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Adhithya Sakthivel

Others Action Thriller


Adhithya Sakthivel

Others Action Thriller

Mission Green: The Beginning

Mission Green: The Beginning

17 mins 303 17 mins 303

Rathnaswamy and Co. is one of the leading companies in Coimbatore. They are leading the successful business empire for thirty years.

They leads a successful joint family in Ukkadam. The family consists of five brothers. Among them, the elder is Rathnaswamy and the younger ones are: Ramaswamy, Arangaswamy Kumarasamy, Rangaswamy and Krishnaswamy.

All lead a happy life. One day, Krishnaswamy goes to the office and tells to Rathnaswamy, "Hey. Someone have investigated about our car da. I will send you in mail."

He agrees and while sending the mail, two mysterious man enters into the company and kills the securities after breaking the fencing wire. Krishnaswamy is burnt alive to death.

Initially, Rathnaswamy suspects his arch rivalry Bhadra to be involved in the attacks. However, he denied his involvement telling him that, "He doesn't even send his henchman to the place, at that time."

Rathnaswamy is met by Commissioner Gokulnath. He is asked by him to investigate the case of his brother's death.

Ram, an environmentalist from Meenakshipuram arrives to Coimbatore with his love interest Anjali. There he sees Rathnaswamy's family and gets touched with their hospitality.

One day, when Bhadra sent his men to kill Kumaraswamy, Ram intervenes and saves him by overpowering the henchman. Kumaraswamy is touched by this and his family invites the duo into the house.

Ram is touched with the greenery, fresh air and clean river waters in the village. He further sees, the respect and faith, the people have among themselves.

He slowly adapts to the village life style with Anjali. Since, his attempts failed again, Bhadra plans to held a festival and it occurs as process. In this festival, he plans to kill Rathnaswamy's entire family.

At the same time, the two mysterious men decides to assassinate Rathnaswamy's son Mahendraswamy. However, while they tried to shoot him, they misses out the chance and as a result, he luckily escapes from the place. Because, Bhadra's men intervened in between.

"Due to those jokers we have missed our target" said the mysterious man.

"Don't worry. Let's send them to the heaven when next time comes" said the other guy.

Rathnaswamy arranges tight security in his house feeling threatened. In addition, he suspects that, "Another rival is there to target them."

Meanwhile, the Commissioner comes to Rathnaswamy's house and tells him, "Sir. This bullet is shot by a professional assassin."

"How is it possible? In that much crowd, is it possible to kill the correct person? If they didn't intervened, my son could have died you know?" asked a tensed Rathnaswamy.

"That murderer have targetted the head and let his bullet down sir. Even we won't focus like such sir. As per my guess, he is well trained and even when if it's dark theater, crowded mall, etc. They are capable to do the assassination. Be careful sir" said the Commissioner and he leaves leaves place.

Rathnaswamy orders his family to be safer inside the house itself. Even he asks Ram and Anjali to be safer in the house. Because, they have come for a research and it's their responsibility to send them safer.

Meanwhile, Rathnaswamy's family is invited for the festival. After attending, they were coming towards Noyyal River Bridge. There, Bhadra's men intervene and tries

to attack them.

However, Ram attacks them using his martial arts skills of Adimurai. Anjali too attacks the henchman using her Kalaripayattu techniques and chases them out.

Ram asks for Bhadra's phone number and he asks to Rathnaswamy(thinking that he is), "What Rathnaswamy? Is your family dead, including those two guests?"

"Now, his guest is only speaking Bhadra. Kindly stop all these nonsense and be careful. Orelse you would get killed" said Ram.

"Hey Meenakshipuram. You drunk Azhiyar river and grew up. If you are itself arrogant means, drinking Noyyal water, how much arrogant will I be?" asked Bhadra.

"You have drunk only Noyyal river water. While I have drunk Cauvery, Bhavani, Krishna, Azhiyar, Chalakkudypuzha, Periyar, Bharathapuzha, Indus, Ganges and Yamuna waters. If those waters came and pass means, think what would happen to you!" said Ram.

Bhadra tries to break his phone. Later, Ram and Anjali takes them all safer to the house. Meanwhile, Anjali expresses her wish to talk with Ram personally and with the permissions from Rathnaswamy's family, they goes to a secluded Agricultural land and have a discussion. While, Mahendraswamy, Kumarasamy, Ramasamy and Rangaswamy accompanies them for safe.

When they are speaking, Mahendraswamy sees the two strangers coming to attack them all.

"Ram. Take this sword" said Mahendraswamy.

Ram takes the sword and goes forward to slit them. However, he instead beheads Mahendraswamy brutally.

"Mahendra. Hey!" said Kumarasamy and Ramasamy. They runs towards him.

