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saravanan Periannan

Drama Classics Thriller


saravanan Periannan

Drama Classics Thriller

Mahendra Bahubali And Mahismat

Mahendra Bahubali And Mahismat

8 mins 138 8 mins 138

A fictional story set after the death of Bhallaladeva and Mahendra Bahubali becoming the ruler of Mahismathi.

Sivagami's evil character is based on Author Anand Neelakandan's books and the Fort attack technique in this story is based on a quora answer.

Bijalladeva requests Devasena and king Mahendra Bahubali to dissolve the ashes of Bhallaladeva in Jeeva Nadhi with required poojas as Bhallaladeva is one of the best warriors of Mahismathi who must reach Veera Sorgam.

After a week,

king Mahendra Bahubali is forced by ministers to make a yajna to cleanse himself of the sins of killing his father's brother Bhallaladeva.

Mahendra Bahubali after completing the yajna sees Katappa waiting with a man who has strong arms.

Katappa introduces the man as Kannapa, a member of his clan who is now here to take over his job as guardian of the royal family.

Mahendra accepts it but sees the teary eyes of Katappa and decides to talk with him afterward.

Mahendra Bahubali and Avanthika get married.

The ministers are unhappy with the behavior and way of speaking of king Mahendra and decides to send him to the royal guru to teach the languages and laws of the royal family.

Katappa and Kannapa are assigned to teach Mahendra in warfare.

Devasena announces the pregnancy of 

Avanthika to the people of Mahismathi.

Bijalladeva and his companions learn of the pregnancy of Avanthika and they plan evil to poison Avanthika.

They plan it on a pournami day to poison the food served before lord shiva and take it as Prasada to Avantika.

A mysterious figure jumps into the room of Avanthika and takes the food away.

The next day, people talk about the mysterious figure entering the royal palace and Mahendra Bahubali learning in gurukulam staying along with Katappa and Kannapa gets angry at this incident.

Devasena lets the ministers take control of the daily works of ministry and she starts to make more poojas in the temples of Mahismathi.

After one and half years, Mahendra Bahubali returns to Mahismathi and sees Avanthika with a baby in her hand welcoming him.

Mahendra lifts his child and takes him before the portrait of Amarandra Bahubali and Vikramadeva, the father of Amarendra Bahubali.

Mahendra seems puzzled as the portrait of his grandmother sivagami is missing in that room and all the things related to sivagami is either missing or damaged.

Mahendra Bahubali's son's naming ceremony happens simply in the Shiva temple of Mahismathi.

The son of Mahendra Bahubali is named Adithan Bahubali with Devasani blessing the baby.

Bijalladeva stands in a dark corner murmuring "That Vikramadeva's family."

A messenger reaches Bijalladeva with a horse statue.

Bijalladeva smiles "Ashwamithram, how did I forget this country."

Bijalladeva gives the messenger a sentence "without a Leader, no plans made and infrastructure is weakened."

The mysterious figure again appears at the royal palace of Mahismathi and enters the room where Adithan is lying in the cradle.

The mysterious figure takes out a jewel and puts it on the neck of baby adithan and suddenly Avanthika enters the room.

Avanthika takes her sword and goes to attack the mysterious figure and the mysterious figure runs and jumps from the first floor of the room using a rope.

Mahendra enters the room and enquires Avanthika what happened?.

Mahendra calls Devasena and Bijalladeva for enquiring that if the mysterious figure attacked them or not.

Bijalladeva looks at the jewel in the neck of baby Adithan and says "This is the jewel gifted by me to Sivagami after marriage."

Mahendra calls Kattapa and asks him to investigate the mysterious figure who enters the royal palace with heavy security.

Kattapa gets annoyed as Mahendra is still not trusting Kannapa.

Mahanandhan, the king of Ashwamithram after receiving the message from the messenger of Bijalladeva summons his army saying "This war is for my friend Bhalladeva."

Meanwhile, Kattapa traces the mysterious figure to a small village outside Mahismathi.

The mysterious figure welcomes Kattapa and after seeing the face of a woman who is addressed as a mysterious figure, Kattapa gets shocked as the facial complexion of this mysterious figure is similar to Sivagami.

The mysterious figure woman continues saying her name is Maragatham, the daughter of Sivagami who got adopted to a poor peasant family as Sivagami does not want a daughter in a royal family.

Kattapa remembers the baby he handed over to a peasant years ago.

Kattapa bends forward and gives respect to Maragatham.

Maragatham further says that she has the evil secrets of Sivagami which was recorded by Kattapa himself in a book on the orders of Somadeva, the father of Bijalladeva, and Vikramadeva.

Kattapa gets shocked how did you get the book from the secret vault of Sivagami Devi in a secret place in the fort of Mahismathi.

Maragatham says "I need the throne and if I do not get it, I will let the world know the evil side of Sivagami."

