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Helza Shine

Tragedy Crime Thriller


Helza Shine

Tragedy Crime Thriller



16 mins 292 16 mins 292

I and Don Baker were trapped in a flight filled with my dad's enemies. They killed my Dad around 20 years ago and wanted to kill me. They were sent by an evil corporation Ezimono. Long story short... we escaped and killed most of them in the flight and in the present are trapped on an island with the pilot, Noah who also happens to be the son of my dad's murderer.

Don Baker was not at all feeling well. She just killed for the first time and that too her sister. I understood it was hard but then we had more concerns to attend to.

Noah did seem harmless to us but one could never guarantee his intentions. Seeing Don in a condition where she cannot make a rational decision, I just locked feeble Noah in the pilot's cabin. He did have one days supplies there so he could survive till he don't open his vacuum door.

I could not risk another mental breakdown from Don. So I went to the nearest telephone booth and dialed the only number I have been trained to remember- an untraceable line of course.

An operator picked up. I said,

"I want a direct line to 2093A."

"Confirm Identity."

"This is 125HS...pass is 84530"

(Beep beep beep)

A male voice said, "Yes Helza Shine."

"I need back up, fast and urgent."

"May I ask the reason?"

"Code 4591..."

"Fine but I have only Harry Allen available."

"Anyone would do. Trace me on this fugitive nasty island."

"Okay done."

(Beep beep beep)

I and Don sat at a café. I could see the island to be really backward in technology- wooden houses and bamboo rafts. How can a evil corporation survive here."

After around 30 minutes, a kid (of 18 years) came to our table and placed a bag.

He said, "Harry Allen reporting, Ms. Shine."

I ignored him and grabbed the huge bag and unzipped it. Boom. I was so shocked.

Yeah, about Harry Allen; He was a kid of thirteen when his parents left him. Hazamania's team found him on the street in front of our headquarters. He was trained to be a professional in all aspects like business and the killing thing too. I personally supervised him for some years and later went on to get my own revenge. From then David Evans (my best friend) has supervised him till he died.

I unzipped the bag to find absolutely trash things. There were first aids and food and clothes and even my high heels! I shouted so hard at Harry that he was pretty scared.

"Where are my guns and ammo?"

"I didn't get them, ma'am."

"You didn't get what?"


"Harry what the heck are they teaching you? I clearly said code 4591. IT MEANS DEEP TROUBLE AND UNKNOWN RISK... ALL HIGH ALERT SERVICES NEEDED and you got my High Heels? "

Don stopped me right there and said to me, "He is still a kid Helza. We shall see what we can do. Please don't shout on him."

Then she consoled a very scared Harry. I took a deep breath and went to hug him and say sorry. I was sorry... because I was so frustrated at myself for not being able to get this situation in my mind beforehand.

We drank some coffee and gulped up the pressure of not being able to interpret our situation. When we were all calm and quiet I asked Harry, "Where is your receiver? I will have to order out my guns."

He said, "Ma'am..."

"Call me Miss Shine"

"Miss Shine we cannot do so. I don't have my receiver..."

"Don't joke Harry, quickly get the damn receiver out."

"I am not joking."

"See Don, this kid is going to have us killed and you say that don't shout on this dumb Kid."

Don Baker was quiet because this time I was very very very right. Harry was nothing but being dumb to even come like this here. But this time the kid, Harry lost his cool.

He said, "Whatever you say, don't call me dumb."

"You left your company Hazamania when it needed you the most. You left me when I needed you the most. You left us. David did what he could. First came our losses and we didn't even get paid. In our profits, you took your shares and we still celebrated. Now you called David and he is dead because of you. Helza Shine. You took him away. Hazamania, best to say, is in jeopardy and we don't get paid. It's not only you who has lost something. My parents left me a teen on streets...You know why? We were damn poor. The things you wear like that watch (pointing to my expensive watch) on your hand was our three months income. You have no right to call me or any other hardworking man behind your bright success, Dumb."

