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Drama Tragedy Fantasy



Drama Tragedy Fantasy

Once Upon A Time In Heaven

Once Upon A Time In Heaven

7 mins 354 7 mins 354

Heaven is a forest in India. The name of the forest is not its actual name, it is named by the animals which live there. They named it heaven because it is a very beautiful forest. There is greenery everywhere, there is a beautiful river flowing in the middle of the forest. All animals drink water from that river. All animals were living together with happiness until a stupid idea came into their minds.

Shera is a lion. He is the king of heaven. One day, when Shera along with some dogs, sitting near his den and talking with them, one of those dogs whose name is Sadi, said," last night I was thinking something." Shera asked him," what?" Sadi said," all humans have their political parties to run their country. Like humans, we should also make some political parties run our forest systematically." Sadi is a dog and Shera is from a cat breed and we all know that dogs and cats are enemies. That's why Sadi does not want to see a cat ruling the whole forest and he does not want to live under the rule of a cat. However, under Shera's rule, each and every animal was happy. Shera was a good leader, but still, Sadi wanted that the whole forest should be ruled by a dog. That's why Sadi gives the suggestion of election in heaven.

Sadi was very smart in that case. He knew that out of total animals in heaven, 60% of animals are dogs, so if he stands in the election with his own political party in which all candidates will be dogs, there will be more chance of his winning.

Shera was against this idea. He said that" if this happens, the unity of heaven will break and there will be no peace." But Sadi said," I think you are afraid of being defeated by other animals." Shera said," it's not about winning or losing or being defeated by other animals, it's about the unity of our forest." Sadi," you know Shera, you are my friend. But there is a thing which I don't like about you, and that is your goodness. Why you try to be so good in everyone's eyes. You know all animals are just afraid of you, they don't give you respect. They just follow your order because they are afraid." Shera took these words of Sadi very seriously, and began to overthink about them. And then Sadi said," if you are a true leader, a true lion, then you should give permission to this election. Otherwise, I should say, you are a coward." Shera was hurt by these words and instead of thinking logically he started to think emotionally about all this and give permission to the election.

Sadi was happy and said," now I can say that Shera is a brave leader." Shera ordered those dogs other than Sadi to made this announcement in the whole forest.

After hearing this news all animals were excited because some were thinking that they will get the chance to rule the forest and others were thinking that they will vote for the very first time as humans do.

But there was another animal, named Bruno, who is a dog and he was also against this election. He is from the German Shepard breed of dogs. He is kind of a serious dog. He was thinking in the same way Shera was thinking, he was also worried about the unity of heaven because he knew about humans. He knew how cheap can someone be to win the election. That's why he was not in the favour of election. He lives alone in the area of dogs in heaven.

Shera and Sadi, with other dogs, were making preparations for the election. They are giving symbols to every party, they limited the number of parties(6, including Shera and Sadi's party) and in each party, only 10 candidates were allowed.

After 2 weeks, all the parties were being introduced to other animals. There was Shera's party in which 3 lions, 2 dogs, 1 tiger, 1 simple cat, and 3 deers were there. Then Sadi's party in which all candidates were dogs. There was a deer's party in which 6 deers and 3 cats were there. A rabbit party in which 5 rabbits, 3 mouses, and 2 horses. A monkey party in which all candidates were monkeys. There was no 6th party. The voting date was given and there was a month left.

All parties started to gain followers by doing rallies and making promises.

23 days left:-

It was night time, around 11:00 pm. Sadi, along with his bad dogs, standing near a tree. There was no one there but sadi and those dogs waiting for someone. Then a deer came there, he was the leader of the deer's party. Deer said, "where is my son?" Sadi gave his small baby to him and said," no one should know about this. Otherwise, you and your family will be dead." Deer," ok." Before introduction day Sadi somehow gets to know about Shera's party candidates and then he kidnapped a deer's baby and forced his father to form his own deer party, in which there will be some deers and some cats. He did this so that he can make Shera's party lose some votes, because when deers see a deer, leading a party, then more deers will give votes to the deer party instead of Shera's party where deers are just candidates.

Sadi wanted to break the flow of votes of Shera's party.

When Sadi was giving the deer's baby back to him, he saw those 2 dogs from Shera's party. They were just passing from there. Sadi and his other dogs go there and killed them. Then they all ran from there but Bruno watched everything.

Another day a crowd of animals gathered around the dead bodies of those 2 dogs. Then Shera also reached there. He was shocked to see this and started thinking who can do this. Their dead bodies were in bad condition. They were mutilated. Their legs were cut off and it was very hard for everyone to see that. Shera ordered to take their body away. When Shera was going back from there, Bruno stopped him. Bruno said," you wanna know who killed them?" Shera said," do you know?" Bruno," yes. Sadi and his friends." Shera," shut up. Do you know what are you talking about? He is my friend, why he would do this?" Bruno," because he is a bad dog. He is greedy. He is racist. He wanted that everybody should be underdog rule." Shera," I think you're mad. He is Sadi and I know him very well, he is not like that." Bruno," you.." Bruno wanted to say something but before he could say something Shera stopped him. Bruno sadly said after that," you don't know him. The only thing he knows is to just use people for his own benefit. I am not saying this without any reason, I have experienced this. You have no idea at what level he destroyed me and my family. You have no idea about that." Bruno left after saying this but Shera was thinking very seriously about what Bruno told him.

Finally, the voting day has come. Every animal was extremely excited, after all, they were going to vote for the first time. The votes have been made and now everyone was waiting for the result. Monkeys, because they are very intelligent, are counting votes. It took the whole day to count votes and after that monkeys announced that result will be declared tomorrow in the morning. Everyone was upset. And suddenly a fight started between two groups who came there for voting to their favorite leader. Other animals stopped that fight. Then Sadi and Shera go there and asked the reason for the fight and the reason was both the groups were making fun of each other's leader. Bruno was there at that time and he smiled in such a way as if he knows this will happen. Shera said quietly in Sadi's ear," you said that it will be your guarantee to look after fights and take care of the unity of heaven. And now what are you doing?" Sadi calmly said," nothing so dangerous happen here, it's just a small fight. No one is hurt."

The next day everyone was again very excited and happy. All the parties were standing on a big rock as their stage. Monkeys were ready to announce the result. The announcer monkey said," I am feeling very honored to announce the name of the winner of our very first election. I know you all have waited for a long time and still waiting to hear who is the new leader of our heaven, and I think you must be cussing me. So without wasting any time, the new leader of our heaven is.." he takes takes a pause there to create suspense, and then in a cheerful way, he said," Sadi". The supporters of Sadi had gone crazy in happiness. And it's not that everyone who was not supporting Sadi was upset, but almost everyone was happy in the happiness of Sadi.

To be continued:-

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