Floating Weeds

Drama Romance


Floating Weeds

Drama Romance

She's The One! Maybe.

She's The One! Maybe.

4 mins

I have stopped thinking that much. Even though it's been only one week at my new job, this girl has already got my attention. With time, I have mastered hiding my true self, so, I believe she hasn't noticed anything yet. I already know that I'm not gonna make any new friends here. But about that girl, well, I shouldn't think much.

Your terrible relationship moments make you kinda hard, to a point where interacting with someone new becomes the least preferred option. Instead, you settle for the best possible alternative. Or maybe only I do that. Since initiating a conversation seems out of the question, I try to snatch a look while she's not noticing, arrive a little late at the canteen so she's already settled there with friends, and mute the volume of the songs I'm listening at the lift of she's anywhere around so that even with the earphones plugged in, I can at least hear her talk.

In these five months at the office, our teams have collaborated for four projects and yet we have never exchanged a single word. Even though I have caught her seeing me sometimes, it feels like it's too late to start a chat now. I've also decided that if six months pass without anything happening between us, I will be over here for sure. 

Rather than enjoying heavy metal music or admiring that cute girl sitting not much far from me, I am stuck somewhere in between, doing this boring and monotonous job the entire day. It's the final week of my 'six months', and even though I skip all these hilarious office parties, I am thinking that maybe I should attend the next one. My friends are also shocked at this decision, but I see it as one final step I need to take to get over this silly kiddish crush. 

So here I am at the bar, looking quite decent, with a single thought in my mind, "How the hell did I end up here?". Because I'm neither a drinker nor good at dance, I choose a seat at a shady corner, far away from both the DJ and the counter. For a place so packed with show-offists and extroverts, the music doesn't suck at all, and I somehow enjoy my chocolate milkshake in solace. Now that I think of it, my life's going pretty well nowadays. My scripts are getting some good reviews and I believe I can dump this job in a few months. Moreover, United's back to winning ways, and the boys are finally showing some promising form.

Amidst all my floating thoughts and the bass spilling all over the place, I hear a plain, welcoming voice from somewhere behind me. 

"Hi". I slowly turn as my thoughts fade away and my ears go numb to the music. My lips move on their own in a mechanical manner, repeating what I just heard, "Hi".

"I'm surprised to see you here."

"Yeah? Me too!"

We both laugh.

All of a sudden, I realized how satisfying my life was and that I didn't need anything else in it right now. As with the night our conversation grew, I could already see the next three, maybe four months filled with thrill and fun, and slowly how the enthusiasm trip would come to an end, making room for doubts and arguments to seep in. Even though I played the story to its gruesome end in my mind, just like all the previous encounters in my life, resisting became too hard. Once again I was stuck in the never-ending cycle, once again wondering, maybe she's the one.

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