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My Love With Positivity

My Love With Positivity

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Why can’t we speak only of positive things? I stated in the team meeting. Always we tend to point out the negative things of the people. Let’s try to change our mindset. I continued. Team members understood the context and continued. Once the meeting was over, I came to my desk and started to sip a cup of coffee. “Positivity - the power it has !!! How we psychologically get attracted towards another side of positivity and how we feel happy about doing that. My thoughts wandered here and there, as my mind went back through the time. 

College days by far one of the happiest moments of my life. With the usual traits of student life, my college was no different from the journey everyone would have traversed.


Coming from a lower-middle-class background, I did not have much money to spend with nor to show off with a trendy dress. With most of the college friends from diverse backgrounds it never mattered what was I wearing. The economic situation of my family would hardly matter once I stepped onto my college. All the worries I had would vanish once I was with my friends. 


The journey to college every day was great enjoyment in itself. Crowded compartments, selling vendors, footboard travel, the excitement as the train enters the station, everything about the travel to college was enjoyable. Travel by suburban trains is a feeling, which cannot be explained in words. It is like love or god, we have to feel the experience to realize it. With a humid climate and sweat decorating the entire body, catching the peak hour train was always a challenge. 


After reaching college with many challenges and see that first-period professor had not come, our days used to begin at the canteen. Munching on the Dosa or Pongal in addition to the breakfast at home, I ate without having a guilt feeling of my weight increase.


One such day, I saw her in the canteen sitting alone at the table. As she was dwelling into the book, I liked her smile. She was smiling intermittently with breaks of having food and glancing the book. 


I knew I was getting attracted to her. Beauty in simplicity I thought. From that day, every day somehow or the other I tried to find time to just see her.


Missing a day was never in my books. Every day I tried to go to college with a thought that today at least once I should see her. Excitement of seeing her once made me visit my college canteen most of the time. To while away the time and to get her attention, I had discovered an idea. To read books just as she reads.

It might sound ridiculous. However, reading books changes the perception of what others have on you. Most people feel guilty of not able to read books and because of that person who read or as in my case pretend to read are always considered in high regard.


After many exciting attempts, I succeeded in getting in touch with her. Slowly our friendship blossomed as shown in the 90’s movies. Every love story will be the same, but for the changes in the way, it is conveyed. What could be the topic of discussion between a boy and a girl? I always felt how they could talk so much. Later when I was with Keerthi time flew away like the time between the alarm and the time we get up from the bed.


As days went on this way, one day I was boarding the train. With a drafter at one hand and a chart box at the other, I somehow managed to stand at the footboard leaning on someone. Managing to travel all the way, I got down seeing my purse was not there. Somebody had stolen it in the melee. I had a hundred rupees, a train season ticket, and a bus pass.


With my friend’s help, I returned home. While walking towards home I was feeling dejected. My father had given the money to buy a bus pass and train season ticket with lots of struggle. That month was very difficult economically at our home, as my father did not receive a salary for the past two months. 


Knowing all these and getting into fear and sad mode, I entered the house. My father asked me to freshen up and come for eating food. 

As I was having food, I broke up the news of the robbery I had faced today. I described the entire situation as it is. I completed saying that I do not know how to travel from tomorrow to college. 


My father just said purse only had gone right. Leave it. It is ok. I can give you money for your travel from tomorrow. Money gone is ok. We can earn. Good that you came safely. While stealing, some thieves tear the dress and in that, they might injure you. So think it is good that you are safe. Tomorrow onwards starts a little early. Do not go in a crowded train. Stay inside and do not travel footboard.


I could not come out of the fact that I lost the student concession pass. However, what my father said that money would come when we require. Do not think of money lost. Think that you are safe.


The way he handled the situation, bringing me out of that problem, providing a comfort zone and telling me what life is.


This is what I call positivity. I know the situation of my house at that time. Every money used to be precious. But look at the man, how he embraced a not so good situation and turned it into a positive thing. 


Throughout my life, I still follow the same words he uttered. I also try to be most positive in most situations. That is what I am and that is why I talk about positivity today to the team.


As I finished writing the story as mentioned above, I gave it to Keerthi for her feedback. “You have started well with the team, positivity and your past life. However, there is connectivity missing in the story. You were sitting and sipping a coffee and you started going into a flashback. This is ok. However, how do you narrate your past is not in sequence. It might confuse readers. Secondly, my part does not seem to connect well. You can remove that “Keerthi mentioned her comments.


“oh yes. I will change the scenario like positivity.. How did I learn? Then you have to come with me to meet my father and experience my college days. Is this fine?? “I asked. She nodded saying that, “what about my part?” 


“I will not remove that. You will always be part of my writings dear wife. Also, it adds romantic quotient to my writing.. “ I smiled.. “Just to get audience attracted you are writing romance and don’t say because of me” Keerthi patted on my back and said “you have written as a purse in the place of wallet and you have captured the simple things which made your life happy. Why can’t you highlight that also? That happiness exists in simple things.”


“In those days, I used to call it as purse only as I didn’t have a vocabulary to think that as a wallet. Coming to the point on simple things for happiness. I want my readers to get their past reflected while they read it and when they recollect those, they will indirectly understand I meant to say that happiness lies in simple things. “I said closing my pen. “by the way did you love me so much in college days,” Keerthi asked with love visible in her eyes.

 “Don’t you feel so? I have not written much about our romance. Will write that in separate book with a different theme” I said and walked to the windows. Sun was coming down and a beautiful sight it was. Moon is coming up, I thought.... 


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