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Sai Srinivas N

Drama Thriller


Sai Srinivas N

Drama Thriller



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Dhriti is making biryani in the kitchen. Her father Aditya Sharma is eagerly waiting in the living room to taste his loving daughter's biryani. Meanwhile, he is thinking of Dhriti and a little worried. Because she is flying to Mumbai the following week. She got the admission for her graduation in one of the good colleges in Mumbai. He will feel all by himself if she leaves him. But he doesn't want to restrict his daughter from experiencing a good life. Sharma's love for her daughter is unconditional. For a moment he went back to where it all started.

Sharma went back to his college days where he met Bhuvika. Bhuvika is a very beautiful and very intelligent girl in the college. Sharma is smart too. Both are very studious and have big dreams to achieve in their lives. Aditya Sharma is a bit selfish and practical person. He is always planned and systematic in manner. He never prays. He is an atheist. But Bhuvika is different from him. Though she is studious, she is very emotional and respects the values in the first place. She does pray regularly. She is a theist. But these two are destined to fall in love. God's play is a limitless spectrum. One can never pretend it. On the initial days of college, they both liked each other. But they never spoke to each other for many days. But one day, Bhuvika decided to speak with him.

"Hi aditya" said bhuvika.

"So, finally!" replied Aditya with a colorful smile on his face.

Bhuvika is blushing.

"Date?" asked Aditya.

"08-03-1998," said Bhuvika.

"Yeah!yeah! I forgot. I just asked" said Aditya with a blank face.

Bhuvika laughed.

"There are other meanings for a date in some countries. It is a new trend there. Don't you know?" said Aditya.

Bhuvika laughed again.

"Aditya! Please change that blank face. Learn to take jokes. This is how I make jokes. Really bad" bhuvika said with a smiling face.

"God! I was so sad for a moment" said Aditya with some colors returning his face.

"Of course I'm waiting to spend time with you. When? Where?" asked Bhuvika.

"Anytime for you" replied Aditya.

They met sometime on the same day and talked to each other. They both knew that they fell in love.

That did not stop with that meeting. It went on for many days. Finally, they almost came to the thoughts of marriage. Bhuvika told her parents about Aditya and they agreed for their marriage. She happily told to Aditya and told him to tell his parents about her.

He said that he was going to tell his parents the next day. She is waiting for that special day to hear his reply.

The next day, Aditya came to her and told her that his parents want to know about her and asking her biodata. She gave her complete details included even with minute information.

She is excitedly waiting for his reply...


Sharma is hearing some shouts.

"Hey, dad!"


"What were you thinking?"

"Biryani is ready for you" screamed Dhrithi to her father.

"Sorry, Dhrithi Kanna! Taste me the food" replied Sharma.

Both spent some good time that week before Dhrithi going to Mumbai.

Dhrithi is all set to go to Mumbai. She packed all her luggage. It is hard for her to leave his father. Sharma took her to the airport. Dhrithi is looking very sad. But Sharma has a smile on his face. He doesn't want to send his daughter in a bad mood. As soon as Dhrithi left, Sharma started to cry. He couldn't bear the distance from her daughter.

Dhrithi reached Mumbai and to college very safely. She is supposed to fill the entry form with her admission details. She started to cry while filling her father's name. After filling it, she filled her mother's name as Kavitha Sharma.


Yes! Aditya Sharma did not marry Bhuvika.

Why? What's the reason?

What had happened after Bhuvika waited for Sharma's reply?

Where's Bhuvika now? How's she?

Is she alive?



Dhrithi is very happy with the college. She liked it. But she felt alone for many days. She thought that she could manage to live away from her father. But she finds it very difficult. Kavitha died when Dhrithi was very young. She shares everything only with her father. There is no one else in her life. But not anymore.

She met a guy in college. His name is Samar. She is feeling better because of him in that loneliness. Samar spends all the time with Dhrithi. He loved her. Dhrithi can feel that. Even she likes him. But before that, she wants to tell her father about him. Meanwhile, Sharma called her and told that he is coming to Mumbai on his work and likely can visit her in the college. Dhrithi is very happy. She is meeting her father after many days and also she can now directly tell her father about Samar.

