the nurse said in a frustrated tone.

*** Her father just sat on a chair by resting his hands-on head, he was feeling very helpless at that time.**


The war between Shefali's mind and soul.

"Who are you?", her mind asked surprisingly.

"Am the one whom you wanted to get rid of.", her soul replied

"I didn't get you?.", her mind questioned.

"I am just here to make you understand everything", her soul replied.

"It's already too late, there is no need for wasting your time 🙂", her mind said in a monotone.

"You lost your virginity. But your soul is still genuine. I agree that society can't see your soul or purity of heart, but it's enough to know that what we're and what we're not. we shouldn't give a shit to society's opinions about us., her soul tried to fill positive spirit in her.

"Then you mean to say that I have to spoil my father's name in this society and become an unwilling burden for him?", her mind questioned her soul.

"Burden!? even your father has never been thought about you like that. he thinks that you're the one who can make his dream true, he believes that you can earn anything, you can send those bloody morons behind the prison bar.🙃 And also can save many innocent lives in future ", her soul tried to remind her father's words again.

"Is that possible by me?", her mind again questioned

"Yet it's difficult but not impossible, there is many girls are there all over the world who had gone through this phase still they're struggling to survive and trying to become something because which their parents can proud of them, even many of them were successful to make them happy and proud.

Then why can't you?

Can't, you make this tiny thing for your dad? you lost your mom because she didn't get treatment on time. don't you want to save other mom's life? did you lose your dream of serving innocent peeps?", Her soul reminded about passion.

"I wish, I could.", her mind replied with a small hope.

"You deserved to be alive.

It doesn't matter what you look like on the outside. It's what's on the inside counts. The purity of heart leads humanity, not the beauty of the face.

Yes, this journey will be very difficult for you, but once set your mind, and focus on your dreams and start stepping towards your passion then even you or any of bastards or any difficulties can't stop you to fulfil your target.

Those bastards who did, these much dirty deeds don't have rights to live on Earth and still, they are leading a happy life, 🙂 roaming outside proudly as if they won Nobel prize.

Then why can't you?", her soul guided her.

"Yes, you're right I do have rights to live my life peacefully and I too can fulfil my and my family dreams", her mind prompted.

By the way, in the war between her mind and soul, her soul won merely after realizing reality.

All of a sudden a ray of hope raised in her heart.

Now she understood that the one who did bad deed needs to be punished.

Instead of accepting defeat, she wanted to fight back

Within a few moments, she regained her consciousness.

Doctors termed her recovery as a MIRACLE, her dad became happy by thinking that she crossed her difficult time.

*** Within a few days, she recovered fully and then helped police by describing those criminal's face, they made their sketch according to her explanation and filed a case against them.

After a few months, she continued her studies again and put all her efforts on her studies and career and became a successful doctor.

And she succeeded in treating several poor patients free of cost and started many of free medical camps.

Her father's eyes lighten up with happy tears because of her success.

The people who had taunted and made fun of them, and had ruthlessly commented on her character are also started praising her."**

Moral: Torturing someone physically or mentally is a big crime, where the victims look like criminals to society's eyes. and will start taunting and make those girl's life hell and they make them as living lifeless person.

But still, if we have strongly believed in ourselves then we can achieve anything. We just have to remember that "Where there is a will there is a way ".


Yes, after this crucial state anyone can lose hope of life, but if they have a supporting family then everything will become normal ASAP.

Numerous SHEFALI who are becoming their lives because of lack of support of their family will achieve something if they get moral support from their parents. And can give penalize those criminals who made their life hell.

My small request to this so-called society is that "If you can't help them it's fine, but at least don't taunt them every day, every minute by making them reminding their dark day of life.

Just let them live their lives peacefully "

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