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saravanan Periannan

Drama Crime Thriller


saravanan Periannan

Drama Crime Thriller

Police Chapter 6

Police Chapter 6

3 mins 190 3 mins 190

Read Police Chapter 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 before reading chapter 6.

A fictional story series.

Special Task Force(STF) headed by Abdhul tightens security at Trichy.

The terrorists meet at their hideout with the two rescued terrorists telling their plans to create a Improvised explosive devices(IED) that can be triggered using a remote control of a toy.

The special task force increasea its surveillance and they find vaanmathi who helped terrorists with the help of a chemist who found out vaanmathi's involvement.

The lady police invetigate her formally without torture asking her the next plans of terrorists and the details of terrorists.

but vaanmathi does not reveal anything.

The DGP consults other officers as they think deeply about ethics to get the details from vaanmathi using torture.

The DGP says we are in the "ticking bomb" problem.

finally thet call the doctor for narco-analysis test.vaanmathi shouts in pain after two dosages in narco-analysis test and she reveals the truth that chemial azido azide is attached to the Improvised Explosive Devices (IED).

DGP calls the special task force to trcae the terrorists immediately as the life of people is under danger.

The politicians get a secret report on the happenings and they say "whatever power you need, take it and stop those terrorists" and make sure that opposition party do not get a chance to point their fingers at us.

At a marriage hall,

A terrorist enters with a remote control car and its remote packed in a box. This remote to control the car is going to make the bomb blast by sending radio frequencies.

A political leader enters the marriage hall where the security protocols are breached by his party members.

The SPG(Special Protection Group) and NSG (National Security Guards) officers are unable to control the party members.

A SPG officer says this to a NSG officer,

"The acts and words of some political parties are always a concern."

The Electronic appliances of bride's family gifted to bridegroom comes loaded in a mini-van.

The Improvised Explosive Device(IED) too comes along the explosive device guided by a terrorist.

The special task force joined by 10 bomb squads searches places like parks, hospitals.

The special task force marks the place visited by the political leader at last due to presence of SPG and NSG.

The special task force now suspects the marriage attended by political leader as they learn of the breach by that political party's members.

They rush to the spot with bomb squad officers waiting in a van outside the marriage hall with bomb detectors as they think the breach that occurred could have resulted in an easy entry of IED.

The special task force enters the Marriage hall and they secretly transport the minister from the hall without rising suspicions because its an order from DGP.

The special task force starts to find any persons of suspicions.

The SPG and NSG too start scanning the places they did not due to the interference of political party members.

They finally find the device secretly in the place where all dowry electrical appliances where kept.

The bomb is transported to the van where the bomb squad is waiting.

The bomb squad members explain that this IED has a receiver which can receive radio waves and the chemical azido azide can destroy the entire place without any clues.

A bomb squad member says they can use a Electromagnetic Shielding Device which they brought along with them to enclose the IED to stop it from explosion.

The bomb squad successfully stop the explosion of IED.

The terrorists inside the marriage hall are arrested by special task force who catch them using the interpol terrorists record.

CID Kanagavel and other officers from Bomb squad, Cyber crime, CID, Law and Order who are involved in case along with mukhbir who lost his life in this mission are honoured secretly by Government.

Salutes Officers.

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