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Awanish Surya

Drama Romance


Awanish Surya

Drama Romance

Love in Metro (Part-3)

Love in Metro (Part-3)

3 mins

Now, it became our daily routine to go to the balcony several times in a day and on roof at evening, to look, to smile to each others.

Slowly our neighbours came to know about our connection by observing and seeing our daily activities. We used to spend hours in balcony without any work. Early in the morning, I used to do exercise with iron made equipments between my room and balcony and she saw me several times and I realized that she also impressed with my exercise and body. That time I was healthy and I kept long hair, and it had increased my smartness. Sometimes, I used to wear hair band in my head to keep my long hair in proper way. When she saw me wearing hair band first time, she laughed as it is a lady thing.

One evening, I was on the roof, walking, seeing her, smiling and talking in symbols. An idea came in my mind and I gave a symbol to come out from the building and go on the road. She understood immediately and went to her bhabhi to take permission. Her bhabhi was sitting nearby and using smartphone. Both talked something and after that I saw her coming down from roof through stairs. The stairs of her building was clearly visible to me because it was constructed in front of roadside. I also run from fourth floor. We both were going down from own stairs by looking at each others. The stairs of my building was also constructed in the same way. The area was New Ashok Nagar, Delhi and mostly houses and buildings were constructed in a same way. When I reached on 2nd floor, A newly married man, smiled and told- "Are you going to meet her".

" How do you know " I asked surprising.

"I was observing you both activities from my balcony from few days. 

"Oh, God" I told myself and run to come out from the building.

When I reached on the road near her house, I saw her going slowly and turning behind repeatedly. I walked fast to catch her. 

Hiii, I told smiling when I reached her.

She also smiled and replied- Hiii

"We both are in T-shirt and half trouser, and looking like brother-sister", I said looking at our clothes.

She laughed looking at our dress and replied-" it is good na, people will think we are brother-sister not a love bird". 

We both laughed.

We introduced each other and came to know about our names, family, study, and home town.

I also gave her a visiting card from my company Surya Solution and shared my work. 

When we reached the vegetables market, we even couldn't notice. She bought coriander leaves of Rs 5. I told her to buy more I am giving money.

"No, more will waste, Actually, I made an excuse with my bhabhi that I am going to buy coriander leaves. Then only she allowed me to come out of building." She said.

I told her to let's eat something like a burger or anything of her favorite. But she rejected due to her bhabhi. We came back by talking about us without taking more time. 

I reached my room feeling too happy, romantic, energetic and a big smile on my face. 

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