Dinakar Reddy



Dinakar Reddy




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They met in an app that is famous to get hooked up.


Do you believe in fairy tales? He asked her while cupping her face.

Like you and I are gonna in love forever?

She just unzipped his trousers and signaled for a quickie.

One of his hands going down her navel and the other one is busy in holding her cleavage while his mouth deeply kissing her lips.

So, will you love me if I say no to sex? she questioned while separating her legs to give his shaft the way.

His shaft entered into her and he replied with moaning.

 She enjoyed all his energy in the act.

After a fruitful time period, he collapsed and slept beside her.

They never met each other again.

Someone advertising the app as "a place where your soul gets comfort"

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