Life In A Metro

Life In A Metro

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The gal opened the door of her flat and kept the heavy bag of groceries on the table and heaved a sigh of relief. It had been a long trudge on the stairs as the elevator had been out of order. She gulped down the water from the bottle and sank down on the leather couch -a single seater-and took a breath. The flat was ultra chic and modern and reflected an urban and retro look. Not too much cluster and minimalistic in look it boasted of good taste. She had worked hard to get this effect. She finally got up and started to clear the groceries and start with the cooling The kitchen was spotless and equipped with the tools of the trade. She could see the children playing in the backyard through the window. She carried on with her work and in her minds eye planned the evening meal. It had to be special since the guy was coming after a fortnight. She could feel a tingle of pleasure run through her body in anticipation. She put his favorite wine in the fridge to cool. The pasta she would make in the evening so she decided to make the salad and keep in the fridge meanwhile to cool.

She went through her chores singing to herself. Her confident gait was sexy and added chutzpah to her personality. Tossing the salad in a bowl she kept it to cool and wandered what next !!! She knew all his favorite dishes and also the fact he did not like whole spices added to Indian cuisine. So she refrained from them and made his favorite dish Thai chicken with hot curry and pineapple upside down cake to cater to his sweet tooth. She wiped the kitchen counter clean and tidied up the kitchen. She walked towards the bedroom with her eyes sizing up the dining and lounge with a critical eye. All seemed to be in place. She needed to change the bed sheets as he was fastidious about clean linen. The gal took out the silk sheets from the wardrobe and felt their smoothness on her cheeks and again pleasure shot through her body as she imagined both of them on the silk at night. It had been long !!! His time was money and was a busy business tycoon.

Having finished making the beds she glanced at the long mirror on the wall. She scrutinized herself minutely. She was in good shape with her flat tummy. But she had never been like that all her life. It was a chance meeting with the guy which had transformed the ugly duckling into a swan and she had maintained herself ever since. Love can make a person cross mountains and walk on thorns and rough terrain but it had not been an easy catwalk. There were trials and tribulations and tears and she had almost lost him twice. But the matters of the heart are best understood through time. There was hope and light after a dark tunnel and stormy night. The two times she had almost lost him were spent in tears and grief and heartbreak but the gal was a firm believer in hope and destiny. And her love for him had always brought him back to her. She broke her reverie and went in to take a shower. He was equally fastidious about personal hygiene.

The hot shower was rejuvenating. Warm needles of water pierced her and took away her tiredness. Wrapping the towel like a sarong she stepped out and looked at herself In the mirror and critically examined her body. Curves were in right place and then she took out the orange dress. Orange was the new black these days. She put on Dior behind her ears and wrists and she was ready. The gifted frame held his pic.

The face with the French beard and twinkling eyes stared back. Full of character , high cheekbones and broad forehead she fingered his lips. She had fallen in love with him with his sense of humor which he had in abundance. She knew she loved him more than he did with her. But she did not mind that and was merely content with his presence in her life.

She put away the frame with a sigh and continued with her musings. He had made it clear to her that he would be able to meet her off and on only and needed physical comfort more than love. She had walked into the relationship with no illusions whatsoever. But love had captured her heart so much that this physical proximity became respectable in her eyes. He was hers only for a moment during their union and after that who knows. After all there was a difference in their status. He was married and she was single. Life in a metro !!!!!

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