Prachi Mota

Drama Romance


Prachi Mota

Drama Romance

Love Amidst Lockdown

Love Amidst Lockdown

11 mins

(Anika's pov)

I pressed the doorbell and waited for the person to open the door.

Door opened and a half naked guy stood there with messy hairs, yawning, an indicator that he just woke up from his beauty sleep. Damn, he is hot! Shut up Anika, I scolded myself.

"Umm..hi," I was feeling so awkward.

"Anika? He asked I nodded. Please, come in. Mom just called and explained to me everything." He helped me with the luggage.

"Thank you and sorry for being an uncalled guest."

"That's okay. You are most welcomed plus amidst lockdown I'll have a beautiful roommate." Is he flirting? I blushed when he referred me as 'beautiful'.

I looked around , the penthouse is quite spacious and everything depicted luxury.

"Oops! I forgot to introduce myself. Myself Shivaay." I smiled and he showed me my room.

I decided to fill the wardrobe first and then go for a shower .


"Anika, lunch is ready." Shivaay barged inn, I shrieked as I had just come out of shower with only a towel wrapped around my body.

"Oh! I..I'm sorry. I'll go" He swiftly turned around and moved out of the room.

Oh my god! I'm so embarrassed. How will I face him?

I quickly got dressed and moved out. He was setting up plates. "Ahmm..ahmm" I cleared my throat making him aware of my presence.

"Hey, come. Lunch is ready?" I walked Mera table to find Paneer ki Sabzi with Kulcha and Curry- Rice.

"Did you prepare this?" I pointed towards the dishes. He nodded

"Wow! It looks delicious."

"Are you gonna fill your appetite just by looking or you gonna eat it too?" He asked as I was busy gawking at the dish.

We ate in silence, I moaned after every bite. Gosh! Even my mom doesn't make such tasty Paneer ki Sabzi.

To lighten the atmosphere, I started asking him about his hobbies, food, I was impressed that he is CEO of Oberoi industry just at age of 24. I don't have any social media accounts and I'm less interested in business and stuffs so I did not know that he is quite famous or I can say that a celebrity.

Few weeks later...

"Shivaay what do you think till when will this lockdown remain?" I asked busy ruffling his hair as he had his head on my lap. In these few weeks, we had grown quite closer, like best friends. Yes! We argued alot but at end of the day we were back to square one.

"I don't know Anika but I hope this pandemic period gets over soon." I hummed.

"You know mom called yesterday and was asking for you but you had fallen asleep." He said playing with my fingers.

"I'll surely call her tonight."

My phone pinged with a message. I clicked open to find it was a reminder of Shivaay's birthday which was tomorrow. Shi*! how can I forget such an important day? It was already past 10 and I had only 2 hours for preparation. I cursed myself for being such an idiot.

"Umm..Shivaay I'm feeling sleepy. I'll call it a night" I could see his expression changing from sad to normal.

"I thought you would want to spend some more time with me." Aww, isn't he cute?

"I would love too but I'm too tired! I faked a yawn. Good night." I walked towards my room, I heard him sigh.

I waited in my room for sometime and when I was sure he was not gonna come out anytime soon, I dashed towards the kitchen and started making a cake for him.

Till the time cake bakes in the oven, I decided to decorate room, Thank god, I had ordered these decorations a week before and luckily they could ship it.

Oven pinged, indicating that the cake is ready. Carefully removing the tray, I let it cool down for few minutes before starting to decorate it.

I looked at the time and it showed 11:55, only 5 minutes left for his birthday. I checked last-minute arrangements and switched off the lights.

Only 50 sec left and I shouted, "Shivaay..... , As per my count he was outside his room within few seconds.

"Anika where are you? Are you okay? Why are these lights off?" I heard his coming closer.

"Happy Birthday Shivaay" I turned on lights, he was surprised to find a hall decorated with ribbons and balloons and a medium size came in the centre.

