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Resolution Achieved

Resolution Achieved

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Supriya and Riyan were attending a Christmas party. "What is your resolution?" Riyan asked his college girlfriend Supriya.

"Resolutions are meant to break. You said you will marry me this year. Nothing worked." The girl grumbled to her love.

"I make a resolution. I am swearing by the name of God I will marry you tomorrow." The lover boy exclaimed in drunk state.

Supriya made a face and looked here and there. Another girl in front of her eyes was smooching her boyfriend. They were discussing something. Supriya eaves dropped.

The girl in pink dress told her boyfriend something shocking.

"I have won a gamble and I don't need you. I have achieved biggest resolution to dump you, useless man. "

Supriya remembered KD Pathak, a fictional character who believes that "What is visible to naked eyes is not the ultimate truth. Truth is unseen and needs to be digged out. "

Supriya wondered about the smooch and the lover boy had fainted on the ground.

"He is dead." The bar tender said.

The clock struck 12 and Riyan smooched Supriya and said:

"I love you. My resolution is to be with you till the last breath."

"Alas he also vomited and died on the spot."

And the psycho killer laughed :

"His resolution was to kill Two male lovers before the new year eve. "

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