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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Maruf Hasan

Abstract Action Inspirational


Maruf Hasan

Abstract Action Inspirational

Love Jesus Story of New Testament

Love Jesus Story of New Testament

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I went to the jungle at my campus to get green coconuts from a tree at approximately 1:00 am midnight. My friend got scared of the jungle, darkness and snakes. I said, “it is ok, I go myself and get coconuts” I climbed the tree and got 6 coconuts and came down. He was standing in an open space. I called him but he was still scared but I carried myself twice all the coconuts and started to peel coconut for freshwater. “Do not you get sacred of Snakes, brother?” told he. “I climbed lots of mountains alone at night and stayed there for the whole night but God never killed me maybe because he loves me maybe,” said I while smiling. “You are crazy brother” commented he. “perhaps,” said I. I drank 3 coconuts water and he did so. We went around campus for night walking.

“What a beautiful divine view of my campus at night! May God bless those who dreamed for this said I silently in my mind

I came to my room around 2:00 pm and sat on the desk with my laptop. What now for my beloved Storymirror? I finished reading the New Testament which is Gospel of Jhon, Mark, Luke, Matthew.

Let’s bleed boyyyyyy

The professor of theology in Wonderland was asked to write a short note about Jesus by the unknown man and the Office staff handed over the letter to him. Professor unfolded the letter and read it and went towards his desk.

He took a paper and a pen and started writing a brief note on Jesus.

“Jhon was saying new prophet is about to appear. People came and listened to the news. One day Jesus came and met Jhon. Later Jhon started to inform people that the new messenger has indeed arrived. Jesus came to the city and got 12 followers. Jesus went to different cities and started to treat sick people with his miraculous power given by God. He called to people not to worship but one divine God. For anything to depend on one God only and ask help from one God only in any situation. He also mixed up with ordinary people and he never ignored anyone even if any poor, sick, rich, enemy, friends. He welcomed all of them. He has a smiling and charming face. All found hope in him thinking Christ has arrived for us mentioned in the old testament.

Jews religious leaders started to criticize and hated him since their religious business fell in danger and Jesus was also young age compared to them. Jews even hated him because Jesus had food together with lower-class people like prostitutes and those who are involved with illegal money business which is not legal in religion. Jesus was firm though in his teaching saying I did come to work on those who lost their destiny. I need to find all those sheep that lost their destiny and guide them back to their beloved lord. Jesus loved all. He taught people of the world saying if anyone slaps at your chick, you should give another chick. He did not believe in revenge rather he believed in forgiveness and God will forgive us if we forgive people. He spread peace for the world but indicated to fight for injustice by his action if needed as he replied all the accusations when Jews tried to impose on him false accusation. He refuted all the questions intellectually.

Jesus showed so many miraculous events among them. He fed few thousand people with few left bread and fishes. All satisfied with food. He cured blind eyes, fever and other diseases wherever he went. He did make alive one boy and one girl from death. He walked on top of the water in the river. He calmed the wind by his saying just words in the river. Jesus said he came to fulfil the religion of Moses, Abraham and others prophets of the past, not to destroy the religion of his forefathers.

He criticized Jews religious leaders for making the temple into a place of business by the name of God. Jew’s scholars would say difficult things to the people that so hard to follow but these Jews leaders would not follow at all what they said. They were hypocrites at their behaviour.

Jesus also gave prophesy about the next upcoming prophet (Muhammad, Read Quran for details and Gospel of Jhon for Prophesy) who would glorify prophet, Jesus. He talked about the Day of judgement that the day master of the world will appear before all of us for accountability. Jesus said even the one hair is counted, therefore, he asked not to worry. Jesus provided so many examples to inspire to work hard to get a reward from God and he warns people not to go to torture cell for bad actions.

In one instance, Jews leaders brought one girl who got caught for fornication and they asked Jesus for stoning to death the girl to test Jesus prophethood. Jesus wrote something in the mud and he looked at people and said “Stone her first who never did sin”. As a consequence, all left even Jews religious leaders except Jesus. Then Jesus asked the girl to go home and not to do sin anymore with an innocent smile. People loved Jesus for his justice on behalf of the general people. As for leadership, he said to be a leader you need to be a slave of people like me. He once washed his followers’ legs. He had no sense of superiority for his position from God. He loved children and said you need to be as innocent as them to enter paradise.

One of his followers helped Roman soldiers and Jew’s people to get Jesus for money. Jesus got caught by them. No-fault was found at Jesus. At last, Jews leader asked “do you claim yourself as Prophet? “Jesus said “yes”. They accused him of this and brought him to the Roman leader, but the Roman leader said he is innocent after talking with Jesus, but the Jews said he did blasphemy for Jew’s religion. He was hanged for crucifixion according to the bible and he did not die rather he stayed there for few days and his followers talked with him.

Jesus left so many teachings which are similar to Islamic teachings. As for resurrection, Muslims do believe that Jesus will return to earth to talk about his God before the day of judgement. Anyone who reads Bible, or should read Quran also for data analysis for contradiction. Moses, Jesus, Muhammad sent the same divine message saying there is one God to worship but we are nothing but slave and messengers of the Lord who was also lord of our forefather Abraham. Do not make confuse with the religious monks cause most of them are busy holding their positions for money and status and due to societal pressure. This is you who have the capability to read and use your intellect to reason, not to be emotional.

Jesus was most kind and generous for people among all prophets and there is no doubt on that, but you need to take into consideration reading Quran also to understand Jesus and Moses. Reading only Old Testament, or Quran, or the New Testament would not give you the context to understand truth easily, I think. This is all about faith and we should be open to all of the scriptures for reflection. Israelis were racist but the teaching of Jesus and Muhammad never unwelcome anyone.

Jesus said heaven is like a hidden diamond in the farmland. Jesus talked about Jews leaders who love to dress up expensive clothes and love to be respected in society and Jesus warned his followers to be careful about them. Unfortunately, nowadays we see the hypocrisy of religious authorities is everywhere and, in every religion, nowadays. Jesus went to Jerusalem and broke the business stuff in front of Jews temple saying “Stop it… by the name of my lord stop these businesses “Jews leaders were shocked by his action and they get scared if people start listening to Jesus and they will lose their authorities and they planned to kill Jesus.

In Islamic Tradition, Jesus will be brought and asked if he claimed as Son of God and divinity and he will answer saying “He never claimed divinity or son of God rather he would say he was the slave of God.” Then, God will ask the followers of Muhammad if Jesus claimed divinity or not and they will reply “No, Jesus never claimed divinity”. Then, God will ask how they know it? They will reply “we read it in Quran which is revealed on Muhammad by you oh Lord”. They testify will be accepted then. This is, in fact, injustice to Jesus if you claim divinity on him and if you really love him from your heart as a true Christian. He used to call him “son of man” in the bible itself in many instances. We do not know the exact words of Jesus since all four gospels were written after the death of Jesus. Hence, Quran needs to be read even once for justification. Therefore, those who are being emotional to claim the divinity of Jesus will be thrown into torture cell according to Islamic tradition. Hence, we should read Quran along with the Old Testament and the new testament to be extra careful to save us if the God of Abraham exists in some way. Believe it or not, it is up to you entirely since we humans have limited freedom as existentialism claims”

Professor completed his writing, folded the letter, and called the Office staff and said, “Give the unknown man the letter” Thanks

Office staff left the office.

Professor took a cigarette with lighter and went towards the window and lit the cigarette and stared at the sky blankly.

“Why am I here?”

“Oh God”

Professor died.

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