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Prachi Mota

Drama Tragedy


Prachi Mota

Drama Tragedy

Just Let Me Go

Just Let Me Go

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I was so nervous, sitting in the hospital in front of OT, praying for the safety of my wife and my child. My wife's water broke in the morning and right now she is inside going through immense pain to give me the beautiful gift of our love.

I still remember that day when I came back from the office late at night, she was waiting for me. I observed her continuous blush even when she was serving me dinner. I felt strange but shrugged it off.

As I was gonna have the first bite of my meal suddenly she spoke, "I'm pregnant." making me pause.

"Could you please repeat!" I asked not sure about what I heard was correct.

"We are pregnant," she said blushing while the next moment I took her in my arms kissing her and thanking her for such great news.

My thoughts were broken by the doctor's call telling me to come inside. I moved inside to find my wife all exhausted and sweaty. I instantly moved beside her taking her hands in mine and kissing her.

"Babe you can do it!" I said to which she gave me a small smile. Few minutes passed she was hell tired and started closing her eyes while the doctor shouted to not let her sleep. I tried to keep her awake speaking sweet things in her ears.

"Baby please do it for our baby for me. I love you." I said, my eyes blurring with tears.

"Mr.Singhania from start your wife had complications in pregnancy and she had denied to inform you regarding this. We are sorry but we can either save your wife or your baby." said doctor, shocking me

"Raj" I heard her calling me taking a slow step towards her I stood beside her. I could see tears running down her cheeks

"I'm sorry! she spoke taking my hands in her while I stood silent. I love you, you know right. Promise me you will save our baby." she said while I fell on my knees crying.

"No! I can't, nothing will happen to you baby" I said wiping her tears. 

"Take care of our child," she said with a pale look.

"We both will take care of our baby are not going anywhere!" I shouted.

"I'm sorry love, and promise me if it's a girl you will name her Kiara and if it's a boy Krish will be his name."

"No I will die without you..please don't do this with me." I cried begging her.

"Just let me go!" she whispered.

"Sir you need to go out we can't delay more !" said the doctor while I looked towards her kissing her for last time.

Next moment I knew a small baby wrapped in a pink cloth given in my arms.

"Congratulations sir it's a girl but sorry sir we couldn't save your wife." I looked at my baby girl whose features assembled just like her. I hugged her close to my heart bursting in a pool of tears.


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