Sharma reached to her college. Dhrithi hugged him. As soon as they started to talk, she is telling about Samar. She told completely that happened and happening with him. It made Sharma disquieted for minutes. He is disturbed. He is staggered.

Why Sharma is shocked?

It's almost similar to what happened in Sharma's life in college. It crossed the boundaries of coincidence. Bizzare. Unusual. After some time, he left college as he has some work. He needs to attend an entrepreneur's award event. He received an invitation as he is also one of the big businessmen in India.

There he saw Bhuvika. Almost after two long decades. He is very frightened. He immediately scarily went to the restroom. Many things are flashing in his mind. He couldn't understand what's happening. Something unusual with Dhrithi's life. It's happening the same as his life two decades before. And meeting Bhuvika on the same day. What happened after Sharma left Bhuvika?

That day, before telling his parents about Bhuvika, he came to know that she is a low born girl. Lower caste. She mentioned it in the details given by her. He never knew that. He is such a caste fanatic person. He didn't want to be with a low caste girl. So he just never responded to her again.

It broke her heart. She loved him so much. She imagined her total life with him. She couldn't digest it. Sometimes somethings somewhere trigger us to take extreme false decisions because of the high weighted emotions.

She exactly did what she shouldn't. She attempted suicide. It almost killed her. She was in a coma for many days. This made Bhuvika's father worried. He was already met with a heart attack once. The situations are so cruel that he was severely attacked again. But this time nothing helped him. He died. The irony is that he died on the same day when Bhuvika and Sharma met i.e., 8th March. Bhuvika was in a coma when her father died. She was saved and fought against death. But sooner she came to know her father was no more, she was even more depressed. She couldn't handle it. She finds no reason to live now. But she went against her bad wills. This resulted in her being the strongest ever.

Bhuvika started a construction company. Wounds are not wounds anymore. Wounds are volcanos if one fires back. In very less time, the company has become one of the tops in the state. But again after a few years, Sharma came to know about Bhuvika. He didn't want to Bhuvika to succeed. He often tried to make obstacles to her business.

Now Sharma's fear is that if the same things are happening in Dhriti's life after joining the college. If it continues to happen then Sharma will be the person who is going to die. Try to refer the same persons in these two lives. Dhriti in the place of Bhuvika. Samar in the place of Aditya Sharma. Sharma in the place of Bhuvika' father. He couldn't sleep at night thinking the same. He can't even share this with anyone. Because no one believes if he says the whole thing. He seldom had peace even for a second. He is living every minute with fear.

It is March 8th, Sharma received a call from the Dhriti's college. It stated that Dhriti and Samar both died in the college. Sharma collapsed after hearing that. He immediately started to the college.

How's Dhriti and Samar died?



What has happened?



Before knowing about the deaths of Dhrithi and Samar, let's go back to 1970. How come these deaths related to 1970? There is a link between these two times. Let us dive into the old days.

There was a beautiful couple. They always lived like a lovable couple. The people around them feel happy, jealous of them. Sooner they married, their love resulted in pregnancy. They both are excited to have a baby boy. The problem starts now. Here comes the so called hypocrisy and rubbish beliefs. They believe that they can go to heaven only if they have a baby boy. And also they believe that their bloodline continues only with a boy. Dynasty. Family tree. My foot beliefs.

One day, she got slight pains which are very earlier than usual. So they decided to visit the doctor. After the check-up, they came to know that it's just normal pain and there's nothing to worry about. But the doctor insisted to check the physical condition of the baby. An obstetric ultrasound scan was newly invented by then. So after going through that test, the doctor said that the baby girl is absolutely fine and thanks to the new technology. The Couple asked how come the doctor know that it is a baby girl. The doctor said that the gender of the baby can also be known through the scan. The couple was so depressed. They do not want a girl. They decided to abort the child. So that they can quickly have another baby. The doctor refused to do it. They offered huge money to the doctor. Then he accepted. They aborted a child. The small child was died even before coming to this earth. The little baby died on 8th March.

After a few days, one morning a pamphlet came along with the newspaper to their house. The pamphlet has the following Sanskrit Bhagavadgita slokas.

