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"Our Solutions Are In Nature"

"Our Solutions Are In Nature"

3 mins

  "Why are you so stubborn, you never listen to what I say!?" 

  "Fine, I'll just leave!" I say as I run out the door. I don't get why mom never understands me. It's as though she doesn't want to acknowledge my feelings... 

  I'm running and running, without a thought. My mind is clouded. This isn't for the first time that we're fighting. But now I can't bear this anymore, it disturbs my mental peace. 

  I keep on running until I reach the river bed. I can barely see anything, my eyes are still teary. I sit down on the damp earth and cry my heart out. No one can see or hear me here. 

  About an hour later, I get up and head towards the hill nearby. There are a couple of hours till sundown so I have plenty of time to think about where I'll be spending my night. I'm certainly not going back home though. 

  I clamber up the hill until I'm at the very top. The wind is brushing through my hair. Everything looks so beautiful and serene from up here. 

  My mind starts clearing up. I'm no more sobbing. I sit on the edge, absorbing all the good vibes in. I look down. I can see the houses at a small distance. The river is glistening in a purplish- pink hue. Far away I can see the mountains, covered in a sheet of white, standing tall. The sun is dipping on the horizon. I lay down, seeing the yellow and red light filling the sky. I listen to the crows cawing as they head to their abodes. I finally feel like my mind is calmed down.  

  I'm in euphoria when I hear a ruffling sound and sit bold upright. I'm alert all of a sudden. I get up, looking for the source of the sound. Suddenly a fawn runs out from the bushes nearby. I sit back and relax, they're common here. I look back to see where it's disappearing. There's another deer, it seems to be the fawns mother. The fawn runs towards it and the deer licks its face. I chuckle.

  I'm reminded of mom suddenly. No matter how much I scoff at her for her stupidity, no matter how much I think she never understands me.. at the end of the day it's only her who is by my side. 

  I feel the tears forming up in my eyes again. 

  My behavior was wrong. I shouldn't have run away from her. She must be worried sick. 

  Now that I'm back to my senses, I head back. I move down the hill, breathing in the air. The air.. it feels like a warm bath: refreshing. I reach the river, wash my face, and start walking towards the coppice gate. 

  I'm almost there when I stop. I take a look back and smile.

  "Thank you," I say into the air. 

  I'm glad I ran all the way to the river, although it was childish of me to run away from home. But now I'm finally at peace. I feel like the conflicted bird of feelings is finally set free. I leave the woods, smiling. I breathe heavily before opening the door.

   I walk in, announcing my arrival in a low voice "mom, I'm home." 

  My mom practically comes running at me and hugs me tightly.

  "Oh, my child! Where were you?! I was so worried about you sweetheart!" 

  "I'm sorry, mom," I say, tearing up. 

  "My child." She says before a flood of tears washes her voice away. 

  As I get in bed that night, I reflect on the day's events. I smile to myself remembering that mesmerizing view, that fawn, and its mother. if it wasn't for that sight I don't think I'd have had enough sense to come back. 

  I guess our solutions really are in nature.

  I look out the window, at the stars and the moon. I smile and close my eyes as I drift away in the world of dreams. 

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