However, the other two strangers joins hand with Anjali. They kills Ramasamy, Kumaraswamy and Rangaswamy brutally to death by shooting them with the gun.

Rathnaswamy learns about the death. Angered to the core, he meets Bhadra. Confronting him, he asks about his involvement.

However, Bhadra denies telling, "Doesn't know who is that guy. But, he is killing everyone without sparing them. I think he might have got ready to finish off the next target."

Rathnaswamy angrily leaves from the place. Bhadra meanwhile, decides to help the killer thinking that, "he have some motivation behind killing them all."

He asks his men to take the car and meet them. As one of his men have investigated about the guys who killed them and learned it's Ram and Anjali.

He goes and meets them in a secluded house near to Avinashi.

"Hey. Who are you guys? Why did you come to Coimbatore as Enviroenmentalist? Without leaving anyone, you all killed the family of Rathnaswamy. May I know why?" asked Bhadra.

"May I know why did are you seeking revenge against Rathnaswamy's family?" asked Ram.

"Because, he killed my entire family by causing a disaster in my factory. That's why!" said Bhadra.

"We are killing them for spoiling our country's economic welfare sir" said Anjali.

"What do you mean?" asked Bhadra.

"To understand about this, first you have to hear about my past sir" said Ram.

(Narration mode)

I was working as the Major General in Indian Army sir. After the Pulvama Attack 2019, I indulged in Surgical Strike mission. Not only Surgical Strike sir. But, I have been taken to several missions like Counter Terrorism squal operation and rescual mission.

My life was dedicated to my nation. I had been took for RAW and became a RAW agent. As a RAW agent, I have brought the notice of Wahhabiat Terrorism issues to Indian RAW agent. These two guys are my teammates Captain Rajiv Singh and Major Sathyadev Krishnamoorthy. They helped me a lot.

My family is smaller sir. It consists of my mother Sathyabama and father Harihara Lingam. He was the ex-Brigadier in Indian Army sir. Fought Kargil War 1999 and 2008 Bomb blasts Mumbai. He lost his legs when rescuing people from Mumbai.

We were sent by RAW agent with one month leaves. At the same time, I fell in love with Anjali and we were about to get engaged.

I took care of my family. My brother Arjun was everything to me sir. He was a good student in IIT university of Chennai. Topper scoring 95% of marks. He took A.PJ.Abdul Kalam as his inspiration and studied harder in his life.

However, his cigarette smoking habits have left his dreams shattered. I have told him to stop smoking cigarettes. But, he told it as youth thrill and continued to smoke Cigarettes.

One day, after getting bike with my help for scoring good marks, he vomitted blood and we took him to the hospitals.

Upon examining the body of Arjun, doctors told me, "I am Sorry Ram. Your brother got advanced Lung Cancer stage-IV. It's difficult to save him."

Arjun is heartbroken upon hearing this and committs suicide. I too was heartbroken for losing my brother. As we have very few days to join back RAW, I expressed my wish to start an undercover parallel investigation regarding Cigarette smoking and expressed the same wish to my head.

He asked me to proceed as he was touched with my words, "We are all responsible to save inside problems also sir besides the border problems and terrorisms. I am planning to continue this mission."

When being asked for the mission name, I told it as "Operation Green." I teamed up with a few Army men and with their help and support, we collected the informations about Cigarette production.

Besides these things, I saw a few cancer patients in a few hospitals and got touched emotionally.

Meanwhile, I found a few Cigarette packets in my brother's room and upon seeing them, I took them and sent to Anjali, as she is a microbiologist.

Upon examining the Cigarette, she discovers nicotine. This makes the people addicted to Cigarette smoking and henceforth, they are continuing to do chain smoking.

This report is submitted to the government. However, I was intervened by a businessman of Rathnaswamy company, which produced these cigarettes.

According to him, even if they are sent to prison, they will come out and continue to do the business. As people are nowadays mad about cigarettes.

However I denied his words and killed him, after he told me that, "Prison is like a villa." Later, when I was planning to return for RAW, my family was killed by Rathnaswamy and his men.

(Narration ends)

Anjali and Ram escaped and sought to take preventive measures against cigarette as well as to avenge their family's death respectively. Captain Rajiv Singh and Captain Sathyadev accompanied us in the mission of our revenge. The trio trained Anjali in Kalaripayattu for a few weeks, besides mission green.

"Ok. Now, what should I do?" asked Bhadra.

"Brother-in-law! Why should we help them?" asked his relative.

Upon hearing that, he slaps him and tells, "Bloody. We have done several sins before few days. Atleast, let's wash them by helping these good people for their mission."

Now Anjali asks Bhadra, "Sir. You was working with Rathnaswamy's family as their business partner. You know about their secret places?"

"I very well knew those places. I myself will take you there" said Bhadra.

