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My Steps Towards A New Me

My Steps Towards A New Me

2 mins

Dear nostalgia

I am someone with Torn heart, Restless mind, a Broken past,

Indefinite present, And an inevitable future.

And you kept whacking me up,

But why I haven't took a step back?

Maybe they are the only one I hold onto.

There has been a long longing for new people.

But you kept me handcuffed with the memories of people who left.

Left when my heart was on the urge to fall out of my chest.

Left when my hands kept trembling and pleading.

Left when my soul was about to come out to slam me with truth...

Left when my soul aim was to gift my soul to the one I love.

Why you hit me different?

Why have you never given me a chance to replenish myself?

Just for once, I want you to vanish.

Vanish for the sake of the happiness within me.

Vanish for the times when I abruptly stopped going out.

Nostalgia, you grabbed and have kept me prisoned for years.

It's getting unbearable for my senses now. They have stopped acting now.

My life has been a friend of yours.

You two have always misled me.

Made me cry for them,

Prevented my eyes from blinking and everything inside me now is swollen.

Lastly, I hope you leave now, I hope you stop tearing my already torn pieces like I am an animal to be slaughtered.

I don't want you to make me remember how vulnerable I was.

I hopeless I got.

I hope our relationship Ends,

I wouldn't try to replenish what we had.

Now I want a happy me, a new me and entangled in happiness me.

- From somebody who is not yours now.

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