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Zubin Sanghvi

Drama Romance


Zubin Sanghvi

Drama Romance

Office Colleagues - Fickle Emotions

Office Colleagues - Fickle Emotions

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It was 10 pm and Dadar station was about to arrive in an hour. "Never thought it would be such a lovely day yaar," said Sneha. "Same here Sneha, it is fun to have someone just like you to talk to especially on boring trips," said Kartik while taking out his bag from the upper berth. Sneha and Kartik worked for a healthcare company in Mumbai and had to travel to Baroda every Saturday for work. While Sneha had been working there for 5 years, Kartik had just joined recently.

She was married and had an 8-month-old son and was living a typical working woman life in Mumbai. She was trying her best to manage both her worlds and in between has lost her own self. Kartik, who was 4 years younger than her was a smart, impressive young man with a charming personality.

Sneha used to travel to Baroda every Saturday but all alone and she really used to hate it. Her train journeys were often spent thinking about her life and missing her son. Now that she finally had company it made her feel a bit comfortable. A few Saturdays went by and their conversations grew and along with that grew their comfort.

 "Shit, I don't think this is a great idea. My in-laws are going to create a big ruckus about it," she said in a worrying tone. "Chill girl, Baroda is after all not that bad. We will have time to explore the city, have some street food and guess what, the hotel guy has also arranged for some Old monk," winked Kartik.

Their work got delayed for the next day and they had to stay back for a night in Baroda. Sneha called her husband to inform, "Yaar, what do I do Ankit, this is the first time it has happened and my boss wants me to get it done. Please understand ".

Her husband gave in, although unwillingly. So Kartik and Sneha went around exploring Baroda and had some local street food before reaching their hotel.

It was 10 pm and there was a knock at Sneha's door, "Hello, the Ice is melting!!! Come fast", it was Kartik with the old monk in his hand. The duo sat in the lobby of the 2nd floor of the hotel. For the first few pegs, the conversation was largely about the office and general bitching, but the night was going to be much longer.

"You know Kartik, I don't remember when I was so happy the last time. I used to have so many friends with whom I would have had night outs, parties and above all a lot more comfort," she said, perhaps a couple of pegs down. "Happy or drunk?" joked Kartik who was still much more sober than her. "Nai yaar, seriously. I have always hated the travelling part of the job but now, travelling with you is so much fun. In fact, I tend to wait for Saturdays now," said Sneha while sipping another 40 percent alcohol.

"The pleasure is all mine. But I must admit, it was you who helped me break the ice. But I just want to take the liberty and tell you that you have been the best human being I have ever met. Your talks, your sensibilities, your understanding of things and ...well you as a whole package are awesome," said Kartik, looking straight into Sneha's eyes who was now blushing and well almost not in her senses.

Another hour passed by and it was time to hit the bed. Both were heavily drunk and after a hug, they retired to their respective rooms. Sneha had just somehow managed to freshen up and was about to hit the bed when she heard a knock on the door."Hey, I am not feeling sleepy, can we chat for some time in your room?" It was Kartik on the other side. Sneha wanted to let him in, but she also knew where this would end. She decided not to answer and slept.

Things went normal the next day and for a few of the next Saturdays. Sneha was not exactly in a happy relationship with her husband, but she was a devoted mother. She knew somewhere deep down that she had started liking Kartik and it was becoming difficult for her to keep her eyes off him. She had started sharing everything that she should perhaps not, but Kartik had always reacted in a very caring and positive manner. She had fallen in love with him, but she did not want to acknowledge it.

"Hey, will be there in 2 mins, 2 mins pakka," said Sneha, adding the final touches of her eyeliner before heading downstairs to meet Kartik. It was an annual office picnic at Alibag over the weekend and Sneha, again got an unwilling ok from her husband to go ahead. Sneha was looking beautiful today and Kartik was as always, perfectly dressed. The 4-hour drive was filled with cute flirting and occasional glances at each other.

They reached the hotel and had a blast at the office party. It was 2 am and most of the staff had already gone off to their respective rooms. Sneha and Kartik were still drinking at the poolside. "Kartik, do you notice any stars in the sky?" asked a drunk Sneha. After a pause, "Yes I do but not in the front of me, and I want to keep her with me always," he said, sliding his hand across the table towards her. "Then what's stopping you dude?" came a reply from her after a smiling stare.

Kartik couldn't believe his ears, " I mean..", "Yes you heard it right Kartik. I think I have fallen for you. You make me smile, be confident, have fun and above all, I feel me when I am with you," said Sneha with a teary eye but a confident look. Kartik, who was holding her hand till now pulled her suddenly towards him and kissed her. They went back to his room and did what was supposed to be done!!!

"Sneha, wake up yaar, it is check out time!!!" came a knock on the door which made her wake up in a jiffy. It was 12 and they had to leave. She somehow managed to get ready in time to be able to leave with the office bus. Kartik had told her that he had some work and hence he would leave early the next day.

That entire journey and that day were spent thinking about the wonderful time she had with Kartik. The feelings, the words and the urge finally had converged into them being one. Sneha was smiling all throughout and for once she had left the thought of her son behind. She was finally feeling loved!!!

It was Monday morning and Sneha wanted to reach office and meet Kartik. She wanted to tell her how she felt afterwards and how awesome he is. "Hey, has Kartik come?" she asked the receptionist." I guess not, haven't seen him," she said. It was 11 am and she couldn't find him anywhere. She tried to call him but his phone was "either switched off or out of network area," that's what the Vodafone girl said. Sneha was upset. She had been waiting for the last 24 hours to meet him and ...well, just look at him in person.

It was lunchtime and Sneha, who generally had her lunch with Kartik had to sit with the other colleagues. She was still trying his phone and " Yaar, sahi hai na Kartik ka, we have been slogging for ages here and he must have already reached California. I hope even I get a job there soon," said one of her colleagues. "What!!! What do you mean? Kartik? California ?" shouted a stunned Sneha.

"What? You don't know? The lucky bastard has got a job in California. Friday was his last working day here. 3 year bond with a massive salary!! Aish hai yaar uski," came the reply.

The sky tore apart on Sneha and tears rolled down. She did not know what to do or what not to. To be angry or be sad, to cry or shout, to run away or face it!! Well, the fact was she could do nothing but travel alone on Saturdays again.

Well for now ... there was food on her platter...but nothing in her mind!!

For Kartik, Lucky Bastard Indeed!!!

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