"Anika, I.." He was speechless. I hugged him wishing happy birthday. His hold was tight, we stayed for few minutes in each others arms.

"Come on, let's cut the cake." I pulled him with me.

"Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you.." I sang as he cut the cake and fed me first.

"It's quite tasty." He mumbled savoring cake.

"I'm glad you like it and yes you'll receive your gift tomorrow." He looked surprised.

His phone rang and I knew his family members were calling to wish him. He picked up the call and got busy with them.

I don't know when sleep overtook me and the last thing I heard was a thankyou and feeling of kiss on my forehead.

One month later..

"Anika, I told you not to have much ice-cream! See, you got yourself cold and cough." He scolded while I pouted.

"I..I'm sorry." My throat pained.

Bark* Bark* , Stormy entered inside and snuggled beside me. Stormy, a Pomeranian, was my gift to Shivaay on his birthday. Trust me his reaction was worth watching, he literally had tears in his eyes and he had thanked me more than 50 times that day.

"Have this, you'll feel good." He passed me water and a pill. Without arguing I gulped down the pill with water.

"You take rest while I will be back with soup." I nodded and he kissed my forehead.

"Stormy look after her baby. Don't let her get up. Okay?" As if understanding what Shivaay said she barked in response earning a kiss from Shivaay.

He went away while I snuggled with Stormy busy thinking how I'm lucky to have him in my life. Don't tell anyone but I've fallen for him. His care, his laugh, his looks everything attracted me towards him day by day. I so wish to confess my love for him but I fear rejection as he only sees me as his best friend.

(Anika's pov ends)


(Shivaay's pov)

It has been 1 month since Anika started living with me. At first, it was awkward but slowly we became comfortable around each other. At very first sight, I was attracted to her. This girl haunts my dream, I've lost count on number of cold showers I've to take in a day because of her.

In this 1 month we have become quite close, I was overwhelmed when she gifted me Stormy on my birthday. When I asked how did she make it possible amidst lockdown? She said there was pet shop few blocks ahead and when she contacted owner he agreed to it and rest is the history.

But this girl is quite stubborn, I asked her not to have much ice-cream in this environment but she did not listen and gobbled up a full tub.

And now, she is at bed rest with cold and cough. She can hardly speak. Switching off the stove, I poured soup in a bowl and made my way inside to see her sleeping soundly with one arm wrapped around Stormy.

"Annie, Anika wake up." She was still half asleep. After feeding her soup, I made her sleep back. Her face had turn pale, I could not see her in this state, it pained seeing her in pain. I have fallen hard for this stubborn yet clumsy girl.


"Anika did you hear, the government has decided to lift lockdown by next week as there is decrease in covid19 cases," I said switching on the TV.

"Does that mean I can go back to India?" She asked all of sudden making me stunned. This thought never crossed my mind that one day she will go back to live her life.

"You can but after 2 weeks," I said while she rushed inside to inform her parents.

Doesn't she feel the same I feel for her? Maybe not! Maybe, She just sees me as her best friend.

"Shivaay, mom and dad were so happy when I told them that I will be seeing them after 2 weeks." My trance broke listening to her. I passed a small smile.

Few days before departure...

"Shivaay I will miss you. Though I know we can chat and talk on the phone but you won't be physically present with me." Right now we were busy watching Netflix and cuddling when all of sudden she said making me pause the movie.

"I will miss you too Annie." I pulled her closer kissing her forehead.

"Shivaay, I hummed. When will you return back to India?" She asked making eye contact.

"As you know, I'm here to look after this branch. It will take more 4-5 months to sort this out before I return back to India." She pouted making me want to kiss her.

I shrugged my dirty thoughts and continued caressing her hair. Her soft breath indicated that she is fast asleep. Picking her up in my arms, I moved towards her room and made her sleep on the bed, covering her with blanket.

I sat beside looking at beauty Infront of me. She was the first girl who made my heart go crazy.

