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Navya Agrawal

Drama Romance Tragedy


Navya Agrawal

Drama Romance Tragedy

Love Till Last Breath

Love Till Last Breath

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"Our love will remain with you, will you not know ..?"

"Yes, baby! We will live like this and our love can never be less ..!"

Rohan said smilingly to Sneha, who is sitting on her shoulder with her hand in hand, enjoying the mild sunshine on the balcony in the winter morning. Rohan was also trying to heat his palms by rubbing them.

The sight of the morning is created when the sun is desperate to disperse its rays to the fog ... Bhini also creates a shiver in the cold body... And drops of dew moisten the soil and spread its fragrance ...

Rohan pointed towards the sun and said - "Our love is like this Sun, which can never be erased... No matter how much the fog may try to cover it. But it spreads its rays. Such will be our love, which will remain forever even under adverse circumstances ..! "

Sneha raised her head and looked at him and said - Really ..?

Rohan kissed his forehead and nodded yes ... So Sneha hugged him ... She said sobbing - "Will you be able to live without me, Rohan ..?"

Rohan held her tightly in her arms and said - Hey Pagli! Where without you, I will live with you ..! Every moment, every moment I will keep you imprisoned in this way ..! I just told you that our love is like this Sun, which can wane but cannot die ..!

Sneha said crying, I don't want to leave you, Rohan ..! But I am forced .. what to do ..? I can never see you in trouble. And see today, I am giving you the biggest pain of life ..!

Rohan shook his head and said that there is nothing like that... You can never give me any trouble ..! Sneha sobbed and asked - why does this happen when we are completely immersed in someone's love, then he ends up with the same ..? Why do we have to give pain to the same person, who does not want to pray day and night with the God of happiness ..?

That is because the journey of love never ends ..! The more ups and downs we get in this journey, the more beautiful this journey becomes ..! Rohan while explaining to Sneha said, now let's ask for tears and come with me .. you have to show something ..!

Rohan took him in his lap and brought him to a park outside the house. Rohan took him off his lap, put his hands on his eyes, and started carrying them with him ... Rohan slowly removed the sleepers from his feet .. and started to hold his hand ...

After going some distance, he stopped at one place and Rohan opened his eyes ... The green grass had become wet due to the dew. Walking on mulch is a different fun. Where Rohan left Sneha, there were boxes at every step. Rohan has arranged a morning coffee date for Sneha.

Sneha picks up those boxes one by one .. and opens them. Thank you note and sweet dear messages to all of Sneha…. Sneha smiled after reading them, sometimes tears spread through her eyes ...

Finally, he reached the place where Rohan has done all the arrangements ... White curtains all around, which were decorated in a round circle with lighting beautifully. There is a table and two chairs in the middle ... Pictures of Sneha and Rohan hang on every side with the help of ribbons ...

When Sneha saw all this, her happiness was as if there was nowhere. She wandered around like a child and started looking at those pictures .. and every memory associated with them came back to life once again ...

Rohan said by clearing his tears - who cried .. no one is crying ... I will make your every moment very beautiful. Say so much that he kissed Sneha's cheeks. As soon as she moved towards her lips .. Sneha put her hand on her mouth and stopped it .. and ran away from there ...

She said while running - First you hold me and show me .. what is not to be found so easily ..! Rohan shouted loudly good son diabolical from us. I will tell you now ..! Sneha in front and behind Rohan .. started escaping as if a prisoner is running away from the jail and the police behind him ...

Running foot Sneha got tangled in the pipe that watered the plants and she fell in the grass itself ... Rohan came to him and said with a laugh - now he will go away ..! Seeing Sneha fall on the ground, she started laughing loudly…. Seeing him laughing, Sneha's mind got very relaxed ..

Rohan also lay on the ground with him ... Looking at the sky, Sneha said - Whenever you miss me, then looking at the sky like this .. and then I will look at you as if you were happy now.

Both Rohan and Sneha got lost in each other ... and their eyes did not speak, their eyes started .. Sneha said slowly - Rohan! Thank you for everything! I Love You Till My Last Breath. I Promise You ..!

I love you to life ...! And thanks to you for making my life so beautiful ..!

Rohan started kissing Sneha's lips with her lips ... Sneha closed her eyes…. He kept his promise .. and never opened his eyes again…. !!

Rohan is still looking at the sky lying in the same place today .. but today Sneha was not with him .. and tears fell from his eyes and fell on the ground... And suddenly those tears turned into laughter as if Sneha was smiling to see him ...

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