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Dharmesh Gandhi

Thriller Romance


Dharmesh Gandhi

Thriller Romance

My Die Hard Gf

My Die Hard Gf

3 mins 24.5K 3 mins 24.5K

 I was getting bored by roaming alone since a long period of time. I was also eagerly waiting for Meera’s message. Once again I looked at my cell phone, but there was not even a single notification. Got little upset.

I almost had accepted that Meera has become very much angry on me, and would not message me now. I remembered our last conversation, happened on couple of days back.

* * *

”Ok, bye… Meera.”

“Bye Malhar…”

“T.C. dear, Love you…”

“Love you..? I don't love you, excuse me…!”

“Ohh come on, Meera..”

“No… we are just friends.”

“Please, don't overreact Meera. I know you too love me..!”

“Ehh, never…”

“Ok, fine then… Now I am never messaging you anymore. And if you message me first and recall me, then I will definitely believe that you also love me… otherwise..”

* * *

I became sad by remembering this. Was feeling lonely as well guilty. So I decided to coax her. Hence, I made a call. She got ready to meet me.

She came, we met, I apologised. Things were going very smooth and easy.

Finally, at the time of leaving, she insisted, “Okay… one selfie must be taken…”

I was not in the favour of selfie as I don't like to be clicked. Alhough, I conformed her and she took one selfie in my mobile only. After that she left, by saying, “Alright Malhar, see you again… Send me too this pic..”

After couple of hours,

I had a glance at my mobile’s photo gallery, and suddenly… got shocked. I was not at all able to believe on my own eyes even. My heartbeat was also vibrating heavily.

“How is it possible..?” I was thinking deeply, “When was this happened..?”

I could not imagine  what I was murmuring. Some broken words, kind of an incomplete sentence came out of my widely opened mouth. “In our selfie…” I intermitted, and again gave tongue to.., “only my face…?”

Meera’s hazy and weeping face was rising in front of my sight. I was feeling myself broken. I was absolutely unaware with the reality. I was shivering. My blood was getting cold.

Next day…

I was in sorrow, and was confused too. I was totally unable to find the way of making Meera understand about the fact of our selfie. I did not speak, not explained anything… Just showed her our selfie.

By gazing it, Meera also started weeping, crying… I dropped the mobile from my hand.

Once again, might be last time… I looked down. The mobile screen was little cracked. And behind it, our horrible selfie was grinning at me.

Everything was there in that selfie… Top angle, nice background, clear resolution, Meera’s smiling face too… But… But in selfie, only my face was not there..! On that day, Meera took the selfie by holding me, then too there was a blank space appeared in the place of my own face.

Once again I recalled the whole incident, happened on just two days back, immediately after my conversation with Meera… I met with an fatal road accident. I had passed away on the spot..! I was no more…!


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