With his help, Anjali, Ram, Captain Sathya and Captain Rajiv Singh reaches the warehouse, where they comes across a secret room.

Rajiv Singh tries to open the room. However, Sathya stops him and says, "Hello boss. Use your mind."

"They have been using the digital code for opening this room" said Ram.

"It will not open until Krishnaswamy's finger prints matches" said Bhadra.

"It's not necessary sir" said Ram and he manages to open the room without any errors.

They goes inside the room and finds a big door, protected with password. Rajiv tells, "Ram. I think the formula for producing the cigarettes(which we are searching) is in this one."

"To override the password, it would take three to four hours Ram" said Sathya.

"We don't have that much time. Let's do it quicker" said Ram and he tries to type a password, as he wished.

"No Ram. Don't be in a hurry. If we type the password for three times wrong, this door would get locked automatically. Then, we would be caught inside itself" said Sathya.

Bhadra tells them that, "Rathnaswamy have a beautiful Agricultural land, named Thulasi."

Ram types that as a password. But, it goes wrong and the message goes to Arangaswamy. He realizes that, the guys whom they were searching searching Ram and Anjali.

"Hey. These two have came in the name of Environmentalists and have fooled us. Come da. Let's go to the factory and kill them" said Arangaswamy.

However, Ram learns from Bhadra that, the family has a common luck name Cancer and types it. The door opens with full of cash pack 5000 crores.

Ram steals the cash, hoping that formula would come automatically. The money gets transferred to poor and middle class people. It gets widespread public appreciation. However, to investigate about the money, CBI Officer Shinde gets appointed by the government.

He learns that, money got transferred in the accounts of dead people, who died due to cancer. They traces the caller's number near to R.S.Puram mall and they go with full team.

Meanwhile, Bhadra's one of the relatives (as ordered by him) Aravinth goes to the Factory, where cigarettes are produced. He tells that, all the process are automatic and computerised(from production to packaging). He tells that, overriding is difficult.

At the same same, police team comes to R.S.Puram. Seeing them, Ram deactivates his Indian Army satelite phone.

"Sir. Satelite phone signal got cut" said Shinde's associate.

"Oh! He is smart. Surround all the places. No one should go outside" said Shinde.

"What? In mall also, police have came itseems Ram" said Anjali, after speaking in a call with Bhadra.

"Now, what should we do Ram?" asked Rajiv.

Ram calls CBI officer Shinde and he attends the call after being reminded by his associate.

"Hello" said Shinde.

"I know you will come here sir" said Ram.

"Who are you?" asked Shinde.

"You're not a comman man da. I very well knew that, you are an army man. You have collaborated with foreign companies to destroy our Indian Economic sector. How much crores of commission did you get? Tell....tell" said Shinde.

"43,500 sir. Given by Indian Government. Not to destroy our country. But to save" said Ram.

"If that's a good mission means, you could have informed us right" said Shinde.

"Sorry sir. You very well know that military secrets shouldn't be revealed to anyone, right?" asked Ram.

"Anyway. I would not go away from this place, without arresting you" said Shinde.

"Whom are you going to catch sir? A guy, wearing red shirt?" asked Ram.

Shinde asks to catch that guy. Then, Ram asks him, "Are you going to catch the Sales Executive? You are trained for 6 months only sir. But, we are frequently trained physically as well as mentally. So, you can't balance our training speed sir" said Ram.

"If you don't surrender to us, then we have to take weapons only" said Shinde.

"What sir? Are you going to kill us with the weapons, which we frequently in Army? You have to get permission for shooting. While, we don't have to get permission" said Ram.

"Hey. If you can, take two steps away from this mall da. Let me see" said Shinde.

"Sorry sir. I have came away from that place already, before few hours. See you soon" said Ram and he hangs the call.

"Is he playing with us?" asked an angry Shinde.

Ram, his friends Rajiv and Sathyaveer and Anjali tactfully escapes from the place by fooling Shinde. They proceeds to the Industry, where cigarette is produced.

Aravinth shares the factory location to Ram. Upon seeing the location, he asks Rajiv to shift for Udhayampalayam-Ugayanur roads and he shifts the car to the place. They reaches the factory.

The video link which they titled as "Youths of India" have been activated by Anjali now. Indian Home Minister is asked by the CBI officer to watch the video, along with the public, as the link is activated.

Meanwhile, Bhadra have also accompanied with Ram to the factory.

"Uncle. Will you do me one help?" asked Ram.

"Tell me Ram. I will do what you say!" said Bhadra.

"I would transfer the link from inside through the live video, uncle. Whatever happens inside the factory, uploading should not get stopped. It should reach the public. Will you do it for me uncle? Promise!" asked Ram.

