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Drama Fantasy Inspirational

Money and Family

Money and Family

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We are chasing money and forgetting family. I am going to write a story like this, please read it and commentMoney cannot buy everything. Therefore, do not underestimate the importance of your family for money. After losing money can be earned again. But after losing their loved ones cannot be regained

Anupam had a small family, with a beautiful wife and two lovely children. His wife and children were happy in every situation. But Anupam wanted to give him all the comforts of life and for this he used to work more than 14 hours daily. Apart from working in the office all day, he also taught tuition in the morning and evening tuition center.

 He would leave the house early in the morning and return home after midnight. It was difficult for the children to see his face, because in the morning, the children would go to sleep while leaving his house and would have slept before even stepping into the house late at night. Yes, he would definitely be at home on Sunday. But even that day he would be busy with some work and his time would not have been spent working with family. The family would just wait to spend quality time with him.

 The wife often told him that he should spend time at home. Children miss her a lot. At that time, he would answer that I am doing all this for him only. Increasing household expenses and school expenses require more work for me. I want to give them a good life.

 This routine of Anupam continued for years. He continued to work hard ignoring the family. He also got his reward. He got promotion, got attractive salary. The family now lived in a big house. There was no lack of food and other facilities. But Anupam continued to work like this.

 He wanted to earn as much money as possible. The wife asks why are you running after money? We can be happy in what we have. So his answer would be that I want to give happiness to you and the children in the world. Just a few years and let me work hard. The wife would shut up.

 Two more years passed. In these two years, Anupam was barely able to spend time with his family. The children yearned to see their father and talk to him. Meanwhile, one day Anupam's luck opened up. His friend offered him a stake in his business and thus Anupam became a businessman.

 Business turned out well and Anupam was left out of money. His family was now one of the richest families in the city. He had all the comforts and luxuries. But he still did not have time to meet his children. Now he could barely stay at home. Most of his time was spent on business tours away from the city.

 His children grew up as the years passed. Now he reached adolescence. Anupam too had earned so much money in these years that his next five generations could live a fabulous life.

 One day Anupam's family planned to go to his beach house to spend the holiday. The daughter asked him, "Papa! Will you spend a day with us? "

 Anupam replied, "Yes sure." Tomorrow you guys go. I finish some work and reach there in two days. All my time after that belongs to you. "

 The whole family became very happy. They went to their home on the beach. Anupam reached there after two days. But there was no one to spend time with him that day. Unfortunately, all of them were swept away in the morning tsunami.

 Anupam could never see his wife and children. Even after having assets of crores, he cannot buy a single moment with them. He started regretting it. He remembered the wife's words: "Why are you running after money?" We can be happy in what we have. "

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