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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Venu Pulibandla



Venu Pulibandla




3 mins 339 3 mins 339

Once there is a planet named as The quantomesThat quantans is a native place to quantons, the people who have a power of "laser beam ions of quantoms"...the planet's king name is Sain Quanton..the person who has additional power of "gravity control".the people of quanton living happyly. One day a different 4handed animal sepian came to the quanton. Because the center of quanton has a power cube named as "albamn".the guardian of albaman was sain quantan. That 4 handed sepian name was Grogan it was coming from the evil man


By entering into the planet the Grogan space ship damged the city the sain quanton stopped the ship by turning it into sea side by gravity power. the gragon entered with his army the sain killed his enemies with lasers and a group of soldiers were thrown out with a single gravity control 

The grogan hit sain with 4hands ..due to that 

punch sain get angered and knocked gragon with his sword and a combo shot with lasers the gragon was killed..

After gragon death sain identified he came from gragor...who has 10× more powerful than him sain consulted his forefather god sain ...god sain said to go to vigoria the place where the ultimate powers will be saved in an armor.if that armor worn by a quanton ..he becomes world master..these all news heard the by secret spy gragor also want to get that armor..god sain explained the all traps and enemies of the wat to reach armor cave...but surprisingly the vigeria has only entrance for the person who knows about quantameos..

The journey started at the formation day of quantameos..sain started his journey.

..first, he entered into the first stage dark city

At there many ghosts should be there who can control our mind ..sain thinks he was the strongest man and he doesn't effect by ghosts. Once sain legged in he controlled by the ghost and he went to his fears in his mind there the red fire dragon came and he was fighting with it ..suddenly the red dragon fly high and it comes down to sain he suddenly roared and entered into a fort, where his father dead he Saw the death of his father and he become weak...he couldn't understand why these all coming suddenly he remembered god sain words..then sain quanton understand all things and he changed his dream as he killed the ghosts....actually at that dark place..the dream become true ..true becomes dream

Second trap..was puzzle question

The gaint statue asking those questions

In this phase if sain won he able to won napoleonsward.. the power of thunder


1. Your grand mother's brother son's mother's daughter is A 

then what is the relation between you both

Sain quanton said "mother"

Before asking the second question the gragon entered by killing 2 quantons and copied their mind ..the statue asked 2nd questions for both

2. If you drop me from tallest building I will be fine 

  But if you sunk me I will die what is it

Gragor said it was cat...statue said no

Sain said "paper " ...yes you won the round 

I present you the Napoleon sward ..he gave to sain quanton 

In third and final round ...there will be a messenger of God..having two boxes in two hands ...

When they entered 

Sain wished the messenger ..

Messenger again wished sain 

He said "children here were two boxes.

One has armor and another has died.

Choose yours ..

Sain and gragon were seeing carefully 

God sain said a secrete to sain quanton that 

In armor box it has sain's symbol ☯️..he got that symbol box and chooses it then 

The gragor attacked the messenger and stool the box messenger gave the armor to sain quanton.

At the same time, he gave another box of death to gragor.....with Napoleon sword and armor 

Sain quanton killed the gragon..and went back to quantom

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