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Love In Full Moon Night

Love In Full Moon Night

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"Look at the sky, dear! It's amazing". Prithwiraj said poetically. Gazing at the sky Sanjukta asked casually - "what is new"! Prithwiraj narrated to his beloved Sanjukta- "It's full moon night! Vociferously the sea is roaring. The waves are looking like flowerbed. Let's touch the waves and take the advantages of this opportunity. Look at the little crabs, playing hide & seek. Just come to feel such ecstatic moment."

Sanjukta joined Prithwiraj reluctantly. Her problem is more prominent than this full moon night. After two months they got a privilege to meet near the seashore to discuss about their future, not to take bath in the sea. But Prithwi was far away from the reality! There were loads of worries to share, many new things to say and to commit how difficult to live one without another. Those moments were missed when one needed the shoulder of another. Unfortunately day by day the problems were growing faster like creepers. 

Prithwiraj was busy with his poetic thoughts. He is simply impossible! He has no concern regarding their future and forgotten the cause of their meeting, Sanjukta was worried. 

He called again- "Hey Sanju, don't be negative please. Everything will be fine and decent in its own way. Leave all worries, come and join with me to gather some valuable moments of a full moon night in the seashore. Its just priceless feelings.". He was joyous and gleeful.

Sanjukta hold his hand tightly and whispered in tiresome voice - "Enough Prithwi, I called for a discussion about our marriage as my parents were worried much for me. Again and again they were discussing with the mediators about my marriage propasals. But I can't marry anybody except you. Understand my problems and be serious. Don't be childish please."

We can discuss it next time. But can't get this moment anymore. Omit the problems and enjoy, carelessly said Prithwi, playing with the waves.

Sanjukta said with apprehension -"Why can't we get such moments anymore? After getting married we will be delighted by such wow moments every month in this seashore! Prithwi, please come to the reality. You are now going to become independent and after two months my study will over. Then I may be selected as an employee for any company inside or outside this state. Before arising such complications, we may solve the problems through discussion in a constructive way. So I called you here by telling a lie to my family that I have to visit my guide for the final submission of my dissertation paper. You should co-operate." 

" Ohh Sanju..many times you behave like a crying baby. We will marry by hook or crook. It's our life, we will decide. Don't worry. I assure you. Just relish the significant changes of nature. Prithwi pulled and hugged Sanjukta tightly and kissed on her forehead to make her relaxed. Sanjukta very badly hurt by the views of Prithwi and silently observed.

She felt Prithwi has changed a lot in these two months. He wasn't that Prithwi, who desperately wanted to marry her. First time, outside of the campus they met in a park. Prithwi said recklessly - Let's marry in a temple, Sanju. I can't wait anymore. 

"But yet you aren't engaged. My study isn't also completed. How can we live without food and shelter? Our parents should be the part and parcel of our marriage ceremony. We will not start our life miserably without friends, relatives and family. Be sure of it. It's better to wait and be prepare to face every odd situation." Told Sanjukta.

"How can I convince it's very difficult to live without you. You can't imagine my admiration and inclination. Try to understand me." Prithwiraj was demoralised. His eyes were filled with tears. Sanjukta felt those emotions as she concerned about everything and reassured him to wait for some months as still they have to get rid of certain problems.

Prithwiraj took a long breath and burst with emotions - "Look at those flowers and butterflies. How intimate they are!"

But the butter flies haven't certain choice..they choose many flowers. They only know the process of enjoyment. But life is different and love is heavenly.. We shouldn't compare . Everybody is different in their own way by God's grace. Marriage is not all about only physical intimacies but it is a companionship of two souls concerning sorrows, happiness by caring sharing and showering love for each other. Sanjukta seriously said.

But he was distracted. "Don't hurt me with your different opinion and disrespect my integrity. I know the meaning of marriage. Leave, you aren't able to understand my inner feelings. But please don't abuse the divine nature. Flowers are the most enchanting things in this world. Everyone feels freshened and cherished by viewing its colour, touching its delicate petals and inhaling its sweet fragrance. Look, how colourful they are!!

Sanjukta - The flowers aren't same in odour and colour. Some are carnivorous. Time to time the colour fades away. In this world nothing is permanent. It may take a moment or some years to change or destroy. Even our views may also change suddenly.

Why you always disagree with me? Prithwiraj annoyingly asked.

We have different views about life and nature as it has many dimensions. Our personalities and views towards life aren't same. We have to adjust with each other, which isn't a easy task at all. Why do not we take more time to understand ourselves as well as the reality of life. Sanjukta was disturbed. 

But.. I can't anymore. Prithwi was harassed by Sanju's decision.

You can Prithwi. After some days we will meet again and decide as to what extent we may change..Remember this shall also pass away. Sorrow or happiness what it may be. So decide cautiously.

After that day they didn't meet each other. Prithwi was busy in search of a job and Sanju for her final examination. Time was very tuff for them. But they recovered from it and decided to meet one day to discuss about their future. A good news was awaiting for Sanju that Prithwi has engaged in a company with a good salary. Now they can proceed. So Sanjukta called him to unite.

But she felt Prithwi has changed. He didn't marry at this point of life, who was ardent to marry her one day. Now he wanted more time to touch the sky. 

As time passed Sanjukta thrilled with fear. Her final exam was going to be over. She did well. Very soon she may be appointed as a manager in any company. 

They met third time in the same seashore..But Prithwi wasn't happy. 

What happened? Are you alright? You should feel best as this is your favourite place and secondly we will marry soon. Sanjukta embraced Prithwi warmly. 

Prithwi was dejected and disturbed. Sanjukta thought it might due to the pressure of job. Bending her head towards the shoulder of Prithwi, She told sweetly - look at the sky, the moon is there playing with the clouds. The waves are dancing like flowers in front of you. Only you and me .. with our endless dream.. Why are you getting upset? What makes you agitated, tell me? Said Sanjukta. 

Everything is fine and I am ok with it. Only getting tired. Said Prithwi briefly.

What about our marriage? Directly asked Sanjukta. 

I want to leave this job. It's not perfect for me. I also qualify in an interview at Mumbai and hope to be selected. Next month our problems may be sorted out after the settlement in the new place.

Again you need time!! Sanjukta smiled and said- tonight the moon is in the sky. But you know it can't reflect its picture in the sea water as the waves disturbs the uniformity of the water level. Also one more disadvantage is there i.e the water is salty, though many rivers merge in the sea. Varify the differences- the sea roars but rivers sing. How do you explain yourself before me? Like the sea or sky!!

Prithwi couldn't able to understand Sanjukta's point and said- Rubbish! What do you want to say exactly?

Sanjukta said - I expect only an answer from you. The Sky or Sea? What do you prefer to be in my life?

Then I will choose to be the sky for you. Prithwiraj confidently said.

Sanjukta stood up and walked opposite to Prithwi. He called her - hey, what happened? 

No answer from the another side. Sanjukta kept walking and walking. Prithwi could neither stop her nor decide which answer was correct!! The sea or sky? Poor guy couldn't know he must have faced defeat with both the answers. One has no existence and another one erases others excellences. 

Prithwiraj saw Sanjukta was far away from him. The moon wasn't soothing at all. Nature was failed to recreate the magic on him. Sanjukta was correct. The human mind always changes its colour, odour and direction very quickly so as their life. Prithwi shouted loudly- "Sanju...u..uu. Sanjukta..a..aa". But it was too late!!


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