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One On One Free..!!

One On One Free..!!

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An incredibly true story..!!

This story makes a compelling point that how many things you get free and how they impact our life positively.

This is strange but true why we think the effort to take this step is so difficult but yet so doable.

This story will make you think and act..!!

There I was, Monday morning 8.45 am driving towards my office from andheri to santacruz.. Like everyday.

Knock.. Knock.. Knock.. My car just started to mis fire..!!

But how can this happen..?? I thought, i just got it serviced last Sunday.. Yes in an "authorised service" station.. How is this possible..!!

Another two thugs and it stopped abruptly... Totally halted.. Will not move at all..!!

I looked outside the window asking for help..!! Had to get my car towed on the side.. Of course it would be hindering the traffic I thought anxiously... People must be screaming and shouting.. Monday morning, peak time, everyone is in a hurry...every one is in a hurry..??

But nothing like this was happening.. Nothing.. There was compete silence..!!

I looked on my right side... Board read "vile parle shamshan".. I was dead.. It was not my car but my life which has ended abruptly.. I was 42..!!

But along with my car I got myself serviced too.. A thorough check up at nanavati hospital.. Corporate package..everything was in can this happen, I ran Mumbai marathon too....why..??

No one answered my questions... My limited time had ended..!!

I can see many people holding my body - friends, family, neighbours.. Waiting for the last rites..!!

So what have I given them.. Why are they spending there limited precious time at my funeral.. Why..??

I had given them free smiles.. Many of them.. Everytime.. I used to be a smiling face.. It was God given..smiling face or my behaviour to keep smiling every time...!!

As I exit from this world, let me tell u a surprising truth ..these smiles are "free" but they are very powerful..They can make someone's day, can provide someone a much needed confidence.. Can change perceptions.. Lives.. They are give one u receive one always..must try them today...Let me tell one last's one on one free..!! 

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