He was panting too much but it did ring a bell or two in my mind. I knew I had spent years searching for Raven and Ezimono and completely ignored Hazamania. I could not say a word but accept the tears in my eyes.

I was quiet in our lunch and after that we left to William Yates House. When we reached William Yates House and knocked on the door, a very old man came out. We asked him if he was William Yates and surprisingly asked us if anyone among us is called 'Something Shine'.

He took us in and his house was huge...almost like a mansion. There was noises of children and noises of laughs and all types of chaotic noises.

He explained, "I don't live alone. My house is shared with many families. Don't mind them. Something Shine you survived the jet, kudos."

Don asked, "What the hell, you know that? "

He smiled, "Ezimono isn't a company you thought it would be... Let's talk about that on our dinner. No one goes in or out of the main door till morning and no mingling with the others in the house. Your rooms are ready. I mean Room. It's there...Dinner at seven."

We quietly went to our "Room". In the way we got stared by many people. Men and women. I, Harry Allen and Don Baker discussed what we could do. We had in our best, Two of my guns and their refills and one amateur handgun of Harry and one refill. He couldn't aim better than that.

I asked Harry, "Why they sent you? Where are the others?"

"On a classified mission"

"What mission?"

"I don't know."

"Okay Fine."

We all discussed all types of scenarios we might face and our strategy for facing problems and awaited the clock to strike Seven. It did but instead of Ding Dong we heard, frightened cries from below. We ran through the stairs and on the dining table saw a body of a girl laid down. Blood and Blood and Blood...People were horrified to say the least. There was no sign of William Yates. I glanced on the unfamiliar faces scared and horrified. There were children. I could not help myself and spoke loud and clear.

"Take those kids to their rooms. Moms and Dads you might not wish to see your kid traumatized with this horrible scene."

They obeyed. Kids were taken back and now the dining area seemed a bit less crowded. One could pick out people now. A plump woman came towards me and said, 

"It was you wasn't it?"

"Excuse me Madame, What?"

"Yeah outsiders often contacted Mary and even threaten her. What did the innocent do to you?"

"I don't even know this girl. Firstly, Who are you?"

"I am called Tessa Brown and you miss?"

"Helza Shine."

A loud gasp came from the room and their horrified faces became astonished. They all gradually drifted away. Seeing me with pure horror and I wasn't able to comprehend a thing man.

Just then William Yates entered the door. William Yates walked in and gestured everyone to go. They all obeyed and then in a thunderous voice followed.

"You people weren't allowed to mingle with those people there...So how are you here?"

Harry replied innocently, "It has been past dinner sir."

To this William Yates asked, "Who the hell are you?"

"Excuse me..."

Don hushed him and said, "There were screams and these people even let their kids see the horrific scene. It was our friend who ordered them to lock the kids in a room."

"What authority does Something Shine has here? It's my house. Oh such a mess on my beautiful dining table..."

I was irritated, "It's a murder sir. Show some emotions sire. After all she lived in your house."

William Yates didn't seem to care and was just going to call his people to clean the room but we insisted to check the body and the clues. He allowed after much insistence.

I shall describe the most controversial murder scene ever written in the reports of Hazamania. I will try to tell you as truthfully as I can.

The reference drawing or map are on a quote so either you can see it or I shall also describe it. The Hall was quite big. It had a huge curved shape table right in the middle. There were quite less chairs compared to the people living in the house. Half of the chairs were shifted or were fallen. Just in front of the table was a window. It gave the view of a bush garden William Yates maintained. On the adjacent wall was another window, which gave the view of a tulip garden. On the other side adjacent wall, there was a wooden door leading to the kitchen. In the room, there were two cabinets also.

Something was off about the room itself. I felt it but just couldn't point it. Don and Harry were doing initial investigation and observation of the body.

According to them, the girl had multiple stabbings on her body as if someone did it to show anger and frustration. Interestingly this girl was killed by suffocation caused by strangling her neck. That's all we could get without proper equipment and stuff.

