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#Seedhibaat: From one heart to the other...

#Seedhibaat: From one heart to the other...

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Ryan sat on his bed weeping. That day in college had been depressing and tiresome. He had been bitterly bullied by his seniors. At the beginning, all his friends had to bear the same(fact:Ragging occurs in almost every college)but gradually he was the one who had to bear a lot as he was shy, bookish and an introvert with glasses on, which made people think of him to be stupid, doltish and dumb. He always wanted to share his feelings with someone, someone from the family (college mates were worth not so saying) but something bothered him. His father had been a disciplinarian, a strict maths teacher in a small govt. school who always abided by his own life rather than interfering in that if others'. His mother was a dutiful housemaker who spent her whole day looking after a family of 7 members. "My parents spent a lot to put me into this college. They have made all efforts to make me successful in my dreams. If I tell them how I am persecuted or tormented in college, then what will they think of me? A scaredy-cat!!!! My cousins will taunt me as a namby-pamby who has no other job than complaining against everyone. Moreover, all will think that I am trying to run away from college as I fear to come out of my comfort zone. "

Every time Ryan thought of talking about this, a chill would run about from his head to toe and he would stop. So, as per him it was better to keep quiet than being thought of as an insipid. He sobbed in his room thinking of all this. Just then the clock struck 10' and he was called on for dinner. Rubbing down his tears, he went to the dining hall where a gathering of 6 people waited for him on the dining board. He sat down silently. "Ryan, is everything okay?", asked granny who couldn't run her eyes off from his innocent sad face.    "Absolutely granma"said Ryan clearing his throat. Then everyone got busy with their food and Ryan too ate quitely. But someone was not satisfied with Ryan's answer. It was that authoritarian member of the family who doubted his sons petrifying voice not match with his actions. It was true that he was a martinet ;a despot father who wanted to give his son the best education and make him a scholar, but he could clearly see the fear behind his timid eyes. He wanted to talk to him but then he thought that it was not the right place or right time. After dinner everyone went back to their rooms while mother stood their washing the plates in the sink.

Next morning was a beautiful start for Ryan. Maa had prepared his favourite pancakes.

After breakfast, he headed on for college. His father too walked with him. It was the first time in last 2 years that the duo was walking together. As they were marching ahead, the old man spoke out, "Ryan, do you remember, when you were young you used to share everything with me. When you returned back from school, you used to apprise me of every single incident that haapened to you in the school. I just want you to not think that time has changed and that you are not allowed to speak your feelings to me just because you are a 'sophomore'. For me, you are still a child who once used to speak his heart out to me. Just because I have become more engaged with a lot of errands, don't think that I have no time for you. A parent and a child can never have secrets unless you try to hide them. If you are uncomfortable with something, you are always free to speak to us.

We are always there for you, no matter what" . Ryan couldn't think of what his father was talking about. But somewhere it struck his mind that he was talking about his life these days. By then, they had already reached college. He bade goodbye to his father and went in. His father resumed for his work. . .

The whole day Ryan couldn't resist thinking of whatever his father told him. He couldn't concentrate on anything. The gang of bully was absent that dayr and Ryan had become more occupied with his thoughts. After college, he headed straight towards his home. After changing, he immediately went to his father's room wherein he was making question sets for his students. "Papa, I have something to tell you. "

"Yes, Beta, you can share anything with me "

"Papa, initially I thought this had to be confined within myself only. I had decided not to involve anyone, neither you nor Maa in this matter, but after thinking a lot about what you said me this morning, I need to tell you something. In college, from the starting day I am bullied by a clique of seniors. They tease me, taunt means make fun of me. I dare not open my mouth infront of them. This has become a regular thing for them to pole means ridicule me. . . . . . . ", said Ryan. In this way Ryan unmasked his heart infront of his father who was listening to him very attentively.    "Ryan, you should have talked to me about this from the beginning itself.

I always want you to be in a safe surrounding where you can learn happily. Do not think that sharing your problems will make you look like a coward infront of me. You are my child and I am always there to stand by your side when you are right and correct you whenever you are wrong. Don't worry, tomorrow I'll go to your college and sort things out. Everything will be fine. ", sir Ryan's father consoling him. After hearing his father, Ryan was dumbstruck. He didn't know how to thank his father. He realised that he had done wrong by hiding his feelings and problems from his parents. He had truly understood the value of #Seedhibaat:the importance of commitment, honesty, and transparency for a healthy relationship۔  

माना के हम नए ज़माने के नहीं, पर यह बात नहीं की हम तुम्हें जानते नहीं,                                         तुम अपना दिल खोलकर तो देखो हम तुम्हारे साथ खड़े हैं     तुम #Seedhibaat करके तो देखो, समझ जाएंगे।।।


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