Bhadra promises to upload the video.

"Thank you uncle" said Ram and while going, he calls him and tells, "When you was along with me, I was bold da. But, when you leave me, I am afraid."

Ram remembers the same words told by his father when he goes back to the borders and tells to Bhadra, "Uncle. I have a lots of friends in Military like Rajiv and Sathya. Infront of our eyes, a few soldiers would die either in the hands of terrorists or war. Only at that time we are alive and would feel happier. But, not for permanent period uncle. I know that next bullet will hit me and I will die. But, we should die for a reason. That's important. Bye uncle."

He goes along with Anjali, Rajiv Singh and Sathya into the factory by climbing the wall. Bhadra activates the video link.

Meanwhile, Aravinth turns off the fencing power through computer after learning that, Ram have been residing in the north face compound.

They implants the C4 bomb all around the factory and makes the production machines destroyed. At that time, Aravinth falls down dead. Rajiv Singh and Sathyadev takes the bullet which was about to hit Anjali and Ram.

Rajiv Singh tells his last words, "Jai Hind" and dies after making the other side of production house blasted, by clicking the remote button.

Ram fights with Arangaswamy and his henchman. Arangaswamy kills Sathyadev and ties up Anjali. However, she manages to escape and fights Arangaswamy's henchman.

Aragnaswamy is killed by Ram, when he refuses to tell about the cigarette formula. At the same same, CBI officer Shinde and his group gets ready to reach the place.

Meanwhile, Rathnaswamy comes with his rod. He hits Ram and tells that, he uses his intelligence as a formula to produce cigarettes and even if they destroys this company, he would go to another place and start the business fresh.

Further, Rathnaswamy mocks the society, "which wanted to enjoy the life, rather than to lead a peaceful life and tells the people, who smokes cigarettes as a fool."

In addition he depicts, "How medical hospitals earn profits by advertising their hospitals and cheat people. He too uses the business strategy to earn profits. Is it wrong to catch their weakness?"

"It's not wrong to do business. But for earning profits, you are making the people to smoke the same adulterated cigarette again and again. That's only wrong. That turned to cancer and made several innocent people, including Ram's brother to die" said Anjali.

"Oh! Is it a personal revenge ah? I thought you are doing this for the welfare of public economy. As told already, the formula is inside my mind. It can't can't erased by any means. When I start a cigarette production company, people would come madly for buying it da" said Rathnaswamy.

"If I kill you, many will come like you to sell the cigarette pockets. People should realize their faults. That's why all these things have been done. Have you heard his words? Atleast try to reform now. We are dying in the borders for the sake of your's goodness. Atleast our sacrifice have a reason. But, for people like you, there is no reason for dying. So many of you would be there for the country's use. But, you get addicted for these kinds of bad habits and lose your life for the sake of one minute kick. These people are earning profits through cigarettes. Atleast now, try to reform. If not, come along with us to the borders. We will die together for the nation. Then, you would have a meaningful death" said Ram.

"To whom are you speaking da?" asked Rathnaswamy.

"You revealed everything to the public so far da. You have been exposed" said Anjali and Ram.

The duo sacrifices themselves with Rathnaswamy, being pulled by them outside. Home Minister and people are shattered with the deaths of Anjali and Ram.

People burns the cigarette pockets and eventually decides to give up smoking. Home Minister decides to pass an act of ban for cigarette production, after feeling emotional.

After a few days, Shinde's associate comes and tells him, "Sir. In the spot, we Ram and Anjali's body are missing. Search team assured us that, they would find the body within 24 hours."

"Not for 24 hours. Even after 24 years, we cannot find out their body. Since, he is working for the nation. While, we are working for our salary. So, disconnect the forey and go for some other cases" said CBI Shinde.

"Okay sir" said his associate.

Then, Shinde gets a call. He says, "Ha! I didn't expect a call from a dead man. Where are you now?"

"I am near to your office only sir. Can you please come outside?" asked Ram.

Shinde goes to the place. There, he meets Ram and Anjali.

"How did you escape from that fire man?" asked Shinde.

I and Anjali have already wore safety dresses to escape from the attacks sir. Even Rajiv Singh and Sathyadev are indeed alive. They didn't die. Since, they have wore the bullet proofs to safeguard themselves.

"Why this drama?" asked Shinde.

"All for our people's welfare sir" said Ram.

"Okay. What next? Is this mission over or you have yet to start another mission?" asked Shinde.

"Yes sir. Mission India. I have a lots to do for the welfare of our nation, as ordered by RAW. I think Rajiv and Sathya will be waiting. So, let me go back with Anjali sir. Jai Hind" said Ram.

"Jai Hind" said CBI Officer Shinde.


This story is dedicated to all Indian Army officers, who work for the welfare of our nation.


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