I glanced at the face of the girl for the one last time. She must have been beautiful when she was alive and looked queer and familiar at the same time.


We tried to talk to the residents of the house but William Yates stopped us from doing so. That was just IMPRACTICAL. How on earth were we going to get hands on the murderer?

Harry Allen told us, "I will take care of William Yates...he will allow us to talk. Just wait and watch."

Styling his hair towards one side and humming, he left us and the body and went to William Yates.

He came back in ten minutes to call us to talk to William.

William Yates clearly spoke, "I guess it's important to talk to these people but I shall only allow these two to do the talking. Something Shine can't talk to the folks."

"What? Why me?"

Those were the only questions in my mind. Why me? why?

What if I couldn't be part of the interrogation, I had to make myself useful. I went around the lawn to the tulip garden which was in front of the Hall's window. Nothing was unusual. It wasn't attended lately. There were no footprints. Then I saw the Bush garden. No one could get anything out of that wild garden. It was primitive.

Feeling helpless, I went to the café down the road. I was never really sidelined in Hazamania or anywhere so it hurt. I called Harry and asked him to send the photos of the crime scene on my tablet. (one of the few things Harry brought)

I sipped my espresso and wrote some questions which were main in the case. Some came from the photos and some came from my mind.

Like who was the girl? How did she was laid on a table? why was she murdered? but the most intriguing one was what was it with my name and the residents?

A guy came over and sat in front of me. It was Noah (the pilot from Origin). He had his dad's briefcase and of course a Gun. I wasn't alarmed. I just said,

"I hope you know what you're doing. I am highly trained in combat so better leave the gun out of the talk."

"Okay Let's leave it out of it." he replied

He opened the briefcase and took out some files and handed them to me. In there were some papers and photos.

He said, "My Dad's briefcase is no use to me. I don't want to have any ties with Ezimono. Here are all the papers. That's everything you need to know. Okay I'm done."

With this he went away. Strange. I saw the files and finally knew what the heck was Ezimono.

Most companies have a hierarchical structure. With everyone knowing who there boss is. In Hazamania, even the trainees know me as their boss. But Ezimono was different. They had a web structure. Only the people who were close to the center knew the Boss. The others just keep commission for what they do and get their task. Well, no wonder they were the King of Underworld.

I also saw the murdered girl's photo in one of the files. Mary. Nothing was given about the photo but on the back was written "Target" duh. So I knew it was Ezimono but actually who?

Just then Harry came running to me.

Harry came running to me and he said anxiously, "I don't know how to do it. Neither does Don nor anyone, boss we need you. It's just not happening. I will talk to William. Come. "

I agreed and hush! can you keep a secret? I was so dang happy but I acted professionally.

I went to William Yates House but I went to the Hall first and take a quick look around.

Then I went to William Yates. After many pleadings he agreed to let me have interrogation but in his presence. Duh, Clever Old man

Don and Harry took me aside to tell me the scenario.

"How many people live here?" I asked.

"Around 20, Helza" Don replied

"How many suspected?"

"Only 5, boss." Harry replied.

"Now tell me what you got out of these five."

Don said, "At 7:20 the helper, Mohan and the Chef Jacob Armstrong go into kitchen through the door and crossing the table. There was nothing there. 7:25 Chef goes to get thyme from bush garden. Nothing there as seen from the window. Trevor Cole is working in the Garden. He sees nothing unusual. At exactly 7:30 Tessa Brown comes and shouts so hard that everyone comes down. In her presence both the Chef and helper come and witness the murder."

"That's it? What about the chairs?"

"We didn't ask it."

"Note it Harry. And I know who's behind this- Ezimono."

I called everyone including Yates. All confirmed what Don and Harry already told me. When asked individually they all came out clean. hmm That made this thing dang interesting.

I finally asked Mary's whereabouts at time of murder. No one knew! No one saw her come in the Hall nor leave. About the chairs, most of the people said that they were dropped by kids.

I was so dang sure no one was lying that the very fact of a high level murder made me perplexed. I checked Mary's belongings and stopped for a moment.

