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Drama Crime


Lakshminarasimhan Subbarao

Drama Crime

Murder..Me And Building - Part 2

Murder..Me And Building - Part 2

7 mins

I woke up in the hospital with a severe pain in my head. As I tried to get up, I could feel a numbness in my back. I couldn’t open my eyes fully. Rubbing my eyes I tried to look at the time. It was 4 pm. This was the same time I went to that building.

I couldn’t see any one in my ward. Taking some strength I slowly stood up on my legs. My legs were completely fragile. I was about to fall down as I held onto the bed. 

I came out of my ward to see that the complete verandah was empty. I shouted to see if there was any one. I walked all through the verandah. It was completely empty. There were numerous rooms as I could see on either sides. But all of them were locked. 

There was a lift at the far end. I went inside the lift and pressed for the ground floor. As it started moving down, I was checking my body all through .. it had bruises all over. I should take a bath I realised.... as my thoughts were going across multiple things,  the lift stopped.  It became pitch dark.. power had gone I thought. As time piled up , I was getting a little scary and started to shout for help. None seem to respond. 

I started to become restless. Now the thoughts of that building flashed my mind all of a sudden. I recollected that black apron and I started to sweat. 

With no body coming to rescue and me gasping for breath partially due to the stuck lift and partially due to my fear, I started feeling chest pain.. I fainted down as I couldn’t stand

With minimal consciousness I could see that the lift started to work again and some people were seen outside the lift.. Some took me in a stretcher. I was drowsy as they asked me some questions. When they again took me inside a ward and they closed the door, my eyes saw the black apron again. 

My friend Ramesh was by my side when I woke up again. He started to smile at me as I slowly tried getting up.  With all strength I asked him “How long I am here?”. Ramesh responded “ it’s been three months you are like this. You went to a coma after your head got hit. “  “ three months?. Oh my god.. “ I couldn’t believe it. “ your parents are also here. They were taking care of you all along. Just now they left for getting fresh. They will be very happy to see you” he said. “Oh ! But how come you guys found me? “ I asked seemingly finding it difficult to talk in flow. 

“You were lying with blood all over your face on the road near a tea shop. Tea shop owner informed police. Police admitted you in hospital and informed me based on the recent call history. “ 

“Oh.. tea shop owner..?  “ I started to ask as the doctor came inside.. “ you woke up? Good. Don’t strain yourself. Your body is weak “ he stated and checked my blood pressure. Indicating that it was high he asked me to lie down. Ramesh signalling that he will come back in a while, I just lied down.

Three months in coma! Oh my god.. as questions puzzled my mind, the power went again. I started screaming as I felt some black apron was going on the outside..I screamed with fear.

Power came back and all I could see was the shade of a doctor on the wall. Apron looked similar to a doctor coat in shadow.

I drowsed off again.  With many people in the billing counter it was difficult for my father to pay the bill. I went ahead and gestured him that I will pay. Seeing me limping, the clerk there asked me to come other side.  I paid the bill and came home.

I went to my room. There were old newspapers on the table. I had cut some clippings and pasted it on a chart. They looked dusty. As I cleaned them and saw that again, I could see the photo of the building.. yes the same building where I go injured.

As I searched through the documents, I could see that I had ended them with Suresh's address. I went and asked my dad for my mobile. But he said that they didn’t get anything from the police.

When I rang up the police for the mobile, they said they didn’t get anything at the scene of my injury.

With recordings of Suresh in the mobile, I desperately wanted that. As there was no choice, I started to Suresh's house. When I reached there, there was no one at the house. 

With great difficulty, I found a neighbour. He was a man in his middle age of around 50. What he said was a great shock to me. Suresh had been killed three months back. When I enquired on the date, he wasn’t sure. After a while he said that Suresh died on a Wednesday. My fingers started to tremble when he said the date. It was the same date when I was injured.

My body started to shake and couldn’t control my fear.  I was driving the motorcycle. I was recollecting the scenes which happened that day. I didn’t see the vehicle coming in front and went and collided. With some bruises I fell unconscious again as my body had been weak.

When I opened my eyes, I could feel the place was familiar to me. As I woke up and walked out of the room, the verandah was similar to the one which I had seen earlier. But when did that happen and how come I am seeing it again? I walked as though I knew the place before.

Exactly at the corner there was the lift. No people were visible when I walked through the verandah. I did not enter the lift. I took the stairs slowly. I walked down. No noise was heard. With fear engulfing the mind and black apron waving at me virtually every now and then, I couldn’t walk fast. It took very long time to get down. When I got down I saw that they were doing a mock drill.

That’s the reason why people weren’t to be seen any where. They might have forgotten to take me I felt. 

With some strength coming from this, I started to my home.

Should I go to the building again? Should I check who hit me on the head? Should I find out the murderer of Suresh? How could I get to the same hospital which I had either envisioned or dreamt? Or did I really went to that hospital earlier? If so how did I escape from that black apron

Questions flashed my mind, as I stayed awake all through the night. Next day, I went to meet my friend Kathir. He is a well known writer and a psychologist. I narrated the whole story in single breath. 

We both took a break of silence. After a while he opened his journal and started to write. He asked me whether can we go to the building again. I replied in affirmative.

It was around 2 pm when we reached the building. It was dusted an inch high compared to my last visit. 

I was scared to go inside the building. Kathir pulled me along and we opened the gate to enter. Rugged leaves all the way and dust welcomed us all along. We went inside and came out without any fuzz.

Kathir asked me to stay away from these paranormal studies for a while and suggested me to go for a trip to a hill station or so for the mood change. 

I also felt that may be I had some disorder due to too much studies and just left his house.

My ring tone was ringing. Some where some one is ringing the bell in the form of my ring tone I thought. It was continuous. Suddenly I woke up. My mobile was ringing. It was Kathir.. 

“Ram.. I am bleeding .. please come to the building immediately...”  Kathir sounded with a trembling voice. “ building?? Your house ?? “I questioned.. 

“No the building which we went today afternoon” he shouted and the call got cut.

I saw the time. It was 2 am. 

When I freshened you and was searching for the keys, I saw the black apron on my wall.. I froze..

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