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Adhuri khwaish

Drama Romance Inspirational

Kon Sahi Kon Galat

Kon Sahi Kon Galat

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Who decide what is Right and what is Wrong?

For some my saree dressing sense would be right,

For some my jeans dressing sense would be wrong.

For some my skin would be dark, 

For some my character stained.

What is in between 'Right' and 'Wrong'.

That's neither Right, nor Wrong.

And if it's not Right then why is it so?

And if it's Wrong, why does it feel so Right?

Who decides what is Right and What is wrong.

If filling up pockets with black money is wrong, then is it right to worship a human as if they were God?

If there's a punishment to heart broken, then there should be one to hurt too.

If it's right to divide in the name of religion, then why is it wrong to call it out in procession?

If it's right to fight wars in the name of politics, then why is it wrong to call out the ones who use it in their favor?

If there are court case for breaking homes, then there ought to be some for destroying them too.

If it's right to love one person with all your heart, then why does it feel wrong, when the one he loves is not me? and if he's right, then why am I wrong? 

Is there even something in between these said 'Right' and 'Wrong'?

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