"What is it? boss?"

"A photo."


I handed the photo to Harry and said, "Mary's real name was Margret Evans. She was the younger sister of David Evans. Here is their photo."

"But But Hazamania..."

I said, "Congratulations Harry Allen, Hazamania just lost one of their allies they wanted to save in their secret mission."

"You knew?"

Harry was taken aback. Damn this thing just got way too personal. I got back up and went to the Hall.

I saw the room once more very closely and aha! I found a slight blood stain on the window which showed the tulip garden. Still the mystery of the hell did Mary, sorry I mean Margret got on the table wasn't solved.

A girl died (let's not go into who she was. it hurts.) She was strangled but why there were so stabbings? How on earth she came on that table in a matter or 10 minutes without a dang sound?

I asked people where was Mary at the time of murder. No one knew. I asked when you saw her last. Chef said that he saw her early morning.

Tessa Brown said, "Last night."

Trevor hadn't seen her at all in past two days and the helper, Mohan had not seen her since last night's dinner. Cons of having a huge house with many people in the mansion.

I left that strand of Mary's last location because it was going haywire. I was still stuck in the Hall. When I saw it for the first time, something felt off about it. Now it was feeling more terribly off.

I kept circling the table, thinking how can it be possible. Finally I took a break and sat down on one of the chairs and looked above and gasped.

I shouted. "Harry! Don! come here. Urgent."

They came and were more confused than ever when I ordered Harry to get a smiley ball and a map of the house. I also asked Don to get to the kids and ask what we're they doing around 7:30 and how many were there. I'm sure they thought I was going crazy.

William Yates followed Harry when I asked him for the map and yeah, the Smiley Ball.

I took the Ball and threw it in the air, high enough to touch the ceiling. A thud came the sound. I did it again. Some wood from the roof came off and fell.

I asked William, "What is above the Hall?"

"Nothing I know of."

I expected that answer. I opened the map and it came out there was some space between the actual roof and the ceiling of the Hall. A ladder was brought and Harry climbed it. He was asked to beat over the wooden ceiling by me and when he did that, a big part of the came falling down on the table. I looked sideways at William, he was astonished with his mouth open.

I climbed and went over the hole made by Harry. It had a foul smell- musty, body decomposition, dried blood. I found a little door at one corner which opened in the gallery stairs.

I came back to the Hall. By then, Don was back. I asked her the same questions. She said, "There are around 15 children in total and they were playing some game of singing as they usually do in the evening."

"Where were they?"


I called all five of them- William Yates, Tessa Brown, Chef, Mohan the helper, Trevor Cole in the Hall and said,

"A Killer, who is an employee of Ezimono, killed Mary in time between night and late morning. He specifically strangles her to death. He pushes the body through the small door in the gallery. This was done most probably in the night, gallery's full of people in day. He then stabs one or two times. Her blood dries in the morning. To make it look recent he uses ice knives in the afternoon and the water mixed blood made it look recent.

In the Hall, he ensures the children are singing very loudly and he goes up somehow without been seen through the door and pulls a lever in there. The body falls down with a thud and no one hears the sound. The killer comes running down and stabs more ice knives to the body and corrects the position. He rushes to the tulip garden window and his blood stain is left there but he sees Trevor standing there just in time and goes through the Bush garden."

I saw all who were standing. Mouths open and astonished looks. Then I walked over and put a hand around ones shoulder and said, "So Chef Jacob Armstrong junior of Aarav Singh, What's with the chairs?"

"Why a chef goes to get thyme when the helper can do it? and why did you lie seeing Mary in the morning?"

He became alarmed and denied having any information about whosoever and started running. Harry, I and Don followed him through the door. He was running in the fields.

Harry was going to run after him but I stopped him and said, "Why are you wasting energy? when we can do this in style?"

Out came my M500 pistol and I aimed at Jacob Armstrong's head. Bang! He lay dead around 50 meters from the house. We went inside.

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