"jātasya hi dhruvo mṛityur dhruvaṁ janma mṛitasya cha

tasmād aparihārye 'rthe na tvaṁ śhochitum arhasi"

Means, Death is certain for one who has been born, and rebirth is inevitable for one who has died. Therefore, you should not lament over the inevitable.

"Yatha Dhenu Sahashtreshu Vatso Vindati Maataram

Tathaa Poorva Kratam Karma Kartaar-manugachhati"

Means, Just as a calf can find its mother in a herd of thousands of cows (Dhenu), Your Karmas follows you in every birth you take. But it also means that one's deeds decide one's karmas. Whatever we do doesn't go un-noticed good or bad. The best way to control your karmas is to control your deeds.

The couple just ignored it. The same pamphlet reached their home multiple times. They kept ignoring it. No other houses surrounding never got any pamphlet like it. So finally they have read it and tried to understand it. They understood that it is clearly stating about death and rebirth.

So now how this story is related to present lives? It's clear that these three were reborn now, as the Sanskrit scribes indicated. Three? The couple and the girl who died as a fetus.

As whom did they reborn now? Keep guessing about the rebirths of them. They were definitely reborn as the people surrounding Aditya Sharma.



Aditya Sharma is extremely sad about his daughter's death. He was told that both Dhriti and Samar died by a building collapse in the college. He has many suspicions. He also suspecting Bhuvika. He started to go behind what has happened. His first doubt is, in such a big college only these two have died in such collapse. He went to the college and asked Dhriti's friends that what happened on that day. Some replied that their department was assigned to social activity on that day. Only Samar and Dhriti have not attended it. Social activity is to search for the kids who don't have shelter, food, education and to settle them in the place of basic needs.

Actually, it is the third time that their department was doing it. Previously, both Samar and Dhriti attended the activity. But they didn't like it. Dhriti didn't even like to touch the lower caste or low born people. So they didn't attend the next time. What else can we expect from the daughter of a person like Sharma?

Then Sharma went behind the construction details of that building. This time his suspicion came true. That particular building was constructed under the contract of Bhuvika constructions. But still, he couldn't understand the link to their deaths.

Bhuvika constructions got the tender with the best plan. They went to the Ravindran supplies for the construction materials as they are the best quality providers. Remember that Sharma made obstacles to Bhuvika even further. Ravindran is one of the good friends of Sharma. He forced Ravindran to cancel the order from Bhuvika constructions. The order got canceled in the final minute before the construction. So Bhuvika immediately contacted Samar Supplies. Yes! Samar supplies is owned by Samar's father. But he is named for providing poor quality materials. Bhuvika didn't know it. She made the construction of the building by the same materials.

Aditya Sharma realized many things. He started to regret many things that he has done in his life.

He went to the tombs of Dhriti and Samar. He is crying. It is all that done with their own hands.

If Aditya Sharma would marry Bhuvika then Bhuvika's father wouldn't have died. 

If Sharma wouldn't disturb Bhuvika's career then at least his daughter would have lived.

If Samar's father would provide good and quality materials then Samar would have lived.

If Dhriti and Samar would attend the social activity then they both would have lived.

Life gives us many chances for being good and to live the way. If we ignore it, remember that Karma is chasing you.

But how this is all connected to the same day which is on 8th march? How the story of 1970 linked to these stories now?

Why this whole thing happened indirectly in the hands of Bhuvika.

That couple was reborn as Dhriti and Samar. They had a very good life as a couple in the past. So even in the next life, they both met and fell in love and died together as a couple. But what they did to the girl is noted. That little girl aborted unfairly was reborn as Bhuvika. As a result, now the whole thing has happened in the hands of Bhuvika even without knowing her. She was aborted on 8th march. Bhuvika's father died on 8th March. Samar and Dhriti died on 8th March.

KARMA! The total thing it has designed is just unpredictable. An endless spectrum. 

While leaving that place, Sharma found a very old paper on their tombs. He opened it and read that

"jātasya hi dhruvo mṛityur dhruvaṁ janma mṛitasya cha

tasmād aparihārye 'rthe na tvaṁ śhochitum arhasi"

"Yatha Dhenu Sahashtreshu Vatso Vindati Maataram

Tathaa Poorva Kratam Karma Kartaar-manugachhati"

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