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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Anisetti Krishnaveni



Anisetti Krishnaveni


Reuse Old Things

Reuse Old Things

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The Old Pickle JAR

It was evening time and a cool breeze was entering the doorway as the curtain fluttered to and fro. 

Sheela had to water a few plants. There were many cactus and indoor plants lined up in a row to be watered. 

As Sheela, started watering the backyard garden she spotted something inside the ground. 

She went close to it and saw an old pickle jar which surfaced out during watering of plants, she thought for a while whether to use it or not, but the colourful partially cracked jar was irresistibly attractive. 

She brought it inside and thought about how she could use it for a better purpose. 

She rushed into the kitchen sink and washed it thoroughly with a brush and detergent soap. Then she cleaned it with water and left it to dry in the evening sunshine, and plastered it and further painted it with a bright acrylic colour, it was around teatime then. 

She then dried few lemons small in size, yet colorful, and took them and made pickle a tasty pickle out of it and left it to pickle. 

The plastered and painted pickle jar was filled with the pickle which was looking bright and clean and new on the Dining Table for the family to taste the tangy homemade pickle. 

As she left the table swirling her saree she heard the dancing bells of her daughter., maybe she had already started her dance practice.. 

"There were so many house chores to finish," she thought and 

 rushed to dry her wet clothes.....

Nothing can go waste if we use it diligently

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