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Respect Them!

Respect Them!

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Yash was a very rich businessman. He lives in a village named Kangari. He was a very short-tempered person. He gets frustrated over petty things. He never talked to other people politely. He was a very superstitious person. He keeps a Shanti Havan at his home every month.

Once upon a time, an airborne disease spread in the village. The government imposed curfew in the whole district. Every person was forced to stay in their houses. No villagers could go out for buying anything, meet their friends or relatives. They were allowed to buy their basic needs from 7 am to 9 am. There was no vaccine available for the treatment of this disease. Many people died due to this disease.

After one month, the spread of disease came in control due to which the government removed the curfew. All the people started their daily routine but under some rules and regulations due to which the spread of disease increased again. Due to this increase in the spread of disease, the government imposed the lockdown in the district. Yash became afraid of this disease and got frustrated with his routine. He was also afraid that something bad could happen since he did not keep Shanti Havan at his home last month.

One day, he went to the famous saint of Shanti village "Maharaj Ghanshyam " and told him about his fear. He asked the Maharaj to do something that could protect him from this disease. He asked him to offer prayers to the lord or give him a kind of talisman.

Maharaj understood the whole situation and give him a parrot. He said -" This parrot is very pious. It could save you from every bad omen. Also, it will protect you from this disease. But there is a condition that you will have to obey everything that this parrot says".

Yash took the parrot to his home and since it was going to protect him from this disease, he named it "Saviour". Though he did not like its voice, he fed him nicely and took good care of him. He kept the parrot in his room and took him everywhere wherever he goes.

Parrot also instructs Yash at every step. He asks him to wear a mask, sanitize himself and his house, wash hands after every two hours. He told him everything: what to eat, what to wear etc. For a few days, Yash obeys the parrot.

One day, Yash thought to meet his friend Mr. Sanchit. Saviour asked him not to go there but Yash didn't agree. Yash insisted to go there. When Yash didn't agree, Saviour asked him to wear the mask and cap and carry a towel and sanitizer with him. He thought it might dishonor him in front of his friend. Also, he became overconfident that this disease cannot harm him in any way since it did not in these many months.

When the parrot tried to stop him again, Yash gets frustrated with his voice and took a knife and killed him. He throws his dead body in a sewer. The next day, Yash went to meet his friend. Neither he wears a mask, nor he carried sanitizer. Yash and Sanchit ordered food from outside and did party since they met after a long time.

On the way back to his home, Yash was very happy that now he has got rid of that parrot who frustrated him a lot. Today, he met his friend and also had a good time with him.

After a few days, Yash became sick. He suffered from high fever, cough, and cold and his whole body was aching. His family took him to the hospital and found that Yash was suffering from the disease. His family was given strict orders not to meet him.

Doctors started his treatment, but his condition gets worsened. After some days, Doctors say, Yash will not be saved. He has a very small time left. After listening to this, Yash regretted his sins. He thought that instead of obeying him, he killed him. He killed his Saviour. If he obeyed him, today he could be living with his family. He would not be suffering from this situation and living a happy life. But after some days, he passed away.

This is the same situation in today's era. We are suffering from a global pandemic of Coronavirus. Our government and Corona Warriors are working day and night to protect us from this virus. But instead of obeying the rules, we have tried to harm them. We attacked them. If we will not follow these rules and regulations, we will never be able to come out of this situation. All of us will become the victim of this virus and then we will have no option left than that of regretting our sins like Yash.

To protect ourselves from COVID 19, we must wear a mask while going out, wash our hands regularly, maintain social distancing. We should follow the rules and maintain the decorum of lockdown. We should respect them. We must salute them for their efforts and selfless service. This is the best way through which we can pay our gratitude by showing a positive attitude. 

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