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Pregnant at 68, you're kidding me

Pregnant at 68, you're kidding me

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Pregnant at 68? You gotta be kidding?

No! It's not me first of all I'm not that old or that stupid. 

So this week I read an article about this Mexican actress Lyn May, who came out and announced that she is pregnant at the age of 68, revealing that she is set to have a baby with her 29-year-old partner, Markos D1.

Well I don't know what to be more shocked about, the fact that she is pregnant at 68 or that her boyfriend is 29? Now I'm not hating and I definitely thought I was a cougar but I feel better now.

Almost a 40 year age gap, that is huge. I know I dated someone 20 years younger and that was too much for me. But they say the heart wants what the heart wants and I guess it's true. They say age doesn't matter and maybe that's true to a part..but do you want your partner to be changing your pull ups in 10 years? Look this is a reality here, 40 years is huge.

What is really more mind blowing to me is the fact that:

1. She could get pregnant 

2. Why would she want to have a baby at that age?

Seriously? I thought about it for a hot minute with the Prince but then came to my senses real fast. I had energy and patience when I was younger and raised my girls. But to do it again. No thank you. I'm good, and why I say that is let's just look at the practical side of this. She's going to be 70 by the time the baby's born. By the time the child is 10 she will be eighty, is she going to be able to skate board with the kid? Go down the slides at the Waterpark? Run after them while teaching them to ride a bike? Most likely not. Hey, yes I do know some 80 year olds in great shape but there are far and few in-between. 

Now I know that you will come at me with "Men have children into their eighties"

Yes, I know that but again it's mostly the mothers who are taking care of these children and let's talk about the real issue here the children 

What about the children? Is it fair to them to not be able to have their parents do things with them? Having to have the oldest parents in school? What if their parents' health declines? Is the child now expected to take care of their elderly parents while they are in their teens? Is that fair?

This sounds to be and this is only my opinion as I was right there thinking about this so I am allowed to have one. This sounds selfish on the parents part, they are not thinking about what will happen later on. I thought about all of that and I decided that I had my time with my girls. I got to do all of that with them. Give them all of me, when I was at my best, when I could do it all. Now to have a child at this point would be for not the right reasons. It would be because I wanted to please my man, give him what he wanted, to relive a fantasy about a happy family who it may or may not have been and then let's be realistic here. What if we divorce, I am now stuck being a single mom at 75? No, this is the reality I had to look at before I made my decision to say no.

As much as I loved him and dreamed about this "perfect family" we could have together, I had to look long and hard about the reality of it all. I had to take off the rose colored glasses and really look at the what if's and not just the what if's but the cold hard facts of what old age does to each and every one of us. Did I want to put myself or a child through that for "love" 

No, my answer was no I could not and believe me it was a hard choice to walk away from someone you love but it was the right choice. Sometimes we have to make the right choices and they are not easy but they are for the best.

So today my friends, don't get me wrong, good for her if she wants to have this child and have as many years as God gives her but for me it was about looking at the bigger picture. We all need to look at the bigger picture when we make a decision, sometimes we are blinded by love, by being too close to see the real picture, we need to step back and look at it from all angles, think about the future and not just the Disney future you may dream of but the reality of what it may be.

Really think of your choices before you choose.

"Be the change you want to see"


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