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" ready "

 ...... Oh hey, you don't know that a caterpillar is exactly like that.

 No no, I feel very decent, Kamla said.

 What do you know ........ Actually you are very naive.

 Haven't seen how she gets ready in the morning and goes outside the house. Does the daughter-in-law of decent families do this?

 But sister-in-law, she goes to work. Now she will be ready only on the job.


Heys, the woman whose husband has gone to work in another city, what is the need to get ready in the morning to go to the job.

 At some point, he will send the money, it is necessary that he should stay at home and quit his job. Mridula said

 ...... But sister-in-law, brother has already gone to another city job 6 months ago and Lata has been running her home from her job for 5 years and is taking care of her children ... you won't understand... Saying this, Mridula went away from there and the neighbor Kamala kept looking at her.

Do not cook food for me tonight, .. Mahesh said to Mridula as soon as she entered the house. Why ?? Have you kept a fast tonight or the boss has given so much work for the house that there will be no time to eat. Oh no, there is no such thing that Verma Ji is in my office, do you know? His son has a birthday party tonight, he has called all the people in the office, if not gone then he will say, not come to avoid giving gifts and then tomorrow when I go to the office, Verma will give me taunt,  It will be better to go in the party.

   This is very good, Mridula said while wishing ... Listen, take me with you too, no matter how many months, after getting ready and coming out, want to get ready.

 Oh no no, what will you do? Mahesh said. Anyway, you have never been to Verma Ji before, have not even met his wife, you will get bored and then I want to go to the betel leaf shop while returning and eat the betel leaf, because of you I couldn't enjoy this, you go any other day.

   Yes ..... It is your usual drama, I do not get a chance to go out of the house by getting ready anyway, and today when I have a chance, you destroyed my wish... annoyingly, Mridula walked out of that room.

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