Mother's Love Knows No Bounds

Mother's Love Knows No Bounds

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He had a very protective and loving childhood. Varun was the only son of his loving parents. His father was a government official in the education department. His mother, Vimala used to do a job in a private company before Varun was born. But as her company did not have maternity leave benefits, she resigned to take care of Varun when he was born. Varun was indulged upon by his parents. He never knew what hardship was. Whatever he demanded was fulfilled. This too much pampering had somewhat spoilt Varun. He never did understand the worth of the efforts made to fulfill the demands he made. All the fault for this undoubtedly went to his parents. Arrogance became a characteristic trend in his behavior. But he was the least bothered. Good things never last too long. Ups and downs are there always in life.

The family was besieged by a huge tragedy. Varun's father suddenly took ill and within a few days breathed his last. None of the medical help could bring him back to life. Varun's mother Vimala was absolutely shaken with deep shock. She was without a job and she had to take care of the family expenses besides the cost of education of Varun. But fate was a little kind towards her. On compassionate grounds, Vimala got a job in her husband's department. So now she did not have to worry about the basic family expenditure. But she promised within herself that she will not make Varun feel the absence of his father's love. She herself would supplement both as a mother and father for Varun. Slowly their lives got back on track and everything looked fine as before. But to make life look like as before the amount of effort and hard work Vimala had to put in was humongous. Only Vimala knew what Herculean efforts she was putting on but her hard work paid off when she found Varun happy. But she never let Varun know the compromises she had to make day today. After all, she was a mother and a mother's love knows no bounds. Vimala celebrated Varun's birthday every year with aplomb. Varun used to make it grand with his friends and with a lot of fun and gaiety. But he never did feel the amount of labor that his mother used to put in. During examinations, Vimala used to sit up late with Varun at his studies despite her full day of work at the office. She never did show her lethargy and Varun never expressed his concern for her. It was normal for his mother was what Varun thought and never indulged in any sympathy.

Varun completed his school and went for higher education. A lot of money was required. Vimala arranged the money by taking a loan from her superannuation benefits. But she never let Varun feel the pain of scarcity. For Varun, it was normal and like before he would get what he demanded.

On completing his education Varun got a good-paying job. He did not care much about giving an expensive gift for his mother as a token of gratitude. Because he knew that it was not needed. As his mother would never demand to leave alone ask.

His mother had recently retired and got her retirement benefits. Varun demanded money from her to buy a new car. Immediately his desire was met as if it was just there for the asking.

Then, Varun got engaged and was married. Varun's wife Preeti was a working woman.

Every morning Vimala used to make food for both son and daughter in law and got ready their tiffin. Age was telling on Vimala's health. Years of selfless hard work had taken it a toll on her body. Varun was ignorant of this fact as he never acted upon until he was told. And Vimala was not in the habit of nagging about herself in front of her son.

This strange appearance of complacency and negligence as a trait of character in her husband did get noticed by Preeti, Varun's wife. Initially, she overlooked it. She thought that if she took any step would be interfering with the mother-son relationship.

But the simplicity and selfless nature of her mother in law did arouse her which failed to impress her husband Varun. Preeti also came from a caring and loving family but the love and care which she got here at the hands of her mother in law were of a special kind. Preeti could not help but admire. In fact, sometimes she had tried Varun to empathize with his mother but failed to bring any change in his attitude. Because he used to say that mothers are like this and are made only to shower their unconditional love. On many occasions, Preeti noticed that she and Varun came late home after watching a movie. Her mother in law had waited for them to have dinner and then she ate herself. Sometimes they dined outside but Vimala never took her meal till their return. Preeti realized that Vimala was the ultimate epitome of love and everything she did was without any grudge or complain. She seemed always to be happy in her simplicity and sacrifice.

Then Preeti got to know another caring part in her mother in law when she was expecting her first baby.

Soon Preeti became a mother herself all due to the good care and watchful eye of her mother in law Vimala. Varun was his usual self complacent and callous nature. But Vimala was very alert and sensitive.

Then, Preeti noticed one day that her mother in law was sick. She looked frail and weak. Preeti tried to draw Varun's attention regarding this. But he brushed it aside casually saying that her mother had suffered all throughout her life this way and in a few days would recover even without medication.

Even in her sickness, Vimala did not fail to take care of her grandson. All-day her grandson was under her care while both her son and daughter in law were in their jobs.

Then one day Vimala breathed her last while playing with her grandson. Excessive crying by their son alerted Preeti and Varun. He now realised what a gem of a person his mother had been and now what Varun would miss. But it was already too late. Nothing would bring his mother back now. Varun could never forgive himself. For the first time he felt what he really missed. Mother's unbounded love.

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