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aaisha khan

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Lessons That I've Learnt!

Lessons That I've Learnt!

6 mins

Primarily there two important life lessons that I have learnt during this lock-down.

1. How do you go about managing priorities when there is so much time or no time in hand!

2. Embracing Uncertainty


1. How do you go about managing priorities when there is so much time or no time in hand!

Before this lock down when we wish to do anything out of the routine we would complain - “We do not have time for it!”

But..during this lock down come to think of it.. if we wish to do anything out of the new routine we would simply be overwhelmed at the same time confused. Because right now with the new routine what most of us have witnessed is that, all of a sudden there is so much free time (or no time - applicable to the ones who are doing their daily chores on their own) in our lives and there is an urge within us to do so many things altogether at once that we end up doing nothing or possibly procrastinating

Also when we use to complain before the lock-down (or for some people who even do it now) about the dearth of time, what I have learnt is that- there is time, even if we are busy or not we always have time for what matters and when we focus on what matters the whole approach changes.

What I am trying to say is..

I don’t have time = It is not a priority!

I have so much time but still I am not doing anything about it = It is not a priority!

Hence, the key to time management is treating our priorities.

So in order to create a plan of action it is of utmost importance to prioritize things.

And… How we prioritize things?

Well it’s simple, by Bucketing your wish-lists in to three categories -

a) Career, b) Relationships, c) Self

a) Career - Pen down 3–5 controllable things that will make you happy professionally. (For e.g. Seeking & learning about new roles & responsibilities that you wish to take, maintain a work-life balance etc.)

b) Relationships (Your Family & The Social Circle) - Pen down 3–5 controllable things that will make you happy socially (For e.g. spending more time with your family or loved ones, connecting with old friends during the lock-down etc.)

c) Self - Your personal spiritual goals - Pen down 3–5 controllable things that will make you happy at a personal level (For e.g. learning a new skill, doing exercise, meditation etc.)

Wolla!! The Recipe for Priority / Time Management is Ready! once you have diligently made a list of “to-do’s” there will be only one gap between Ideation & Execution.. Tadda!! i.e. ACTION!

Once we start acting on what matters, we can build the lives we want in the time we have got (May it be before or during or after lock-down).

So, always remember!

“We do not build our lives by saving time! We build the lives that we want and then time saves for itself.”


2. Embracing Uncertainty

One thing that is very clear from this lock-down is that you cannot know what is going to happen in the future, you can only put up your best possible efforts to create a future for yourself.

I am sure a lot of people are sick worrying about their future. But ask yourselves 1 question -

Is worrying is going to change the outcome of whats going to happen?

If the answer is YES then please continue to do so.. (and eventually when the outcome takes place you’ll only realize that worrying didn’t help at all!)

And if the answer is NO then stop worrying & start doing something that actually helps you achieve your desired outcome.

Initially worrying for sometime makes a complete sense because it brings out the best in us from the given situation. Let’s compare - The Worrying Perception & The Doing Perception

This is how WORRYING looks like..

I don’t know what do I wish to achieve in life..!

I don’t know where am I currently in my life..!

I don’t know what I have to do in life..!

This is how DOING looks like..

Do I Know what do I wish to achieve in life..?

Do I Know where am I currently in my life..?

Do I Know what I have to do in life..?

Yes… It is that simple! it is a matter of perception..

What you need is a DOING perception that pushes you to ask questions to yourself & gets you out of your comfort zone. Rather than a WORRYING perception that puts you into self-doubt and makes you feel miserable.

Now you guys must be wondering how to win this GAME OF PERCEPTIONS! between Worrying & Doing..

Well, the answer to it is simple.. Please take a pen & notebook ! (Sarcasm)


May be you are still worrying because you have only diligently practiced The Worrying Perception when anything goes unexpected or out of your comfort zone. (Deep Shit? - Think About It)

Have you ever practiced it- The Doing Perception way..?

If the answer is No - Then Just Start Practicing it.. because once you are use to it.. It becomes a way of life.. Yeah!! It Just Like Learning how to Swim ;)

If the answer is Yes - Then I am sure you haven’t done it right (because it still bothers you & makes you feel helpless that you end up doing nothing about it!)

So time to redo it again.. ;) - It may be harsh.. but it’s the truth..!

This whole piece about The Doing Perception connects to the idea of embracing uncertainty! If you start embracing uncertainty you will be habituated to follow

“The Doing Perception”. Only thing that you need to take care is.. to stay focused..

Now You Guys Must be Wondering.. How to Stay Focused? :P

You know the answer… Yeah! again it is about the Game of Perceptions that you play with your mind!

You just have to do two things ! (if you are humans :P)

a) Value your time- Because the sweetest thing about time is that, it is unbiased. Every person on this planet - Poorest to the richest & Strongest to the weakest has the same amount of 24 hours in 1 day. So if you value your time.. You are sorted! (You won’t need anyone or any such QUORA answer to motivate you in your life :P)

b) Quarantine yourselves from the distractions- For god’s sake keep yourself away from two things! Mobile & TV.. (Unless you are using it for constructive purposes) If you manage to do this.. you have simply discovered that you value your time & are willing to keep distractions at bay to work on yourself!

Congratulations! You are sorted again! :P

If you practice a) you will follow b) & VICE VERSA ;) -> (Read this twice :P)

And that’s all folks!

These are the two critical lessons that this lock-down has taught me which I will surely use to build a future that I want.. :D

Stay Home & Stay Safe!

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