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Lockdown Life Lessons

Lockdown Life Lessons

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Hi, I'm Chandana. I'm a student pursuing a bachelor's in dental surgery. My mother says that I'm an inconsistent girl. Sometimes I swim, sometimes I paint, also sometimes I aspire to become a doctor and other times I also dream of running a business of my own.

Soo lets date back to September 2019. I knew I was going to fail. I knew I messed up my second-year semester exams. Results were out and I was right, got two backlogs and detainment for 6 months.

Though I knew I was going to fail, I was just devastated. I wasn't going to college, not attending the postings, no silly plays with friends it was just me and books between four walls of my room. Being 20 years old (took long term for a medical seat) I am now, even more, prolonging my 5 years of bachelor's degree period. I was sad but I didn't give up. I promised myself to never waste a single minute of my life again. 

It was the new year night. Everyone is busy in welcoming 2020 but here I was mugged up with books preparing for the exam to be held in two days. I was soo determined to clear this time. 

Exams got over by end of January including practicals and everything. I was eagerly waiting for my results. By then college started 3rd-year classes in mid-February and results were out by the end of Feb. I cleared my exams with quite a good percentage this time. 

I was first posted in the pediatrics ward. I was soo elated to be back at college and learn again. I was assisting surgeries and attending classes and I'm just enjoying every minute of learning. 

All was well and good till march. Corona started its journey in India now. The government announced the Corona outbreak as an emergency. Our college sent a notice giving holidays for fifteen days. Fifteen days later extended to one month then three and now its been five months.

I was soo depressed during the initial days of lockdown. Already been at home for 6 months I was finally happy going to college. But now everything shattered. People are being sick everywhere and I was just depressed and scared.

It is my mother who always stood with me in my bad days. She made me understand that everyone is unique. Everyone has their own journey and timeline. She taught me to look at life in a bigger picture. 

She taught me meditation and bottle painting. And I help her in setting up online classes. She never let go of that beautiful smile even in a storm. 

Slowly I came out of my bubble of despair. I started writing blogs and painting has become my hobby. 

Being a medical student I also registered for volunteering in this COVID crisis for the government. And currently, I am volunteering as a ward assistant in a hospital.

My depressed lockdown has turned out to be a self musing lockdown. I'm now not an inconsistent girl, I am knowing more about myself self every day and I am being steady. 

I totally understood that life is all about cherishing everything both ups and downs. 

And one should really need to fall down once to bounce back high.

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