Kattapa gets annoyed as Maragatham simply tells the name of Sivagami without any respect.

Kattapa comes to the conclusion it must be Bijalladeva who helped Maragatham.

Mahendra gets a message from Kanappa that Mahismathi will be attacked by Mahanandhan, King of Ashwamithram.

Mahendra orders the strengthening of fort walls, storing grains and water for people and army, filling the trench around the forts with wild crocodiles, submerging the secret passage with water as it will take a month for the army of Ashwamithram to reach Mahismathi.

Mahendra asks Kannapa about Kattapa and asks Kannapa to get Kattapa in before the siege of Mahismathi by Ashwamithram starts.

Meanwhile, Kattapa challenges Maragatham to fight with him if she wins he will surely take her to Mahismathi for the coronation of her to become the queen of Mahismathi.

Kattapa and Maragatham fight on the banks of a lake ferociously.

Kattapa uses all his experience and Maragatham uses all her strength.

Maragatham wins Kattapa and Kattapa with no other way takes her to Mahismathi.

The army of Ashwamithram reaches the border of Mahismathi and Kattapa along with Maragatham enters the fort.

Kattapa narrates the whole incident to Devasena, Bijalladeva, Mahendra Bahubali, and Avanthika.

Bijalladeva too walks from that place as he hates Maragatham.

Mahendra promises Maragatham after the war, he will give her the kingdom of Mahismathi.

Mahendra tells Kattapa to arrest Kannada as he believes Kannapa to be the spy of Ashwamithram.

Kattapa gets angry and kicks Mahendra.

Mahendra and Kattapa wrestle and Mahendra asks who is Kannapa?.

Kattapa cries and says he is my son.

Kattapa narrated after Sivagami became the Rajamatha, she advised Kattapa to get married to his lover and lead a happy life.

Mahendra orders the fort to be closed as the army of Ashwamithram nears the fort of Mahismathi.

The army of Ashwamithram tries in various ways to break the fort and enter but they fail each time.

Bijjaladeva reaches the top of the fort drunk with a javelin and a cloth tied to it with a message on how to get the fort doors of Mahismathi open.

Bijjaladeva throws the javelin and gets giddy and suddenly falls into the trench with crocodiles.

Mahanandhan orders his soldier to take the Javelin and read the message.

Mahanandhan smiles as he starts instructing his army to go to the place mentioned in the message by Bijjaladeva.

Mahendra discusses with the ministers what are the secrets that may be known by Bijjaladeva.

The ministers start saying the things and Mahendra says the possibility.

Finally, a minister says the law books of Mahismathi are stored at mount Thiripureshwarar, ministers know there is a mountain named Thiripureshwarar but the royal family only knows the location and has access to the mountain.

Mahendra orders Kannapa to lead the army giving him the map taken from the royal library accessible only to the royal family of Mahismathi.

Mahendra tells Kannpa to take the secret tunnel repaired due to war to stop the forces of Mahanandhan from going to mount Thiripureshwarar.

Mahendra now looks at the fort walls constantly attacked by the forces headed by Mahanandhan.

Devasena hands over a book on machines to be used in war and various war strategies to Mahendra which was written by Amarendra who is an Excellent pioneer in Physics, Mathematics, and Warfare.

Mahendra uses the book and attacks the forces of Mahanandhan from inside the fort and wins the war as more forces of Mahanandhan are destroyed.

Kannapa successfully stops the forces of Mahanandhan heading to mount Thiripureshwarar.

After the war, Mahendra hands over the kingdom to Maragatham but Maragatham declines it saying she wished the world to know that she belongs to the Royal family.

Mahendra orders Kattapa to arrest Devasena for helping Maragatham getting the secret book of Sivagami and for killing Bijjaladeva by pushing him from the top of the fort.

Devasena gets sweating and Mahendra calls the spies who learned of all the acts of Devasena.

Devasena tells she hates Mahismathi and wised Mahendra to rule Kundhava Desam which is now reconstructed by him.

So Devasena tells she planned to help the estranged daughter of Sivagami get the throne of Mahismathi so she can make Mahendra accept the throne of Kundhava Desam and Devasena accepts that from the secret vault of Sivagami she got two books, one book revealing the evil side of Sivagami Devi and another book on the war machines and war strategies by Amarendra Bahubali.

Devasena further tells she spied Bijjaladeva with the help of Maragatham as Bijjaladeva is a wounded snake who might take revenge against Amarandra Bahubali's family.

Mahendra Bahubali orders Kattapa to deport Devasena out of Mahismathi as being a member of the royal family, Devasena acted against the laws of Mahismathi.

Kattapa takes Devasena to the village where Mahendra grew as Shivu.

Mahendra Bahubali asks his father Amarendra Bahubali for forgiveness for acting by the law of Mahismathi like his grandmother Sivagami.

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