Sanath Kumar B

Drama Romance


Sanath Kumar B

Drama Romance



5 mins


Aroma of the neer-dosa and chutney (typical South Indian foods) was inviting the people of the town to the restaurant. Fishmongers laid out the fishes all over the street; the summer was emptying people's energy, the oscillating waves of oceans soothing the weather with smooth wind, coconut water selling more than the regular water picturesque the daily activities of the town.

Summers in India are always welcomed especially by the kids. If elections are conducted in summer, the colors of the town turn into political parties' flag colors and even walls echo the commonly sarcastic talks of the leaders leading to the clashes even between the sound waves of the town. All the newspapers filled by advertisements turn into political leader's picture gallery. 

The roads become the open battleground for the people during elections. Stages set, mic checked, ghostwriters ready from backstage, chairs arranged led to the perfect war. Talks piercing like arrows, scams tearing like swords, lies of the leaders striking like mace always suites Indian politics. 

From nowhere a political science student Malini Ravishankar was also contesting as the only independent candidate against the leaders who had led the politics of this area for 20 years. Although there was a tinge feeling of loosing against giants, she was practical by thinking that there is always a chance of people changing their minds and giving chance to new faces. 

10 days past the announcement of election dates by the commission, the district collector along the support of the media disclosed the way the giants were dictating the government officers and the people. 

Once a French philosopher had quoted “If god fails to make his presence, he sends them in the form of chances “. Yes, this time the chance had struck Malini. She had an easy victory along a good lead. 

While time, a person was behind her win. He was Mrudang, his neighbor as well as a computer engineer who had done great work. He was successful in reaching the people and getting the votes using the proof provided by the media and by using digital electronics. 

Two years earlier the politics had started in both their hearts ‘love’ anyway. He saw her newly when she moved into the next house. Her looks had mesmerized him on the first but everything later. 

She managed to sneak into his book while she had visited his house due to a festival. 

There he stated, “The girl who came to the next house should have her next home as mine, not as a girl but as a soul meeting her eternal happiness in mine. Her eyes moving the world in me she stands apart in all the view. Her hair holding tightly my joys inside, touching them makes me fly high”. 

Reading this, entire she was about to enter the book permanently and get locked with his soul. 2 years passed there was nothing but love in ecstasy and support to each other. 

But secretly he was managing the preparation of cheap and toxic liquor which was his family business for generations. The crisis had grown to an extent that 1 in 10 of the people had been affected in the villages. This alarmed Malini to take charge of the crisis before it struck everyone. 

She assigned a commission to find everyone behind this. It was early in the morning, while she was having her cup of tea that she got a call that informed about the arrest of the manager of this blunder. It was ages since she had shocks after her father’s death and the next one was this. She came to know that he was no one else than Mrudang himself. 

This lightning tore them apart and love was its victim burning down to ashes. She then spoke, “the girl you wanted to make your home her next one is not coming because her next home has ruined hundreds. I do not want the curses of people to be the foundation or the death of people its bricks and Mrudang has become maran-mrudang”. 

The arrest order was signed by her and he was sentenced for prison for 5 years. Signing off the order, she had tears cascading in her eyes. The gleaming eyes faded away and darkness summoned her soul. She wrote it down,

The trains moving feel they carry my happiness,

The places we walked has started to burn my toes,

The food doesn’t taste delicious,

The chair is not comfortable,

I think my candle doesn’t blow off………..


Mrudang has been a free bird after his release and when the people of his liquor factory had come to pick him up, he avoided him and he felt a wave of change in him.

Next day, Malini who was busy looking after some files got a call that the liquor factory was burning down and got shocked again when she heard that the man who burnt it was Mrudang again. About to leave and check the scenario, he arrived at the office and donated all his money to the rural welfare department and tried to wash his sin to the minimum. 

He came to her office with chocolates and biscuits for her children. But at last he had a good sign when he came to know that she was still unmarried, what about children then!

Both of them knew each other very well and also they were unmarried. Malini knew that he was changing his whole life and attitude because of her and to get her again in his life forever without any loop holes.

Sipping a cup of coffee, he proposed her with the same old words but with a beard on his face and his mouth speaking with maturity. Even his tears spoke then. What was left?

They hugged like a shining star,

He covered her like a rainy cloud,

Kissed like a rainbow shine,

Joined hands in unity and love,

Voila, they RECOILED ……………….

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