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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Shruti Agarwal

Romance Drama


Shruti Agarwal

Romance Drama

Love Is Everything

Love Is Everything

7 mins 492 7 mins 492

Vast treasure is hidden in nature. We wonder at waterfalls which splash out our sorrow and sadness, lifts us at new heights. Seven colours of rainbow depicts the poetry of nature. Majestic blue sky, greenery of earth and beautiful gardens transcends us to new world. 

Sometimes we are forced to think why a beautiful rose flower is surrounded by thorns. Human nature resembles the contradictory elements too. I remember the girl Mirnalni who is so beautiful, attractive, and intelligent mind but has aggressive and agitated mind with superiority complex. She never cared for other’s feelings and emotions. She was harsh and ruthless. She just passed her tenth standard and took admission in new college. When everybody was busy in mixing and making friends she preferred to sit alone near the pond in the right side of college campus. Books were her companion. 

One day as usual she was standing beside the pool somehow her books fell in the pool. She looked around for help. Anil came to help he took out the books and handed over the books to her. Instead of thanking Anil who was a gentle boy she just nodded like that it was his duty to help. Anil disappeared. Time passed. She caught infection of throat and cold and could not attend the classes for a week. She managed to phone Anil and asked about notes and study material. Anil went to her house and handed all study material to her mother and did not try to meet her. Though her mother invited him inside but he excused himself as he knew her nature. Again she ignored and never thanked him. Anil expected but his own helping nature compelled him to help her always. He liked her style and intelligence. 

The story of ‘Farmer and Poor Boys’ changed her heart. How the poor boys with little money helped the farmer who in return hugged and blessed the children and gave shelter to all orphan children in his hut. 

Love is an eternal, innate quality of human being. Mirnalni’s heart was changing. She tried to meet Anil. She felt for him. Anil too realized she is changing but he has fear as she was unpredictable. He always distanced himself. Anil never told her about his mother’s asthamatic attack. She overheard him talking to doctor for his mother’s medicine and she was in hospital. 

Next day she went to hospital with flowers, fruits and home-made food. She sat beside her and helped in adjusting oxygen mask. She talked and told many interesting stories. Anil’s mother liked her very much. This friendship and bonding was growing and spreading the wings of love. The tender seed of love has sprouted and soon we will see blossoms of two flowers together adding the beauty of garden. Love is such a beautiful emotion those elated who care for it. 

Anil Ahuja was a simple boy with not so high aspirations in life and in a very young age he lost his father in a war. His father’s last wish was that Anil should join army and serve his countrymen. He decided to go in army after his junior college but Mirnalni’s aspirations were high enough to meet his and she went onto Canada to study fashion designing. 

Time passed by and both became more mature and sensible than they were before at their early stage. He tried to pursue Mirnalni to do her fashion designing course from India but she being adamant on her decisions did not listen to him and went to Canada. 

Somewhere or the other they were meant for each other. Mirnalni Iyer moved on in life and decided that she will not think about Anil anymore. She made new friends in Canada and also started liking a boy who studied management in her own college. His charm was to die for. Girls were mad about him and so was Mirnalni. Mirnalni being so determined in nature decided that she will one day propose to this boy. 

The boy’s name was Shitij Ahuja. He was born and brought up in Canada. His parents were Indian and so all the morals and values were passed on to him by his parents. Shitij was a very committed person whether it was his work or relationship he equally devoted time for both. Shitij already had a girlfriend which Mirnalni was not aware of. 

The college planned an industrial visit to Chicago which is situated in North America. Mirnalni applied for the visit and got selected for it. Mirnalni’s wish was granted and even Shitij was selected for the trip. We generally call it luck by chance. 

They both went for the trip and went to different destinations to explore in their own fields. But they stayed in the same hotel and at night they used to have their dinner together. Mirnalni found ways to talk to him but he was not at all interested in her. 

The next day was an auspicious day for the whole team as they were going to get their results for the industrial visit trip. Mirnalni’s performance was as usual good as well as Shitij also topped in his management project. 

While returning back to Canada Mirnalni decided to propose to Shitij and so she did. Mirnalni’s heart broke when she came to know that Shitij loved another girl and soon they were getting married. Shitij being quite a mature man became friends with Mirnalni and Mirnalni gathered herself and also became friends with him. 

Soon two months passed by and Shitij’s marriage took place in India. Shitij invited Mirnalni to his wedding and that was the time when Mirnalni met her first love Anil. Anil was Shitij’s first cousin from India. Mirnalni’s gleams made her face glow when she saw Anil in the party. 

Anil also was internally happy to see her. They wanted to talk to each other but were quite shy to do so. Then Anil’s mother came and she was also quite glad to meet her after such a long time. Anil became more sophisticated, handsome and charming personality after all he was a Major in the Indian Army. It was a transformation from a boy to a man. 

One day Anil’s mother called Mirnalni to their home and told her to find a suitable girl for him as she was his best friend in college. But inside her Mirnalni knew that now also she has feelings for him. 

But God had something else written for them. Anil went on his mission and never returned for five years from there. There was no signal there so that he could keep in touch with anyone from his friends and family. Anil never wanted Mirnalni to spoil her life because of him because he had no guarantee of his life. 

Mirnalni being very determined decided that if she will marry she will marry Anil only else she will not marry. Anil was a dutiful officer and for every army man his country is his first priority. Mirnalni being mature understood Anil’s circumstances and waited for him till five years. 

After five years Anil returned and they both went on a two day trip to borders as Mirnalni wanted to see the places where Anil got his training and the places where he goes for missions. 

God had something else in store for them. One night they both were travelling from Wagha to Delhi by car. Everything was sound and they both had a pleasurable time there. A call came on Anil’s phone that he has to reach the border immediately so Mirnalni also insisted to accompany inspite of him saying ‘no’. 

Heavy wars were taking place at that time. Anil was bothered about Mirnalni’s life as she was his first love and he never wanted to lose her at any cost. 

Suddenly, some soldiers fired from across the borders and Anil went on to save her life and took the bullet in his chest. Mirnalni being helpless, cried and took him to the army hospital anyhow. A two hour operation went on in which doctors said that Anil is in a critical condition. Mirnalni prayed to each and every God so that Anil could be back in his senses. 

Soon her prayers were answered and Anil came back to life. After coming into senses he said to Mirnalni that “LOVE IS ALL ABOUT SACRIFICE”. I never wanted you to lose your life just for me so I took the bullet into my chest. 

Mirnalni’s heartbeat became slow for a second and started pouncing very fast. Anil proposed Mirnalni in the hospital and all his co-mates clapped and congratulated them. 

Soon they went back to Delhi and got married in a grand suite. Mirnalni’s parents were really happy as she was one of the girls who was really adamant and never listened to anybody. Anil was one man to whom she listened to. Anil’s mother was also very happy as she got a daughter in place of a daughter-in-law. 

Anil went back to his rigorous work schedule and time to time Mirnalni went to meet him to his locations. 

How can I forget the cherry on the cake. After three years of their marriage Mirnalni gave birth to two lovely twins named Ryan and Rhea. They exactly looked like Mirnalni. They had a happy, sweet and cherishing family. 

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