I pecked her cheek and stood up only to be stopped by her. "Stay!" She whispered and went back to sleep. I moved on other side of the bed and took her in my arms allowing darkness to engulf me.


"You sure you packed everything?" I asked for the nth time. Finally, the day has come, she was going back to India. Her flight was in the next 3 hours.

"Yes, Shivaay. I checked my room twice."

"Great. So, this is it?" I so wanted to stop her but I couldn't be selfish.

"I'll miss you. " She hugged me, I could feel something wet on my shoulder. Gosh! She was crying.

"Annie, stop crying babe." I broke our hug and wiped her tears.

"Can't help. They are not stopping." She sniffed. Aww, isn't she adorable?

"You are so cute." I pinched her cheeks earning light smack on my shoulder.

"I hate you." She mumbled hiding in my arms.

"I hate you too." I pecked her forehead.

"Dare forget me or else I'll come here to hunt you." I laughed at her cute antics.

"Aren't we getting late for the flight? Come on or else you'll miss this one like last time." I grabbed her suitcase.

"Wait, where is Stormy?" She asked looking around.

"She is already in the car with other suitcase." We made our way out not before properly locking the door.

"Annie, wear this", I passed her gloves and mask. Precaution is better than cure.

"Thanks!" We wore our mask and gloves and made our way out.

"Passengers of flight 0076AW are requested to board the flight as we are taking off in next half and hour."

"Anika it's time to go. " My eyes turned glossy with tears and I tried hard not to let it fall .

She was crying past 15 minutes and I was whispering nothing but sweet in her ears.

She hummed and stood up. Our hands were entwined, she walked ahead and my hold loosened, our fingers brush past each other. She smiled and turned around while I stood there with Stormy in my hands both looking at her retreating figure.

A tear ran down my cheek, I quickly wiped it. "Let's go home Stormy. She is gone."

Entering inside the penthouse, the atmosphere had once again turned boring and dull just like before Anika's arrival. Every corner of this house reminded me of her.

My eyes popped out like a socket seeing Anika sitting on my bed busy with her phone.

"Anika?" She looked up and smile. I moved towards her only to be stopped as she showed her palms.

"First go and have a bath. Then I'll explain to you everything."

Without arguing, I took a shower and came out to find my room empty. Wearing clothes, I moved out only to be welcomed by the aroma of hot chocolate.

"Here!" She passed me my cup.

"I know you love me!" She said and I chocked on coffee. I grabbed a glass of water and gulped it in one go.

"How do you know?"

"I read your diary last night. You forgot to hide it." She smirked while I cursed myself for being irresponsible.

"Why didn't you tell me before? "

"I didn't want to be selfish plus I did not know if you felt the same for me!"

"You are such a dumbo." She smacked my head making me frown.

She pulled me closer by my collar, "You are dumbo because you couldn't get the signs. You are dumbo because you couldn't see my efforts. You are dumbo because you couldn't recognise that I love you dammit." I stood gaping.

Before I knew what was happening, I felt her soft lips on mine. I pulled her closer, our lips moving in sync. We broke the kiss being breathless.

"Just the thought of leaving you makes me cry. I was attracted to you at first sight Shivaay. My crush for you turned into love. I could not imagine a day without you. I feel safe in your arms, I feel your love when you kiss my forehead. I want to start and end my day in your arms. You have become my addiction. I cannot live without you. I love you Shivaay." She confessed.

"I love you too babe. I love you too the moon and back." I kissed her, getting drowned in the feeling called love.


"This is how I found Love Amidst Lockdown." She completed and claps and hoots were heard all around.

I was proud of her, my wife. After confessing our love to each other that day, we got married the year after.

Today was the book launch of our book, our story "Love Amidst Lockdown". She had turned out to be well-established writer.

I moved towards her and pecked her cheeks earning awe's from others. She blushed, caressing her 6-month-old bump. Yes, we were pregnant with symbol of our love.

"I'm proud of you wifey." I kissed her forehead.

"I love you."

"I love you too."

               THE END

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