Aditya Kumar



Aditya Kumar


Just 5 Minutes?

Just 5 Minutes?

3 mins

Intro: 5 Minutes. Do you have 5 minutes to read this? 


The Beginning: 

I checked my watch. I have 5 minutes before I leave my house for the party. I was always an impatient kinda person who had ever lived in Andheri West. I always deck up in clothes early so that I could reach the location early. Why? I don’t know. The movie always starts when it is supposed to start. No matter if I am ready or not. Anyway, I have time now until my friends come and grab me. What to do now? Let’s shake my body since no one is watching. Have a look into the mirror, one more time, setting my hair. Let’s take a couple of self-portraits. The camera is the best thing that happened to us in recent years. This is just a thought. 

The Middle: 

Oh God! I just noticed my room. I have a towel in red color. And this sticker on my fridge, it seems like I have never seen it in years but it was always there. There is something written on the almirah but I have to end the distance between us to read it as it is blurred. Maybe I have written it in last summer as it says, “Fix the Airconditioner”. Well, I sold it in December. 

However, I choose to think about my past. Let’s live nostalgia for a while. Let’s reminisce of childhood. I used to read comics. I love Hindi comics. That was the era I could never forget. I can read them all in one sit. I don’t need a telephone, television or telescope. I am enough with life if I have those comics with me. They are full of imagination. I rarely get bored reading them. I guess I have some in my storeroom but this is not the right time. Maybe when I will come back from the party. 

The best part about that is I didn’t have enough money to buy all the comics but I wanted to read them all. And now I have enough money but not the time to read them all. I wish I could eat them all. What the hell I am thinking. I checked my watch. I still have some minutes to spare. 

Why is this taking so long? It’s my curiosity before going out with my friend or time just started running slow. What will happen at the party? Who will be there? I don’t want to see Natasha there. I will click some gorgeous pictures. 

Calm Down! Calm Down! I am thinking too much. I shouldn’t stress my mind before a party. Well, it is not ominous but I should be relaxed. 

Ting! Tong!

[The bell rings]

Not a happy ending:

No! I wasn’t expecting my maid but it is my fault as I didn’t tell her about my plan. Well, I apologized for it and asked her to take off from work tonight. Her reaction wasn’t pleasant. 

[Phone beeps]

Will be there in 45 minutes. 

This is what I read in that message, so now I have 45 more minutes to spare.

This happens all the time especially when your plans are dependent. I should be self-reliant.

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